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Anna Williams (アンナ・ウィリアムズ An'na Wiriamuzu?) is a character in the Tekken series. She was introduced in the first Tekken game as the younger sister of Nina Williams, and has returned in almost every subsequent game (with the exception of Tekken 4). She is an assassin trained in various martial arts, and almost always appears in her trademark red silk dress and/or a blue version of it.



Anna comes from a family of assassins. Although just as skilled and deadly as Nina, she has a personality that greatly contrasts her sister's: Anna holds a less serious personality, appearing markedly more playful, flirtatious and more sociable than Nina who, in turn, is reclusive, brooding and cold-hearted.

Anna has a vindictive sibling rivalry with her older sister, that goes back many years. This rivalry seems to have stemmed from their relationship with their father, Richard Williams, whom Anna believes favored Nina over her. Nina is a more merciless character who will go to any lengths for victory, whilst Anna is shown to have reservations over their rivalry and sometimes even affection for Nina. Anna thus is shown losing to Nina in almost all of her endings except Tekken Tag Tournament 2. One of the reasons Anna chose to go into cryosleep was because she did not wish to live in a world without Nina (the other reason was she was worried Nina might wake up more beautiful and young-looking than her). When Nina awoke from cryosleep without her memories, Anna harbored hopes of being able to start over with her, implying that her rivalry with Nina has always stemmed from a desire to be accepted by her and to be on good terms with her, something that Nina never had any interest in before.

From Tekken 5 onward, Anna continues to act in a similar flirtatious manner as she did in her former appearances, but appears more dominant and taunting towards her foes, sometimes sitting on them and laughing at their expense or even striking sensual poses or blowing kisses upon victory, being the epitome of the classic femme fatale. In Tekken 6 Anna returned to the employment of her former boss, Kazuya Mishima, now head of G Corporation, and she sought to compete across from Nina who had taken on a high position in Jin Kazama's Mishima Zaibatsu. At some point during her employment however, Anna fell in love with a G Corp captain, and decided to retire both from G Corporation and from the sibling rivalry that had dominated her life.

Anna is absent from the main Tekken 7 story, but after leaving Heihachi Mishima's employ, Nina took on independent assassination missions, one of which involved a hit on a man with Mafia connections. The target was Anna's fiancé, whom Nina killed on Anna's wedding day, stealing her wedding dress to do so. With all hope of retirement gone and higher stakes to their hatred, it seems unlikely that Anna will be able to forgive her sister again. She begins her fight with Nina by saying "I'll tear you to pieces, Nina!"


Anna Williams/Outfits



Version 1: Anna is Nina's little sister by three years.

Since childhood, Anna and Nina both learned assassin techniques from their father, but their father only showered Nina with affection. Unlike her sister who has become an active assassin, Anna desired an ordinary life; her father never forgave her for that.

Anna hates her unaffectionate father, his exclusive love; what's more, she envies Nina who succeeds in their father's craft; Anna grows tired waiting for her time of revenge.[1]

Version 2: Anna is the younger sister of Nina Williams. Anna learned her Aikido techniques from her mother, a national Aikido champion. Her father, Richard Williams, taught Nina assassination techniques, but he has neglected Anna for years and never taught them to her.

It seems as if Anna entered the first tournament to get back at her sister. What initially appeared to be a petty sibling rivalry, would then evolve into something more serious and deadly as the series progressed.

Ending Description: Although she has no ending of her own, Anna makes an appearance in Nina's ending. She bursts into the kitchen, accusing her sister of stealing one of her high heels. In anger and annoyance, Nina slaps her, and Anna turns away, sobbing. While Anna's back is turned, Nina reveals that she had the shoe the whole time.

Tekken 2

Version 1: Anna's dislike for her father and sister has gradually increased, and as expected, the rivalry between her and her sister still continues.

