Ancient Ogre (エンシェント・オーガ Enshento Ōga?), originally known simply as Ogre (オーガ Ōga?), is the first form of the creature known as Toshin (闘神 Tōshin?, literally "God of Fighting"), and is the main antagonist of Tekken 3 and Tekken 5's Devil Within mode.

Ogre is the Tekken series' first main villain who is not a member of the Mishima family, though his powers are equal to those of the Mishima and Kazama Clan's.



Although Ogre sometimes appears like a wild beast, he is actually a sentient being. Very little information is given on the character's personality or story, but what it does describe says that Ogre "understands entire structures of all living and artificial beings, and absorbs them". In his first form, Ogre is capable of speech (as seen in his winning animations) but speaks in an unknown, ancient language. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (as True Ogre), it is shown that he has a predatorial instinct, as seen in his Continue? cutscene if and when the player loses to him on Stage 8.[2]


Ogre's first (or ancient) form resembles a tall, muscular man with dark green skin. He is adorned with various types and pieces of old Aztec jewellery and a large golden helmet/crown with very long orange hair. He also has a small round shield that is said to be the fabled Stone of The Sun, the Aztec Calendar, attached to his left arm. It is implied that he is of a very old, but very powerful origin. He was worshipped as the 'God of Fighting' by ancient human civilizations.

Ogre's second form stands not much taller than its first but is hunched over to an extent due to the extreme metamorphosis. In this incarnation, he barely resembles a human, sporting a large, grotesque frame, dark brown and gray fur, a monstrous face, wings, horns and several hissing Viper snakes in place of his right arm. All of the jewellery worn by Ogre in his previous form has disappeared, save for two leglets and one armlet. In order to achieve this form, he absorbs the life and/or fighting force of Heihachi (or Jin if the player is playing as Heihachi) in Tekken 3. Afterword, the arena surrounding him will dim to an eerie pitch black or extreme darkness (in the Arcade version of Tekken Tag Tournament).

Ogre's non-canonical third form (from Tekken 5s Devil Within mode) is less of a drastic change from his first to second, but is much larger overall, appearing to be several stories high. In this form, he has a golden and aqua color, and more closely resembles a large dragon or dinosaur. He features many more horns protruding from his limbs and an elongated head and also has four large spikes jutting from the sides of his mouth.


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Tekken 3

Ogre's Character Profile: "THE GOD OF FIGHTING. The legend of Native Americans says Ogre was the war weapon which creatures from outer space left on Earth in ancient times. It understands entire structures of all living and artificial beings, and absorbs them.

It wanders the earth in search of strong souls."[3]

Ogre is first mentioned in Heihachi Mishima's character profile. It states that many years after Heihachi had reclaimed control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, he forms the Tekken Force, his own military group. One of the missions of the Tekken Force is to covertly search the world for Ogre. Tekken Force searches an ancient temple located somewhere in Mexico. Soon after arriving there, Heihachi learns that his entire force has been obliterated by Ogre. Heihachi, having witnessed the power of Ogre, seeks to capture him in hopes of creating the ultimate life form.

According to official canon, Ogre attacks many world-renowned martial arts masters around the world and absorbs their ki and abilities into his own being. Ogre eventually makes his way towards Yakushima, where Jun Kazama lives with her fifteen-year-old son, Jin. Ogre finds them and attacks. In the ensuing fight, Ogre outmatches Jin. The exact result of the battle is unknown, but Jin is knocked out cold and awakens, later on, to find his home destroyed and Ogre and Jun nowhere to be found. Assuming Ogre has taken Jun's life, Jin swears revenge on him.

As bait to lure Ogre into the open, Heihachi announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 five years later. Ogre shows up and is defeated by Paul Phoenix. However, unknown to Paul, Ogre morphs into his true form and the tournament continues. Ogre eventually confronts Jin and they clash in battle. Jin emerges victorious and Ogre is defeated and killed.

Ending Description, "Awakening": Ogre stands on top of the burning temple and morphs into True Ogre. Two helicopters fly towards the temple but True Ogre destroys both of them with a single fire breath.

Tekken 4

Though Ogre does not appear, he plays a role in the story. Heihachi's scientists capture samples of his blood and tissue in order to splice his DNA with Heihachi's and make Heihachi immortal, but the experiment fails since Heihachi lacks the necessary Devil Gene in his blood. Heihachi announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 in order to lure Kazuya and Jin, who both carry the Devil Gene, into the open.

Tekken 5

Ogre appears only in the mini-game, Devil Within, as a boss.

