Airport T4

Airport is a stage in Tekken 4. The fight takes place well after sunset and almost before the hours of night by an airport with stationary airplanes around the stage. Giant umbrellas are put around the location along with gates and a building is nearby as well.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Touch And Go".

Tekken 4 Music - Touch And Go (Airport Stage)-0

Tekken 4 Music - Touch And Go (Airport Stage)-0



  • There seems to be other people in the background, though they do not interact with the stage itself.
  • It is possible to launch the opponent into the wing of one of the airplanes for extra damage.
  • The stage itself is in a real-life location called the Philadelphia International Airport, signs of this can be seen by looking at cargo containers that have the word "Philadelphia" on them near the airplane that is being loaded.
  • Depending on where you look at the ground you can see a slight shine of light reflecting off the ground off a shiny surface, this may indicate that it rained recently in the stage before the fight.
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