To call their rivalry mere quarrels would be an understatement; their rivalry has elevated to the next level. Nina has tried to take Anna out by attaching a bomb to her sister's car, and Anna has returned the favor with machinegun fire tearing through Nina's bedroom.[1]

Version 2: As in the first tournament, Nina was once again hired to assassinate the sponsor of the current tournament, Kazuya Mishima. Whether at Kazuya's discretion or Anna's own volition, Anna became a bodyguard for Kazuya, along with Ganryu and Bruce Irvin, who were all charged with Kazuya's protection. It is likely that Anna's intervention prevented her sister from carrying out her contract, and Nina was later captured by Mishima Zaibatsu forces and used in Doctor Bosconovitch's cryonics ('cold-sleep') research. Learning about this, Anna volunteered to be another test subject, requesting that she be woken in the future at the same time as Nina. Her reasons for doing so remain ambiguous, though it is suggested that Anna would have felt lonely without Nina and/or jealous at the thought of her sister's youth being preserved.


Tekken 2 Anna Williams Ending 1080p HD

Ending Description, "In The Shower...": Anna is taking a shower. She turns the water off, grabs a towel, and gets out of the shower. Nina sneaks into the bathroom as Anna is looking into the mirror. Startled at Nina's appearance, Anna turns around, and Nina takes a picture of her with a camera. Nina holds up the picture, which shows Anna covering her bare breasts with her arms; she laughs.

Tekken 3

Nineteen years ago, Kazuya Mishima confided some alarming news to Anna. Her sister, Nina Williams, was planning to become a guinea pig of Doctor Bosconovitch's "Cold Sleep". As much as they quarreled, Anna would miss her sleeping sister. Even worse was the fact that she would continue to age, while Nina was frozen in time. Anna went to Doctor Bosconovitch and requested to be put into cryosleep, asking to be awakened at the same time as her sister.

Sensing the God of Fighting's evil presence, both Nina and Anna awoke nineteen years later. Anna awoke without any side effects, but Nina had somehow lost all of her memories of Anna, which saddened Anna, because she was making an effort to continue their sibling rivalry. Now, rather than fighting Nina, Anna felt the need to help Nina and prevent her from again becoming an assassin.[2]

Ending Description:
"Pool Side" (Japanese version): Anna and Nina are lying on chairs at the beach. Three men approach the sisters, two of them dancing while the other flexes his muscles. Nina turns her head away, only to be pulled off of her chair by one of the men, who then attempts to dance with her. Meanwhile, Anna is shown with the other two men, enjoying their attention. Nina gives a disgusted look, and she breaks free of the man's grasp. Nina walks up behind Anna and pulls the upper half of Anna's bikini down, leaving her breasts exposed. A mortified look appears on Anna's face as she covers her breasts. Nina walks away, takes her sunglasses off, and smiles.


Tekken 3 Anna Williams - Alternate Ending

(American/European version): Anna and Nina are lying on chairs at the beach. Three men approach the sisters, two of them dancing while the other flexes his muscles. Nina turns her head away. Meanwhile, Anna is shown with two of the men, enjoying their attention. They walk past Nina and the other man, who was vying for the blonde's attention. The other man then decides to tag along with Anna and the other two men. As Anna walks with the three men at her side, she flicks her hair and smiles.

Tekken 4

In Tekken 4, Anna is mysteriously and inexplicably absent, though she is mentioned in Nina's Tekken 4 prologue.

Tekken 5

Since the disappearance of her sister, Anna had been leading a dull and boring life. That all changed one day when she received a phone call from Nina. Several days later, the two met again after having been apart for two years. However, upon seeing her sister's face, Nina immediately opened fire, with Anna returning the favor. The ensuing gun battle lasted for days.


Tekken 5 Anna Interludes

Both sides failed to land a decisive blow and it was decided they would settle things at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Anna vowed to eliminate her sister once and for all.

Prologue Text: Anna Williams. A woman who has always fought with her sister, Nina. Nina vanished a few years ago and Anna felt something was missing in her life. Then she got a call... from Nina. Anna met Nina a few days later and the moment Nina saw her sister, shots were fired. The ensuing clash lasted for many days. In the end they decided to calm things in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Anna said negatively, "That bitch! This time, she's dead!".

