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Arcade History is a game mode that is only available in the console version of Tekken 5. In this mode, players can enjoy playing the original arcade versions of the mainline Tekken's original PlayStation trilogy games.

The games included are:

There is no pause in any of the games and Time records and Versus mode win records cannot be saved.


  • Despite what it says, the player cannot press start and select at the same time to return to the Tekken 5 main menu (except during StarBlade). The only way to exit out is to reset the PlayStation 2.
  • StarBlade can be unlocked by completing Arcade Mode with all the fighters or alternately in the 4th level of the 'Devil Within' mini-game where there is a door covered with rocks, through the door there will find a little space ship that will unlock the StarBlade arcade game.
  • All characters in Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 are unlocked from the beginning.
  • Tekken 2 uses the updated Ver. B edition rather than the original release.
    • Tekken 2 doesn't include the hidden character cheat codes.
  • As the Namco arcade sound hardware is not emulated in the ports, the sound effects and music are taken from the PlayStation home versions (however, a few sounds are added or recorded from the arcade version, such as Jack-2's yell during his Lift Up throw, which was missing from the home version).
  • In the original arcade version of Tekken 3, the time record background image (shown after defeating True Ogre) had an R missing from the word "Tournament", this has been fixed in the Arcade History version. Additionally, the "Taekon-do" spelling error in the credits has also been fixed and correctly shows "Taekwon-do".
  • In Tekken 2, the player can switch places of Baek and Lei depending on how they set it.


  • Heihachi's K.O. yell is missing from Tekken 2 (the sound effect is in the data but the wrong sound clip is used).
  • Jun's third hit sound is completely missing and not in the data (Jun was the only character in the arcade version of Tekken 2 to have three "hurt" sounds plus a KO yell - the third sound was also used in Tekken Tag Tournament).
  • King's growl is the wrong pitch when performing the Giant Swing in Tekken 2.
  • Yoshimitsu's sword produces the wrong sound effect in Tekken 3 (same bug as Tekken 2's Heihachi yell).
  • In Tekken 3, characters still make sounds when being hit after being knocked out.