Angel (エンジェル Enjeru?) is a character in the Tekken series who first appeared in Tekken 2. She is a palette swap of Devil Kazuya in Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament. She later returns in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with her own character slot.


Angel first appeared without any storyline explanation, save for the fact that she fights with Devil over Kazuya's dark soul. Angel champions the good elements of Kazuya's soul over the Devil Gene's corruption. It's unknown what happened to Angel since she was not seen after Tekken 2. It is possible that she gave up on saving Kazuya from Devil as he chose his dark path.




Tekken 2

Prologue Text: "Although Kazuya is seemingly possessed with a black heart, there is still some good left in him. Angel will battle against Devil to save Kazuya".

Ending Description: Angel sits on the ledge of skyscraper, staring out into the night sky. Suddenly she throws herself off the ledge, becoming engulfed in the fog below. As she falls, the ten original fighters race through her mind. Then ten skeletal hands are placed together in circle, as if making a pact. Devil appears surrounded by skeletons with wings. Angel breaks through the image and soars into the moonlit sky, orbs of light begin to collect in the palm of her hand that she then sends cascading into the night.

Other Appearances

Tekken Tag Tournament

Angel appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament as a playable character.

Ending Description: Angel finds Devil lying unconscious on the ground. Devil transforms back to Kazuya and recovers from the alleged fight as Angel touches Devil's forehead and suddenly disappears.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Angel Arcade Ending

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Angel Arcade Ending

Angel is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a DLC character.

Ending Description: Angel and Devil are seen battling in the night sky. Devil fires his laser at Angel but she manages to block it with her wings. Devil then fires a more powerful one. Sensing great evil, she improves her strength instantly. Angel causes a massive wave, knocking Devil from the sky. When Devil is defeated, he returns to Kazuya's normal body in an unconscious condition. A white feather falls onto his back and that feather produces a light to calm Kazuya's dark heart.

Tekken (Titan Comics)

Angel appears in the 2017 Tekken comic book, sporting her design from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It is revealed that some time prior to the events of Tekken 6, Jin Kazama captured Angel, fearing that her light could stop his crusade to end the Mishima bloodline. Following Jin's disappearance after his clash with Azazel, Heihachi Mishima discovered the captive Angel. Believing that her light could stand against the power of the Devil Gene, he set to work on a scheme to steal her abilities for himself.

When Jin and his comrades raid the archives of the Mishima Zaibatsu to find Angel, a massive brawl with Heihachi's forces ensues, which is further complicated by the arrival of Kazuya. Jin begs Angel for forgiveness, but she spurns him, saying that he and his family are now beyond redemption. Jin transforms into his devil form and battles Angel in the skies above, with the two proving evenly matched. As they engage in a clash of energy beings, Angel says that Jin is the only one who can break the curse of the Mishima bloodline and bring about peace. The beams create an explosion, and when the smoke clears, both fighters have vanished.


In terms of gameplay, Angel was only a female palette swap of Devil in Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, her fighting style may have similarities to those of Mishima Karate, but now utilizes her own pure animation moveset.

Fighting Style

Angel's fighting style resembles Mishima Karate mixed with supernatural powers.


Angel Moves

Character Relationships

  • Kazuya Mishima - She tried to save Kazuya's soul in Tekken 2 from the darkness inside him but failed.
  • Devil - The two fought for Kazuya's soul in Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Unknown - Angel had an encounter with her in Unknown's ending in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (non-canon).



  • "Angel" comes from ancient Greek, and the meaning is "bear a message, announce, bring news of".
  • While she lacks a voice in Tekken 2 save for a few grunts, Angel gains one in Tekken Tag Tournament, though it is actually a recycled version of Anna Williams' voice from the original Tekken game and Tekken 2, but with a deeper pitch.
    • She has her own unique voice in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Elysium (a character from Soulcalibur V which was also made by Namco) bears a resemblance to Angel in terms of design.
  • According to Harada (on his Twitter account), Angel is not part of Kazuya's good half.[3]

Tekken 2:

  • Angel acts as an alternate costume for Devil.
  • In the arcade version, Angel's name is not shown when selected (Devil's name is displayed instead); in the PlayStation port, Angel's name appears.
  • If the player fights as Devil in arcade mode, Angel is the final boss.

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Like in Tekken 2, Angel acts as an alternate costume swap for Devil.
  • Her ending is similar to Jun Kazama's ending.
  • She is the only character that is not used by the computer.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • She now has her own character slot.
  • In the console version of the game, Angel is featured in the opening movie.




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