Epilogue Text:: After being inspired by their sibling rivalry, a movie director insists on casting them in an upcoming film. "With that witch?!" Despite her hatred for her sister, Anna knows that this is a chance she can't pass up.


Tekken 5 Anna Prologue and Epilogue

Anna's Prologue and Epilogue in Tekken 5

Ending Description: Anna and Nina are hired to take part in a movie. They fight on a castle's rooftop with swords. In the end, Nina is victorious, and Anna falls to the ground. The director complains that they aren't following the script. Moments later, Nina's armor begins to fall off. As Nina tries to hold onto her armor, Anna is shown laughing.

Tekken 6

After the humiliating defeat from her older sister and enemy, Nina Williams, Anna sought revenge. She didn’t want it to end this way. Nina, though, has already gone into hiding. Hearing rumors that Nina has joined forces with the new Mishima Zaibatsu, Anna decides to join forces with G Corporation.


Tekken 6 - Anna Williams Ending

Anna ending in Tekken 6

Ending Description: In a club where Nina and Anna are located, Anna goes first for billiards, chalking the nub of her cue up. Then, a thug enters to the other table, ready to play billiards as well. Anna bumps him with her buttocks against his accidentally, causing him to stumble. The thug waves his arms around madly to stabilize himself. Anna slyly apologizes.

As the thug turns around, Anna clubs him accidentally with a cue stick, and covers her mouth, feigning a shocked expression. The thug grows furious at Anna, who isn't phased, and drew his knife. Nina struts up next to her sister and crosses her arms, both women staring the thug down. The thug lunges his knife at Anna, but Anna counters the man and knees him in the groin, allowing Nina to launch him into the air with her Geyser Cannon kick. Anna then follows up with the Can Opener kick, which sends the thug flying; he lands onto his pool table, dazed from the beating he had just received. "Wow," Nina says to her sister. Standing behind the bar is Lee Chaolan, who unexpectedly gives the sisters a thumbs-up for their performance, surprising Nina.

Scenario Campaign

Anna works for Kazuya in the Campaign, guarding the entrance to the G-Corp Millennium Tower. Lars & Alisa manage to beat her, but Anna orders her armed men to surround the pair. She then retreats into the G-Corp Tower.

Lars & Alisa manage to infiltrate the tower with thanks to Tougou and meet Anna again on the roof. She fights the pair backed up by G-Corp soldiers, but they are defeated again.

Later, when Lars & Kazuya fight at the entrance to Azazel's Temple, Anna throws a gas grenade to allow Kazuya to retreat, and accompanies him as they leave the temple.

Tekken 7

Anna returned as one of the Season 2 DLC characters.

After the events of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, Anna’s heart grew tired of endless fighting. Following her retirement, she met and fell in love with an elite soldier from the G Corporation. Unbeknownst to Anna, this man also happened to be a major mafia executive, and on the day of their wedding in Italy, tragedy occurred. Whilst getting ready for the big day, she noticed that her wedding dress was missing, after which the sound of gun shots suddenly filled the main hall. Anna rushed to the noise, arriving to find her fiancé dead and her sister wearing her wedding dress and fleeing the scene. Anna, fueled by rage, decided to return to the fight once more.[3][4] This is the reason she says "I'll tear you to pieces, Nina!" when she fights Nina.

Other Appearances

Tekken: The Motion Picture

Anna Williams is featured in Tekken: The Motion Picture. Anna was in a romantic relationship with Lee Chaolan, who hired Nina to assassinate Kazuya Mishima by convincing her he had romantic feelings for her. After staying the night with Lee in a hotel, Anna attacks Kazuya, Nina, and Jun Kazama, just to escape afterwards.

