Ancient Assassination Arts (古代暗殺術) refers to a fighting system used by Zafina, based on unknown martial arts of ancient times.


This fighting style is characterized by its unpredictability and creepiness. A high level of body flexibility is needed to deliver smooth strikes that can confuse the opponent. Practitioners of these ancient styles can be seen crawling like insects stalking on a prey, contorting their body to avoid hits, using flexible maneuvers to deliver hits from various angles, and so forth. Various stances are used, like the Tarantula, the Scarecrow and the Praying Mantis.

Real-Life inspirations

The Scarecrow stance is similar to a common Indian dance pose which, together with Zafina's unspecified origin, has lead some fans to mistakenly conclude that this fighting style is inspired by the Indian martial art of Kalaripayat. However, the style as depicted in the game bears no similarity to any real martial art, nor has there been any official word on it being inspired by an existing system.