The plot details events that occur during the two month period between Tekken 4 and Tekken 5. After Jin leaves the Hon-Maru after the final battle in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, he hears rumors that his mother, Jun, is still alive at G Corporation. When Jin travels to their labs, he finds no trace of his mother but, instead, discovers that G Corporation has either resurrected Ogre or cloned him. In the ruins of an ancient temple beneath the labs, Jin battles Ogre once again. Ogre flees to a deeper part of the ruins with Jin in hot pursuit.

In the deeper ruins, Jin encounters a giant contraption that uses a large white orb to attack. After Jin destroys this, it is revealed that he has unwittingly broken the seal containing Ogre.

Jin battles True Ogre once again. Once Ogre is defeated, he reveals a new transformation. Despite his new advantages, Jin still triumphs and destroys Ogre possibly once and for all.

It is still debated whether the events in Devil Within are canon or not but it is generally assumed not.

Other Appearances 

Tekken Tag Tournament

In Tekken Tag Tournament, Ogre appeared as an unlockable character in his first two forms.

Ending Description (Ogre): Ogre has defeated Jin Kazama, and it appears as if he's going to absorb him. However, Jin is saved by the appearance of Unknown, and it is implied Ogre and Unknown fight each other.

Ending Description (True Ogre): Ogre transforms into True Ogre, and is attacked by Devil. The two fight while flying in the air. Devil fires his eye beam and Ogre uses his fire breath. Before one of Devil's beams can touch True Ogre, he instantly teleports behind Devil and then brings him down. Finally, he flies away, breathing fire on Devil.

Namco X Capcom

Ogre appeared in Namco X Capcom in his first form as a boss.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Ogre appeared in his first form in the crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken as a boss character counterpart to Street Fighter's Akuma. In his prologue, Ogre has been sleeping deep within an Aztec chamber, hearing voices from beyond his reach and the voices sounded much like the ones who created him. Amidst the darkness, Ogre awakened, as if responding to the power given off by the Pandora that had recently crash-landed into the Antarctic. Standing tall, he states "It's finally time.".

Ogre's playstyle in this game exhibits a rather overwhelming presence compared to his Tekken 3 incarnation, using powerful long-reaching attacks that give him plenty of breathing room. He also exhibits the ability to teleport and manifest the element of fire to augment his physical attacks His Super Art, Hell's Inferno, has him launching the opponent high into the air with a fiery punch. He then assaults them with a spinning attack covered in darkness and when it clears, he sprouts fiery wings, tail and horns. He then promptly crashes through the opponent and lands on the ground, standing up just as his opponent smashes headfirst into the ground.

His Swap Costume is modelled after Gill, the final boss of Street Fighter III. It elongates Ogre's hair to about the same length as Gill's and colors it blonde, as well as coloring Ogre's body to a two-tone shade of red and blue much like Gill. According to the download blurb, Ogre's appearance changed after he defeated and absorbed Gill.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

His second form, True Ogre, is playable in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, while his first form appears as a downloadable character in the console versions of the game, under the name of "Ancient Ogre".

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Ancient Ogre's Arcade Ending

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Ancient Ogre's Arcade Ending

Ending Description: Ogre's ending uses a unique style of animation in contrast to other endings in the game. Ogre creates copies of himself and uses them to rampage across a city, all of them proceed to destroy the surrounding area with little effort.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken (Mobile)

In both the IOS and the Android version of the game, Ogre appears at the end of the game being summoned by the antagonist and newcomer, Revenant, after Kazuya, Nina, and the third player of their choosing defeat him. Ogre wants them to join in their side but they refuse the offer before he and Revenant disappeared in a shadowed light, after the latter warns them that they are no match for the both of them.


In Tekken 3, Ogre's fighting style is a combination of seemingly random moves from various other Tekken characters not present in the game, such as Armor King, Wang Jinrei, Bruce Irvin, Jun Kazama, Lee Chaolan, Anna Williams (she wasn't in the Arcade version of Tekken 3), Kunimitsu, and Baek Doo San. He also has two unique moves: "Serpent's Venom", and "Ancient Power". The last one defends against a wide range of attacks: it stops elbows, knees, throws, running attacks and jumping attacks, and since it's not an actual reversal it can't be chickened.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Ancient Ogre adds many techniques in his moveset, some taken from other characters (most notably Craig Marduk, Paul Phoenix, Steve Fox, Bryan Fury, Julia Chang, Devil Jin and Jinpachi Mishima), some of his own like an actual telekinetic attack animation instead of a cannibalistic bite from previous Tekken game, as the cannibalistic bite can only be used by his true form instead. He's still a very basic character and lacks combo strings or stances, but he is a great punisher because of his raw power and long limbs.