Later on in the film, Anna manages to run into Nina on the island where they engage in combat. After a remark about their father, Anna escapes from a grab and tells Nina off about how Lee isn't actually in love with her, and that he's actually with Anna herself. It just so happens that Lee just initiated 'R Experiment', which happens to be the release of a group of Alex-like clones onto the island. Even though the assistants tell Lee that Nina and Anna are still present on the island, Lee sees it as more of an opportunity for test subjects. One clone happens to be in full-on camouflage behind Anna as she is telling Nina off, and although Nina notices and exclaims "Oh no!", Anna mistakes her interruption as a response to the news about Lee. The Alex clone quickly mutilates Anna as her scream is heard throughout the island.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Anna appears as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament.


Tekken Tag Tournament - Anna Ending

Ending Description: Set at the Nina-A stage, Nina is shown to be scolding Anna. Anna attempts to make amends with her sister, holding her hand out for a truce. Nina turns her head and sighs. After giving it some thought, Nina then reaches out her hand to make contact with Anna's. Nina, however, tricks Anna, pulling her sister into an arm lock. Nina smiles sadistically as Anna cries out in pain.

Special Alliance Partners

Death by Degrees

Official Strategy guide Profile - Anna was sent by Mishima Zaibatsu to assist in the procurement of Salacia. More Importantly, however, is the fact that Anna is Nina's sister. The tow share some painful memories of their childhood and have yet to reconcile the past. Anna appears in Nina's 2005 spin-off game, Death by Degrees. In the game, Anna is a member of the Tekken Force. Anna is also fought as a boss twice in the game. Nina first encounters Anna when she is walking across an old bridge with Lukas Hayes. When Lukas opens the door, he is shocked to see Anna. Anna kicks him onto the bridge, and he falls through it. Then, Anna challenges Nina to a fight. Nina must defeat Anna while being careful not to fall through the bridge.

The bridge breaks on certain occasions, like when one of the two gets knocked down onto the bridge. Each section usually takes about three "hits" for it to break. After Nina wins, Type J is shown watching the two fight. It jumps onto the bridge, and predictably crashes right through it, Anna going down with it. Nina remains on the part of the bridge that didn't cave in. It is revealed that Lukas got caught in some ropes, which saved his life. Then, Anna falls onto him. They both fall and land on sandbags. Anna runs away while Type J targets Lukas.

Near the end of the game, Nina is trying to escape the Amphitrite, which is about to blow up due to a self-destruct feature being activated. While Nina tries to grab onto the ladder that a helicopter above deployed, Anna kicks Nina. Then, Anna challenges Nina to a fight once again. Nina must fight Anna while avoiding flaming barrels that are rolling down the platform and into the water below. Two cutscenes are shown during this fight. After Nina wins the fight, Anna almost falls into the water below. Nina grabs her hand, and then reminisces about when their father, Richard Williams, and others were killed with gunfire, and Anna comforted her afterwards.

Tekken 2010 live-action movie

Anna appears in the Tekken live-action movie along with her sister Nina both of them are sponsored by Eyederdex.; they are both assassins who work for Kazuya Mishima, and appear to be his lovers as well. He sends the sisters to kill his son, Jin Kazama. They follow Jin as he makes out with Christie Monteiro in a room. As Christie leaves, they lock Jin in the room and beat him. However, before they can kill him, Christie returns, and the sisters flee. Anna later assists her sister as she is about to fight against Christie in the tournament.

She is portrayed by Marian Zapico.

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Anna appeared in the CG Tekken movie, Blood Vengeance as one of the main characters.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Anna appears as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Anna Williams Arcade Ending

Ending Description: Anna steps out of a limo and walks down a red carpet, akin to a Hollywood movie premiere. Anna stops and poses for many cameras; several roses are thrown at her. Anna catches a rose in her mouth, and then turns her attention to Nina, who is sitting in a car and aiming at her Anna with a sniper rifle. She tosses the rose towards Nina, along with a knife, which hits the scope of Nina's rifle, knocking Nina down. Anna continues to strut down the red carpet, eventually making her way up some steps. Zafina is then seen, stepping out of the crowd with two daggers hidden behind her back. Anna poses again, cleverly hiding two knives behind her as well. As Zafina steps out of the crowd, Anna throws the knives towards her. However, Zafina deflects the knives with her daggers, impaling the knives into the floor. Gas is then emitted from the knives, shrouding Zafina as she coughs. With Zafina subdued, Anna reveals rocket launcher. Kunimitsu is then seen leaping into the air, preparing to land an attack on Anna. However, Anna fires a rocket at Kunimitsu. As the rocket strikes Kunimitsu, several fireworks go off. Anna poses for the cameras with her rocket launcher once more.

