Alisa Bosconovitch (アリサ・ボスコノビッチ Arisa Bosukonobicchi?, Japanese and Алиса Босконович Russian) is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in​ Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. She is an android created by Doctor Bosconovitch, designed to look like his deceased daughter.

Alisa's tagline is "The steel maiden who has awakened from a long slumber." Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken developer and executive producer of Tekken 6, describes her as "a robot created in the image of Dr. Bosconovitch's daughter." However, Alisa's journal entries in the Scenario Campaign imply that some part of her may be human.



Unlike most robots, Alisa possesses emotions and acts more like a human than a robot. She is a very kind-hearted individual who speaks in a polite manner and is sensitive to others' feelings. Alisa can also appear rather childish, resembling Ling Xiaoyu characteristically. In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, it is shown that she is also very capable of deception, as well as being quick to make friends with anyone, even Panda. Also in the CGI movie, Alisa cheers Xiaoyu up, telling her that she can stop the fighting between the father and sons of the Mishima house, as well as insisting that she owed Xiaoyu her life as she once saved her. She does not like to fight or hurt anyone, but when push comes to shove, she is a formidable fighter.

As a robot, she is very intelligent and often speaks in technical terms. In some situations, when people call Alisa a robot, she denies the fact and insists that she is a human being, though it was never known if she insisted as such in Blood Vengeance because only a handful of people knew her to be a robot. When she was commanded by Jin, she didn't recognize Lars, and performed Jin's commands at full efficiency. In Blood Vengeance, while she still recognized Xiaoyu when she was ordered to take Xiaoyu out, she puts her mission as her top priority, so much so that she does not hesitate in her attempt to kill Xiaoyu. It is shown both in the game as well as the CGI movie that Jin has full control of her, and Alisa obeys his every command without any resistance.


Alisa is a graceful android with the appearance of a human teenaged girl. She has green eyes and medium-length half-dark pink and half-pink hair, styled in a short curled bob. Under Jin's influence, her eyes become red.


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Alisa's primary outfit consists of a light and dark purple ombre dress with a slanted split down the front that ends in a back skirt, a white belt decorated with chains and three blue roses on the side, uneven black thigh-high stockings, one of which has a garter that connects to her short black shorts, white gloves covering her hands along with uneven, detached, purple sleeves covering her arms and white boots with black cuffs. Her breasts are covered in a crisscrossed, halter-like manner, with the strings securely attaching to a white-collar which has a blue rose on the left-hand side. She also has three flowers embedded into the hair on the right-hand side of her head. In some cutscenes in the Scenario Campaign, the three flowers which are embedded in her hair can commonly be seen falling off, either while she is under Jin's influence or being defeated by Lars.

Her second outfit consists of red shoes, white socks, a red sarafan (decorated with two horizontal stripes, one gold and one white, and an ornate vertical decoration), and white bracelets around her gloves' cuffs.

In Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Alisa wears a new main outfit; she now wears a purple, white and pink turtleneck dress with three pink gems in the center, long white fitted sleeves and a frilled cyan underskirt, along with white gloves with gold outlines, purple stockings and white thigh-high boots with gold outlines. She also gains four spiked hair clips as opposed to the three flowers on the left-hand side of her head. Her jet packed wings have had a drastic change of appearance, and are now made of gold and have several spikes attached. The flames from her wings are now purplish-pink instead of purple.


Very little is known about Alisa, except for her name and creator. Alisa was created by the aforementioned Doctor Bosconovitch and, according to her Tekken 6 prologue, nothing else is known about her past history. Aside from her creator, only a few people know about her being a robot; among them are Ling Xiaoyu (non-canon), Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, Anna Williams, Wang Jinrei, Raven and her partner Lars Alexandersson.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Deep within a lush and thriving forest lies a heavily defended research facility. This facility was a research institute named after its director, Bosconovitch. This facility was very important, as it was here that the Mishima Financial Group's most sensitive military equipment was developed.

Located at the core of the research center was a room that kept its most prized possession: a clear capsule, in which a young girl slept soundly. Her name: Alisa Bosconovitch. She was created by Doctor Bosconovitch and designed to serve Jin Kazama.

Scenario Campaign

Alisa plays a big role in Tekken 6's canonical ending along with Lars. Here, the canonical story (from Lars' scenario mode) is described.

