T7 Stage - Abandoned Temple
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Abandoned Temple is a stage in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. It is the "home" stage of guest character Akuma.


As the name suggests, the stage is set outside of a Buddhist temple located amid a fairly rocky region. The area looks somewhat unkempt, with grass growing in an erratic pattern around the area, suggesting it is not visited often. There are torches set up around the outside of the arena to provide light in the middle. There are several statues visible, including two large Nio statues, Buddhist figures that are commonly associated with Akuma.

When the fight starts, the battle is set at sundown. When one character reaches match point, the sun goes down and a red moon takes its place over the mountains in the background. If the match gets taken to the final round (where both players are at their final point), a thunderstorm descends on the area, meaning the stage has three variations during the match (compared to stages like Dragon's Nest or Mishima Building, which only change when one character reaches match point). Originally this was the only stage with such a feature but the Hammerhead stage (added with the patch that added Noctis Lucis Caelum to the roster) also features three variations.

The stage is most likely based on Akuma's stage from Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Kousyu Street.

In the latest update in Tekken (Mobile), this stage is later added along with Akuma being as a playable guest character and it was also served as a background in the main menu. The stage is also became a 2D simulation like the rest of the stages seen in the mobile game.

Background Music

Rio Hamamoto:

Note: The following BGM only plays during the Tekken 7 story mode.

No. Song Duration Audio
01 Gouki's Theme 1st (2016) 3:48
2 8. Gouki's Theme 1st
02 Gouki's Theme 2nd (2016) 3:56
2 9. Gouki's Theme 2nd



  • Yoshimitsu's Character Episode prologue takes place in this stage.


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