Special Alliance Partners:



Anna is a character that has a very solid pressure game with excellent full crouch mix-ups in the form of her Cat Thrust (FC f+1) and Right Handed Sweep (FC df+2) that give her very steady momentum as a result. Unlike Nina, she also has a unique stance known as Chaos Judgement (abbreviated as CHJ - b+3), that is not only handy at standing mix-ups when transitioned from Treading Water (f,f+3,4,3~B+3), but it also has some defensive maneuvers to it as it counters both throws and low attacks automatically when timed with the opponent's attack, much like Jun's Genjitsu stance (abbreviated as GEN - b+1+2) in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

She has several launchers that can not only catch the opponent off-guard, but are also very intimidating to use against her opponents as well. Such launchers include Mudslide (db+3 on Counter Hit), Rising Palm (WS+2) and Assassin's Dagger (qcf+1), all of which are excellent for pressuring the opponent. Anna also fares quite well in pressuring her opponent at long range, with moves such as Executioner (f,f+2), the aforementioned Assassin's Dagger, and Piston Kick (qcf+4) to boot.

However, one of Anna's most renowned traits is her okizeme, as she has some of the best oki moves on offer; including Rolling Heel (f,f+4), Heel Grind (d+3+4), and Rolling Stone (CHJ f,f+3) which can keep her opponent on their toes should they be careless.

Additionally, she is much easier to use than Nina due to her more gentle, less-execution-heavy nature of her sister since her basic launchers are more damaging and less reliant on execution as a result. Novice players that are fans of the Williams sisters (or Anna herself) shouldn't hesitate in picking her up - she is actually more rewarding than one may think if her best tools are put to good use.

While she may sound impressive so far, Anna is far from perfect; a lot of her moves that hit high can be very easily ducked under, so it's best to rely on the very few viable mids that she has on offer - such as her Step-in Uppercut (df+2), Uppercut Jab (df+1,2), or Artemis Arrow (qcf+2,1) to circumvent this. Additionally, Anna doesn't have very many pokes on offer, with Wine Opener (df+4), being her best low poke. Even then, this move is rather disadvantageous and should be used carefully to avoid being punished when it's blocked. While easier to use than Nina, that doesn't necessarily mean Anna is as easy to use as beginner-friendly fighters like Lili or Paul; on the contrary, she can prove to be fairly difficult to use to her fullest potential, as she has an ease of use gap that is on par with other intermediate fighters like that of Jin or King, but not as steep as execution-heavy characters as Kazuya or, as mentioned already, Nina.

Overall, Anna is a character that is best for intermediate players that favor a very offensive, mind-game reliant playstyle that relies on playing coy with and reading her opponent very effectively to do tons of damage as a result.

Fighting Style

Anna uses a fighting style based on the Aikido taught to her by her mother, and the Koppojutsu of her father. As she was closer to her mother, Anna's style is closer to Aikido than that of her sister, who leans more to the techniques learned by their father. She uses precise chops and kicks, aiming at vulnerable points of the body of her opponent. In close range, she uses her abilities to apply destructive joint locks and throws to take out the opponent.