Lars sees Alisa in the laboratory and accidentally awakens her. Alisa wakes up and asks Lars who he is. Suddenly, G Corporation's Jack-6 robots attack them. Alisa retaliates by using her chainsaws to cut up a Jack robot. When she defeats Jack, she wants to say something to Lars but, realizing that the Jack robot has got back up to attack and is behind her, she slips to the ground and Jack lifts his fists, ready to attack Alisa. Suddenly, he stops and Alisa sees that Lars is holding Jack from behind. Lars defeats Jack and tells Alisa that they should go as this place is dangerous. He gives her his hand to help her get up from the ground and the two flee.

Alisa then accompanies Lars throughout his journey, helping him to fight and search for information.

When they come to see Wang Jinrei, he warns Lars of Alisa possibly being dangerous. After that, Lars gets confused. When Lars drives them to the Mishima Estate, he looks at Alisa and remembers what Wang said.

Later on, they meet Lee Chaolan, the foster brother of Lars. Lee is against Kazuya Mishima and the G Corporation. Lee offers them his help, but Lars says that he doesn't want to trouble him. Lee says that if he changes his mind, he will be glad to help.

After several opponents, when Lars and Alisa finally reach the Mishima Zaibatsu, they meet Jin. Jin orders Alisa to reboot, and Lars doesn't understand what's happening to Alisa. Alisa confirms the command and obeys Jin. Lars gets confused, and Jin tells him that Alisa was designed to protect him. He commands her to fight Lars and tells Lars that he will talk to him only after he defeats Alisa. Lars hesitates for a while as he doesn't want to fight Alisa, however, Alisa doesn't recognize him anymore, and Lars has no other choice. After defeating Alisa, Lars offers his hand to help her to get up and, for a moment, she recognizes him, but then suddenly strikes him and flies away, dropping her flower-shaped hairpin. Lars picks it up and continues his journey without her.

After defeating Azazel, Lars reaches Jin and, just as he is ready to strike Jin, Alisa suddenly interrupts. Lars asks her if she really doesn't know who he is, to which she says he is an enemy. She attacks Lars and he is forced to fight her. He defeats her, after which her system shuts down. She lies on the ground and Lars approaches her. He sits next to her and Alisa tells him that she never wanted to fight him, but she couldn't disobey. She says she wishes their journey had lasted longer and reaches out her hand. Lars hesitates, and when he reaches for her hand, Alisa shuts down.

Jin watches this all and mocks Lars for treating "a useless piece of junk" in that way. Lars gets angry, to which Jin mocks him again, saying "don't tell me you fell in love with "it"'. Jin's arrogant words towards Alisa anger Lars and he fights Jin.

After everything is over, Lars places Alisa in his car and takes her to Lee Chaolan's laboratory, Violet Systems. He asks Lee to help him and fix Alisa up, and Lee promises he will do it.

Tekken 7

An android created by Dr. Bosconovitch as a bodyguard for Jin Kazama. Her design itself is modelled after Bosconovitch's own lost daughter. Her fighting capabilities are extremely high. She can perform attacks with high mobility using arm-mounted missiles and thrusters.

Upon awakening, Alisa becomes very hostile at Lee and fights him. After being defeated, Alisa suddenly remembers who Lee is, but questions why she is at Violet Systems and what has transpired. With the help of Violet Systems' technology, Alisa regains her memories and desires to see Lars again. Suddenly, they come under attack by the Tekken Force. Together, Alisa and Lee dispatch the soldiers and make their escape.

Arriving at another of Lee's facilities, Alisa is happily reunited with Lars, jumping on him and expressing her desire to see him again. After finding Jin lying in a coma, Alisa detects the approach of the Tekken Force. Alisa assists Lars in holding back the soldiers before he orders her to protect Jin. However, Alisa is stopped by Nina Williams, who holds her off long enough to capture Jin. But, to Alisa and Lars' relief, Lee is piloting the helicopter that is carrying Jin. As Lee remotely destroys the facility, Alisa hastily flies away with Lars.

After Heihachi's death, Alisa is seen with Lars and Lee on the rooftops of a destroyed city, stating that various nations are facing invasion from Kazuya. They then watch as Jin readies himself to find and kill his father.

Other Appearances

Street Fighter X Tekken

Alisa appeared in the crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable DLC character and on release in the Playstation Vita version. Her partner is Lars Alexandersson. Alisa's alternate costume in the game is a slightly altered, torn-up version of Street Fighter character Juri Han's regular outfit.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Alisa appeared in Tekken: Blood Vengeance, where she's one of the main characters.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Alisa is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Alisa Arcade Ending

Ending Description: Alisa is with Xiaoyu, Miharu and Panda at an amusement park. Suddenly, the girls spot a photo booth and excitedly rush over to it. Alisa, not understanding what it does, goes along with Xiaoyu and Miharu and has her photo taken, though keeps closing her eyes. Alisa decides to remove her head in order to stop her sensors from automatically reacting to the flash. Panda then joins in with the photo-taking. Outside the photo booth, a woman with a little girl can be seen running away upon seeing Alisa's body without a head.