Fighting Style

Listed as "unknown", Ogre's fighting style is a combination of several moves that prior characters in the series utilize, suggesting that Ogre may possess a knowledge of all existing martial arts.

In all of his forms, Ogre seems to exhibit a type of telekinesis. In nearly all of his throws, Ogre swings around his foe without physically grabbing them, which is later improved in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to make Ogre does an actual telekinesis throw, leaving the cannibalistic bite move only available for his true form. He also possesses the ability to fly, even without the wings of his second form. He never uses this ability during a fight, however.


Character Relationships

Within the series canon, Ogre is directly connected to several other characters within the plot. Below is a brief summary of those characters and their individual relationship with Ogre.


  • Official canon describes Ogre as a Demon created on earth in ancient times (possibly by aliens). It is never explained what is the purpose of his existence.
  • The storyline for Michelle Chang in Tekken and Tekken 2 state that both Heihachi and Kazuya sought a pendant that was in possession of Michelle's family. In those games, it was never explained why Kazuya or Heihachi wanted the pendant. In Tekken 3 however, the epilogue for Julia Chang (Michelle's daughter) reveals that the pendant has the power to control Ogre, which is why Heihachi desired it. It is unknown if this means Heihachi and Kazuya knew of Ogre's existence before Tekken 3.
  • The entity known as "Devil" or the "Devil Gene" seems to have a connection with Ogre. In Tekken 4, Heihachi needs both the genes of Devil and Ogre to create the ultimate life form. In Devil Within, the presence of Ogre is enough to trigger Jin's "Devil Gene". In Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign, if using Julia in Azazel's stage, the temple reminds her of Ogre, and when Azazel appears, she initially thinks it's another form of Ogre.


  • Ogre is stated to have connections with the ancient Aztecs, where he was worshipped as a "Fighting God".
  • In Devil Within, the latter three stages of the game are based on Ogre's lair. Here, the enemies are humanoid monsters. It is unknown what connections these creatures have to Ogre.


Ogre does not seem to have any real rival or anything that he would consider an enemy (except Akuma in Street Fighter X Tekken which is non-canon). He is described as only wanting to absorb all living things. He has attacked and killed/absorbed various fighters in the series:

  • King I - This is witnessed by Armor King and a young boy who Armor King trains to become King II and avenge King.
  • Baek Doo San - This is the reason Hwoarang enters the tournament to defeat Ogre, although Tekken 5 reveals Baek survived.
  • Jun Kazama - Jin enters the tournament to avenge his mother; but her true status remains unknown, as she is officially "unknown".
  • Devil - This occurs only in a cutscene in Tekken Tag Tournament, but it is not established what kind of connection Ogre and Devil possess if any.
  • Unknown - the final boss of Tekken Tag Tournament, is seen briefly in Ogre's ending cutscene. Since Tekken Tag Tournament is not considered canon to the series, it is unknown what connection Ogre has to Unknown.
  • Akuma - Akuma is Ogre's rival in Street Fighter X Tekken (non-canon).
  • Paul Phoenix - Paul defeated Ogre but walked away before Ogre transforms into his true form.


  • In Tekken 3, every stage that True Ogre was battled in was pitch black, except for a small black circle in which the fighters were standing in.
  • If the player defeats Ogre using Heihachi, Ogre will absorb Jin's power to become True Ogre instead of Heihachi's.
  • Ogre shares some similarities to Cell from the Dragon Ball franchise. They are both green colored genetically engineered bio-weapons with alien DNA and they both can absorb other lifeforms to get more power and possess many moves from various fighters from their respective universes.
  • Though in Tekken 3 that Ogre can transform into his true form. In Tekken Tag series whereas his first Ancient and True final forms are separate characters and have tag throws, yet as of this forms' ending where it shows a copy of him in Ancient form, it could imply there might be a copy of him somewhere else. As in Devil Within, Namco X Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken, the Ogres that have been seen might be different ones in each game.
  • The unknown language spoken by Ogre in his Win Poses in Tekken 3 are actually Japanese lines reversed. ironically, this makes Ogre one of the first characters to speak in the series.[4]
  • Kotal Kahn, one of the new fighters from Mortal Kombat X, bears a particularly striking resemblance to Ancient Ogre.
  • In Tekken (Mobile) in his cameo appearance and his CGI art, Ogre was updated as his natural green skin changed into gray and silver and his hair is now black.
  • There are many statues resembling Ogre's head on the doors of his lair in Tekken 5s Devil Within mode.
  • Ogre looks something like a Pillar Man in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime/manga, but whether the resemblance was intentional is yet unknown.



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