Anna's style was further refined in Tekken 5 to make her more unique and to further differentiate herself from her sister Nina, now having much fewer strings that are the same as her. Her style now appears to have a more femme fatale like spin on it, as she has a lot of moves that seem to involve sensually theatrical poses, as well as overtly feminine positions similar to Lili. She's also steadily been further refined, such as receiving new mix ups from moves such as Severe Quake/Sepia Sweep (db4+3/4) and her wavedash stance, new attacks such as Aphrodite's Scorn (f2+3), and even having attacks altered such as Scarlet River (db1,1), which has less frames in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

In Tekken 7, Anna gains more moves to her arsenal. Her rage art relies on using weapons and firearms. Anna strikes her opponent with a left slap, then throws several knives at the opponent, leaving them stunned. She follows this up by launching her opponent into the air with her signature bazooka and shooting them, dealing heavy damage.

In Tekken (Mobile), her rage art was changed. Instead of using weapons and firearms, Anna will perform the Chaos Judgement position, followed by a smack the opponent followed by a right knee to the gut. She takes multiple slaps on her opponent's face as the last slap sends the opponent flying and knocks her airborne opponent with her butt.


Anna Williams Moves

Ghost Data

Anna Williams/Ghost Data


Character Relationships

  • Nina Williams - Her older sister and rival.
  • Richard Williams - Her father, who she feels neglected her in favor of Nina. She hates him, but is moved enough by his death to pay respects to his grave and to have a truce with Nina whilst doing so.
  • Mrs. Williams - Her mother.
  • Steve Fox - Her nephew. The two have never physically met before so their actual relationship is unknown. However, they do happen to chase Nina to the same location when they interact with her in Tekken 7.
  • Kazuya Mishima - She's his bodyguard and secretary in Tekken 2, and Tekken 6.
  • Doctor Bosconovitch - Anna volunteered for his Cold Sleep research after Nina was forced to undergo the experiment when her assassination of Kazuya failed.
  • Bruce Irvin - Bruce worked alongside Anna for Kazuya in the Mishima Zaibatsu (Tekken 2) and in G Corporation (Tekken 6).
  • Lee Chaolan - Worked alongside him at the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 2. They seems flirtatious with one another in Anna's Tekken 5 interlude. In their Tekken 6 scenario campaign dialogues, they show affection for each other. Was in a romantic relationship with him in Tekken: The Motion Picture. (non-canon)
  • Ganryu - She worked alongside Ganryu for Kazuya in Tekken 2.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - Her enemy whilst she worked for G Corporation in Tekken 6.
  • Lars Alexandersson - Her enemy whilst she worked for G Corporation in Tekken 6.
  • Eddy Gordo - Her enemy in Tekken 6. Eddy worked in Jin's Mishima Zaibatsu whilst it was at war with Kazuya's G Corporation, where Anna worked.
  • Jin Kazama - Her enemy in Tekken 6 and Tekken: Blood Vengeance.
  • Jane - Anna oversaw the creation of Jack-6 by Jane and Kazuya Mishima in Tekken 6.
  • Yoshimitsu - One of her bosses in Tekken 3s Tekken Force mode.
  • Jack-6 - Her henchman in Tekken 6.
  • Alex - Anna was killed by him in Tekken: The Motion Picture (non-canon).
  • Mokujin - Her rival in Tekken Card Challenge (non-canon).
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Her spy in Tekken: Blood Vengeance. (non-canon)
  • Shin Kamiya - She ordered Ling Xiaoyu to hunt him down in Tekken: Blood Vengeance (non-canon).
  • Zafina - Zafina tried to attack Anna in Anna's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Ending. (Non-canon)
  • Kunimitsu - Kunmitsu tried to attack Anna as well in Anna's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Ending. (Non-canon)