Special Alliance Partners:

Project X Zone

Alisa appears as an assist character alongside the playable characters Jin, Xiaoyu and Heihachi in the crossover SRPG Project X Zone. She also appears as a boss fight in the game. Many of her pre-battle conversations with the other characters involve her taking off her head.

Tekken Revolution

Alisa appears in Tekken Revolution as an unlockable character.


Alisa is an average character. Most of her attacks are very powerful (especially her chainsaw attacks), as well as very fast, although some of her moves are tricky to execute: her Bull Shoot requires the player to quickly move the correct buttons and must be paired up with timing to be executed effectively and her Sand Box requires good timing as the player can only do this attack immediately after hitting the opponent in the front. Overall, she is a pressure-heavy character, with fast pokes and good low attacks.

Her long-range attacks (i.e her Rocket Punch) can be very useful for hitting enemies that are distancing themselves. Her attacks that are paired up with her Reboot command are also very powerful, knocking over and sometimes sending them flying up in the air. Their main flaw, however, is that they can be easily sidestepped.

Fighting Style

Alisa's fighting style (referred to as "Unique" in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and later as "High Mobility Combat" in Tekken Revolution and Tekken 7) appears to incorporate dance into some of her moves, similar to Lili's fighting style.

Alisa has a mechanical device built into each of her lower legs. These are extra thrusters used for steering during flight, as seen in the Scenario Campaign cinematic 16 Battle in the Sky (her ending in the Playstation Portable version), and to power up her kicks. Alisa is also able to sprout butterfly wing-like jets from her back, allowing her to briefly fly at great speed during fights, sprout chainsaws from her arms (this is one of her stances, "Destroy Form"), and remove her head during moves, such as one of her grapples, "Spam Bomb".


Alisa Bosconovitch Moves

Ghost Data

Character Relationships

  • Doctor Bosconovitch - Alisa was created by him in the image of his deceased beloved daughter (whose name was also Alisa). Although she is a robot, she seems to be a loving daughter, even though she has never seen him. In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, she mentions him in a dialogue with Xiaoyu and says that she wants to find him as part of her embedded programming. He is also mentioned in the Street Fighter X Tekken storyline by Alisa and Jack-X during the Alisa story arc.
  • Lars Alexandersson - Her friend and ally, and possible romantic interest (as hinted). After Jin reboots her (in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion), she attacks Lars and gets defeated, but before shutting down she tells Lars that she didn't want to fight him, but she couldn't disobey. Lars takes her body to Violet Systems to be repaired and revived. In Tekken 7, they reunite with each other. Lars is also her partner in Street Fighter X Tekken, where they seem to work well together and are in a good relationship.
  • Jin Kazama - Her master; internally programmed to serve and protect him.
  • Lee Chaolan - In the Scenario Campaign story, he allied with Alisa and Lars. At the end of the story, Lee used his Violet Systems company to help with the repairs of Alisa's programming. Lee successfully repaired Alisa in Tekken 7, but Alisa turned hostile towards him when Lee mentions her system being damaged; they fought and Lee defeated her, and they become allies with Lars when protecting Jin Kazama.
  • Heihachi Mishima - She protected him from being shot by Lars in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and sacrificed herself to defeat Heihachi in Blood Vengeance. She also appears, protecting him from Feng Wei and Miguel Caballero Rojo, in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade intro (non-canon).
  • Kazuya Mishima - Her enemy in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. He crushes her in half in Tekken: Blood Vengeance when she tries to protect Jin (when he was in Devil form) (non-canon).
  • Lei Wulong - Acquaintance of Lars and Alisa in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. He also helps them after being saved by them from the G Corporation.
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Her best friend in Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Project X Zone (non-canon).
  • Anna Williams - Her enemy in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and Tekken: Blood Vengeance.
  • Nina Williams - Nina attempted to kill her with a grenade in Tekken 7, but Alisa returned and fought her again as payback. Her employer in Tekken: Blood Vengeance (non-canon)
  • Panda - Her friend in Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (non-canon).
  • Shin Kamiya - Her friend and high school crush in Tekken: Blood Vengeance (non-canon).
  • Tougou - Her ally in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, who died at the Millennium Tower.
  • Bryan Fury - He followed her and Lars in the Scenario Campaign. She is unaware that he's responsible for injuring her father.
  • Emilie De Rochefort - She gave Lars and Alisa her old SUV to aid them in their travels. In the Online Tekken Comic, she has her limousine destroyed (sliced in half by Alisa's chainsaws). She also tries to protect Asuka from Alisa with the help of Leo and, later, Bob (non-canon).
  • Miharu Hirano - Her friend in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (non-canon).
  • Bob - He saved Asuka from being killed by Alisa in the Online Tekken Comic (non-canon).
  • Asuka Kazama - Alisa destroyed Lili's limousine in order to apprehend and kill Asuka in the Online Tekken Comic. She later makes up with her, telling her the real purpose of her mission, and then cheerfully apologizing for the troubles she has caused (non-canon).


