Mental Alertness called Remaining Mind (残心, Zanshin) in Japan is a move for Jin Kazama introduced inTekken 4, when he changed from Mishima style Karate to Traditional Karate.

The move is actually a taunt, which is performed by pressing 1+3+4. However, it has a few uses. Jin also performs this move during his win poses in said games above.

Mental Alertness Charge

In Tekken 4, Tekken 5 and Dark Resurrection, Jin can connect Mental Alertness with a few moves. After performing certain moves, the player can use Mental Alertness to get the effects as if the player would perform a supercharge with any character. However, there was no actual supercharge feature in Tekken 4, making this an unique feature for Jin in the game.

Commands that can be connected with Mental Alertness Charge:

  • 1 = Left Punch, 2 = Right Punch, 3 = Left Kick, 4 = Right Kick, d = Down, f = forward
  • f+4
  • d/f+4
  • d/f+3
  • 1+2(In Tekken 4)
  • f+1+2(In Tekken 5 & Dark Resurrection)
  • 13214
  • ff+13214

In order to connect Mental Alertness Charge with these moves, perform one of the moves listed above and then quickly press d+1+2. It only works if the hit connects (although if Kazama Style 5-hit Combo is blocked fully, Jin can still perform Mental Alertness Charge). Performing this makes Jin and Mokujin (when imitating the former) vulnerable for any attacks for a brief moment.


  • Mental Alertness is shown on Jin's command list in Tekken 4, Tekken 5 and Dark Resurrection. However, the Mental Alertness Charge is not shown on the command list.
  • Zanshin (Japanese: 残心) is a term used in the Japanese martial arts. It refers to a state of awareness – of relaxed alertness. The literal translation of zanshin is "remaining mind".
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