  • The name "Anna" means "grace, gracious". It is derived from the feminine Hebrew name חַנָּה ‎(ḥannâ), and it the Latinate and New Testament form of Ann, from Ancient Greek Ἄννα ‎(Ánna).
  • In a tweet, Harada explained that, since childhood, Anna has always been less sure of herself than Nina, so tends to value those who are kind to her or like her[5]. Harada also mentions that she is the best cook out of all the Tekken characters.[6] She apparently learned the skill to try and impress her father, since Nina was better at everything else, however her father coldly pushed her aside and said that cooking was "a skill that does not contribute to the family business".[7]
  • Anna has appeared in all of the Tekken games except Tekken 4. This makes Anna, along with Kazuya Mishima, Lee Chaolan, and Lei Wulong, the only characters to appear in all but one Tekken game.
  • Anna is completely unaware that Steve Fox, Nina Williams's son, is her nephew.
  • In pre-Tekken 4 games, Anna's Chaos Judgement stance had her raising her right leg (b+4), while in post-Tekken 4 games, she raises her left (b+3). The reason for this change is unknown.
  • Until Tekken 3, Anna had blueish black hair as opposed to her now brown hair. This is probably why her appearance in the animated motion picture shows her with black hair rather than her updated color.
  • Anna appears to be left-handed, as she bowls with her left hand in the Tekken Bowl minigame.
  • Anna's weapon of choice is a bazooka, which she uses in Tekken: The Motion Picture, the Tekken 5 opening, as well as in her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending. She can also be customized to have a bazooka item move in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. She also uses one as part of her Rage Art in Tekken 7.
  • The mangaka, Mamoru Nagano, designed costumes for Anna Williams in Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5, and Tekken 6.
  • Until the console version of Tekken 3, Anna had the exact same voice as Nina, although Anna had a unique voice in the PlayStation version of Tekken 2.
  • Anna is among the unused characters mentioned by Tekken 4's announcer[8]


  • Anna can be unlocked by completing the Arcade as Nina, acting as Nina's sub-boss.
  • Anna is featured in Nina's ending, making her one of the only sub-bosses to appear in an ending.
  • Anna's hair is black in this game and is longer than in subsequent games.

Tekken 2

  • Anna's sub-boss is Nina Williams.
  • If left standing idle in Practice Mode, a thought bubble containing a cappuccino cup will appear above her head, reflecting Anna's liking of espresso coffee.
  • Anna is listed in her Tekken 2 profile as also "knows some Mishima combat karate".
  • Anna's hair in-game is black, but in her/Nina's ending, the Tekken 2 intro and renders it is brown.

Tekken 3

  • In the arcade version, Anna appears as a 3D model and texture swap for Nina, selectable by choosing her with the Start button; she uses Nina's moveset but has her own original win animation. In the arcade version, only her red costume was available. She was remade as a separate character with her own moveset in the PlayStation version, and can be unlocked by completing the game with five different characters.
  • Due to her only being added in the console release, Mokujin is unable to mimic her.
  • Anna is one of the few characters to have a third costume. Anna's is unlocked by playing as her 25 times.
  • She appears in Embu 3 along with the other unlockable characters, taking the place of Nina.

Tekken Tag Tournament

  • Anna is one of the few characters to receive a new costume in this game; a military style suit with an orange hair band and thigh length green boots, complete with camouflage patterns.
  • Although Anna wears her Red/Blue dress from Tekken 3, she no longer wears the choker that she did in that game.
  • Anna's sub boss is Nina Williams

Death By Degrees

  • Upon completing the main campaign, the player will unlock "Anna Mode", where you can play as Anna during the prison section of the game. This mode comes with several difficulties. Completing this mode will allow Nina to face Heihachi Mishima in the final battle of the campaign.
  • Completing Anna Mode on each difficulty will unlock images in the gallery.
  • Anna's moveset is identical to Nina's, with the exception of a few moves; Backflip, Double Backflip and Bloody Scissors.
  • When using the Forward Roll Kick, Anna will use the animation for Nina's Kneel Kick from Tekken 3.
  • Like Nina, several animations were brought over into Anna's movelist from Tekken 5 onwards. Treading Water was an animation used during a triple Critical Strike, and Rolling Stone was an attack Nina/Anna could use during a dodge.