Alisa Bosconovitch/Quotes
Alisa Bosconovitch/Scenario Campaign Dialogues



  • Alisa is the robotic clone of Dr. Bosconovitch's deceased daughter (whose name was also Alisa), but with self-defense enhancements and fighting skills.
    • This could be a nod to the Astro Boy anime, in which the titular character's original purpose was to replace the dead son of Dr. Tenma, but was later reworked to be a defense robot.
  • Despite being a robot, Alisa can eat food, and in fact has more finely tuned abilities to taste (or analyse taste) than a human. This is shown in her less-than-stellar review of Marshall Law's cooking in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign.
  • The flowers that she wears in her hair are "daisies", a symbol of innocence; this being an important trait of Alisa's personality.
  • Alisa's name is Russian/Hebrew for "Alice".
  • Katsuhiro Harada made a comment that Alisa was partially inspired by Ashley Williams from the Evil Dead series since both of them use built-in chainsaws, (Ash uses a chainsaw as a prosthetic after he loses his hand).
  • Despite being Russian, she speaks Japanese (due to being built to work for Jin, and also because she communicates with Miharu and Xiaoyu in Tekken Tag Tournament 2).
  • In Tekken 6 dialogues, Alisa sometimes denies being a robot, claiming she is a human. However, in the canonical endings, she doesn't hide being a robot. In Blood Vengeance and TTT2, Alisa freely admits to Xiaoyu that she is a robot.
  • As with Yoshimitsu's "sword" attacks, Alisa's "chainsaw" attacks are also blockable.
  • Alisa has characteristics matching that of Pyrrha Alexandra from Soul Calibur V:
    • Both are the female protagonists in their games' respective story mode.
    • Both are sidekicks to the male protagonists (Lars and Patroklos).
    • Both betrayed the male protagonists and switched sides with the villain they're opposing against in the climax (Jin has Alisa's Safe Mode disabled and Tira gets Pyrrha possessed by the sword, Soul Edge).
    • Also, their eyes changed from normal to abnormal under the villain's influence (Alisa has red under Jin's influence, Pyrrha has gold under Soul Edge's influence).
    • Both are turned back to their normal selves only by being defeated by the protagonists.
  • Elphelt Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has characteristics matching Alisa.
  • The Bakugan character Alice Gehabich shares many similarities to Alisa.
  • Alisa was likely an inspiration for the character of Penny in web-series RWBY.
  • Alisa has similar designs to characters from Xenosaga. Alisa's wing design could be compared to KOS-MOS', while her hair is similar to the style MOMO Mizrahi has, particularly from Xenosaga Episode III.
  • She and her creator are based on the main characters in the fairy-tale Pinocchio, including parts of their storyline.
  • Despite being a robot, Alisa's breasts are revealed to bounce whenever she moves, as one confused player asked Harada via Twitter about her physical appearance, where he confirmed that Alisa's body is made of metal composites, such as her skeleton being composed of tungsten carbide and her outer armor being made up of both titanium and uranium while the rest of her body has artificial skin. He also mentions that Alisa's breast physics are due to shock absorbers.
  • Alisa and Lars have a story mode together also featuring Lee, in Tekken Pachislot 4.

Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion:

  • Alisa can be customized to resemble KOS-MOS v.3 from Xenosaga Episode III. Also of note is that her default 2P outfit closely resembles that of MOMO Mizrahi, also from Xenosaga Episode III.
  • Alisa appeared in the Tekken 6 story trailer fighting alongside Lars, and some of her moves were shown. She was also introduced in the promotional and exclusive trailer (Who's your favourite fighter?) fighting against Sergei Dragunov, Wang Jinrei, Bruce Irvin and Christie Monteiro.[4][5]
  • Alisa appeared in the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion intro fight posing on a TV in the train which Xiaoyu is aboard.
  • In the Korean arcade version of the game, Alisa's chainsaws are changed into energy beams reminiscent of lightsabers, and she can't remove her head, though all of her moves remain intact.
  • Pressing the square and triangle buttons repeatedly during Alisa's win poses will make her chainsaws come in and out of her arms.
  • By pressing the triangle, square and circle buttons before the fight, her pre-fight animations are shown (Must we really fight? and Please get out of my way!) while she is holding her head.
  • Her linguistics consists of not using contractions when she speaks. However, in Scenario Campaign, she used a few of them. That also happens in Project X Zone.
  • In the Scenario Campaign mode, she is the third boss in the last part of Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower and the third boss in Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor while in Jin's control.
  • If Hwoarang performs his baseball bat item move on Alisa, her head will fall off.
  • Alisa, along with Lars, are the only two characters not to have their own Arena Mode in Scenario Campaign. 
    • In the PSP version, however, they have their own Story Mode (which is the PSP counterpart to Arena Mode). Alisa's opponents include the following: Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Azazel and Lars Alexandersson. This makes her the only character to encounter Jin at Stage 1. 

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • She shares special win poses with Lars, Xiaoyu, Doctor B., Jack and Mokujin.
  • Her item move allows her to create a protective barrier.
  • While using Alisa's second costume, it is possible to fire a gigantic rocket-like blast by pressing b + 1 + 4. This move is similar to her double rocket punch, but instead a gigantic rocket-like structure is fired. However, the disadvantage of using this move is that it has a slow startup and recovery time.
  • Dr. Bosconovitch has an item move that resembles an Alisa plastic head (or bobblehead). The item move operates the same way as Alisa's Spam Bomb grab. The head has a puppet mouth that opens and closes automatically with two sparkling eyes.
  • There is a ghost of Alisa using the same player id as Japanese player, Ao.
  • As of TTT2, Alisa is the only character who has an as-of-now incomplete school uniform, having only the skirt in Unlimited.
  • In the short live-action Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video, Alisa is portrayed by Amandine Desprez.
  • Her ending is the sixth scene of the interconnected endings between Asuka, Lili, Miharu, Kuma, Panda and Xiaoyu.
  • She also appears in Sergei Dragunov's ending, being assembled by him in his military office but ends up exploded after the latter presses the missile on her leg.
  • Alisa is portrayed by Michelle Ballee and Amandine Desprez in the "Girl Power" trailer and the live-action short film respectively.
  • Alisa makes a cameo appearance in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Short Live Action Movie where she is portrayed by Amandine Desprez.

Street Fighter X Tekken:

  • The rocket punches Alisa uses in her Super Art is a reference to Tekken: Blood Vengeance, where she shoots a rocket punch directly towards Heihachi in his ogre-like demonic form.
  • Her Cross Art is that she takes her head (internal weapons) out and uses as a bomb and then says goodbye. She also does it with an external bomb however.
  • When Alisa is used as customization, her neck was replaced with a collar-like item with spikes.

Tekken 7:

  • Interestingly, she and Lars' inverted CG images (which inclines to the right-hand side of their position when playing), excludes their hairstyles from being inverted and they remain in their original position. Normally, characters CG art images are inverted fully.
  • In the Rage and Sorrow trailer for the console release, Alisa was seen sparring with Lee before teaming up to stop the Tekken Forces. She is also seen wielding a Gatling gun to take down the soldiers instead of her bionic missiles that she uses in the game.


  • Alisa appeared in the official Online Tekken Comic released by Namco and Ultra Jump Egg. In the comic she attacks Asuka Kazama as a way to test her. Alisa destroys Lili's limousine in order to apprehend and kill Asuka, but eventually spares her after she fulfills all the conditions that Alisa was programmed to end the test for. Later on, she manages to "convince" Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima to accept a ceasefire between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation by disabling all their satellites and threatening them with the destruction of Mishima Zaibatsu and other buildings in a 10-kilometer radius (with a neutron bomb implanted into her head by Doctor Bosconovitch) in case they don't comply.
    • In the comic, Dr. Bosconovitch bestows Alisa with a mission to save humanity from the Mishima war and the evil from the world (a mission she partially completed). She is described by him as a "flower of hope" for mankind, this being said when he puts a daisy (a trademark of Alisa) on her head.
    • Also in the comic, before her appearance, she was rumored (by Asuka's friends, colleagues and the locals) to be the "Shinkashi (Bullet-train) Woman" from Osaka (not knowing who she really was in reality).


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