Tekken 5

  • Anna is unlocked by beating Story Mode twice.
  • Anna's sub-bosses are Lee Chaolan and Nina Williams.
  • Anna's "Short Hair" customization greatly resembles that of Ivy from Namco's Soul Calibur series.
  • Anna's win quote, "I don't have time to play games with you", is exactly identical to Helena Douglas's pre-fight quote in Dead or Alive 5.
  • While playing Story Mode with Anna, if the player loses to Lee Chaolan, a scene will play where Anna is knocked out with Lee putting his foot on her and asking where her attitude is.
    • This makes Anna one of the three characters to have a scene play after losing to a sub-boss, the other two are Yoshimitsu and Marshall Law.
  • Anna's cutscene dialogue is voiced by Kat Cressida, while in game she is voiced by Lenne Hardt. This is most likely due to the console version being released a year after the arcade version.
  • Two of Anna's ghosts, Queen Vayla and Teokika, are both named after Tekken Force members in Tekken 4.

Tekken 6

  • In Nina's ending, Anna wears a white fur coat and red dress similar to her 2P outfit. In her own ending, however, Anna is seen without the coat while playing pool with her sister.
  • Anna's hairstyle is changed; she now wears her hair in a proper bobcut with even length and fringe, no longer having triangular bangs or shorter sidelocks. This is however not reflected in her CG artwork for this game.
  • Anna's opponents in Arena Mode are Lars Alexandersson and Nina Williams.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  • Anna has a special win pose when paired with her sister, Nina Williams. She struts around seductively, only for Nina to kick her in the back.
  • Anna has a special win pose when paired with Kazuya Mishima. She struts around seductively, amusing Kazuya.
  • Anna and Nina have a unique "Great!" combo that can contribute to the Impressive Moves achievement/trophy.
    • It goes as follows: Nina - Evil Mist (db~qcf, N, DB+2+3~5), Anna - Losing Face (1+2), Nina - Geyser Cannon (3+4), and finally back to Anna with Aphrodite's Scorn (2+3).
  • Anna's dialogue is voiced by Tara Platt, while her grunts are voiced by Lenne Hardt, in which the battle grunts were reused from Tekken 5.
  • Tara Platt recorded a special message as Anna for pre-ordered TTT2 at Gamestop.
  • Anna is portrayed by Elle Navarro in the "Girl Power" trailer.
  • Anna has a special continue screen with Bruce Irvin, where he will scold her, but she responds by slapping him. Bruce then tries to perform Killing Blow but is immediately interrupted by Fatal Attack Combo
  • Anna has a special continue screen with Nina, where she scolds Nina and turns her back, but Nina attacks Anna with a Bad Habit. Anna then responds by knocking Nina down with a kick.

Tekken 7

  • The background theme for her character trailer is from the Wayang Kulit stage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Anna was first announced during EVO 2018, along with Lei Wulong and Negan as part of the second batch of DLC characters.
  • Anna seems to have received a shorter, more blunt cut bob hairstyle, with her tucking most of the front left side behind her left ear.
  • Anna's new outfit may be a reference or homage to "black widow", because she wears a mourning dress, while Nina wears a wedding dress.
    • Harada has stated on his Twitter account that Nina's primary wedding dress that she wears in Tekken 7 belongs to Anna as she stole it on the day of Anna's wedding before she successfully assassinated her fiance leading to Anna wearing a mourning dress.
  • When Anna has been hit several times, her hair accessory falls off, much like with Nina's one.

Tekken (Mobile)

  • Anna's featured act in the Story Mode is the Foxy Rogue which is a play on her main appearance in the game.
  • Anna's other featured acts during the live events are Anna-Induced Fatality which references her actions as a femme fatale, the other featured act is Anna's Killer Smile references her flirtatious smile throughout her old and new win animations, her third act is The Anna Death Penalty which references her occupation as an assassin being served to justice on courts and lastly is the Happy Smile, Anna referencing her enjoyment in fighting her opponents.
  • Her character background on her life bar during fights, Anna's brown hair became darker.


  • Her rival in Tekken Card Challenge is Gun Jack.
  • A custom character can be made to resemble Anna in Soul Calibur III, Soulcalibur IV, Soul Calibur V & Soul Calibur VI's Create-A-Soul mode.


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