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The Archers of Sirius are a secretive group of exorcists. Their base of operations is the Duomo di Sirio, Italy. Their de-facto leader is Claudio Serafino and the only other members seen in-game are the Marksmen of Sirius. Their name 'Archers' likely refers to their chosen method of exorcism, which utilises Sirius-Style Exorcism Sorcery in the form of a magical bow and arrow to banish demons and evil spirits from possessed hosts.

Tekken 7

Profile: The Archers of Sirius are a group of exorcists who have been banishing supernatural entities from the world since ancient times. A highly secretive organization, its existence is unknown to the general public. Although it is unknown how their existence was subsequently revealed, the Archers of Sirius were suddenly approached by the Mishima Zaibatsu to join their conglomerate. The Archers of Sirius naturally refused but this did not stop the persistent pressure from the Mishima Zaibatsu and eventually the news of their unrelenting harassment reached the de facto leader of the Archers of Sirius, Claudio Serafino. Determined to uncover the motives behind the Mishima Zaibatsu’s aggressive recruitment tactics, Claudio begins to investigate the powerful conglomerate.[1]

Story: The Archers of Sirius were approached by the Mishima Zaibatsu to join them. Their leader, Claudio, refused to work with Heihachi Mishima, prompting Heihachi to fly to Italy with his subordinate, Nina Williams, in order to convince them in person. He beat up the Marksmen of Sirius in their home, Duomo di Sirio, and then beat Claudio, demanding that they work with him. Although forced to work with Heihachi under duress, Claudio was also interested in learning about Kazuya Mishima's devil form, something Heihachi implied he would be able to do with him. It later transpired that Heihachi seemed only interested in using the Archers' apparently extensive information network.

After being dismissed by Heihachi, Claudio and his Archers have taken an interest in tracking down Devil Jin, using Ling Xiaoyu as bait.



  • Heihachi Mishima - Attacked members of the Archers and defeated their leader, Claudio. He forced the Archers to work for him afterwards.
  • Nina Williams - Accompanied Heihachi in attacking the Archers.
  • Mishima Zaibatsu - The Archers were briefly subsumed into the Zaibatsu, until their services were later dismissed by Heihachi.
  • De Rochefort Family - The Archers have history with the De Rochefort Family, having used their estate to seal a vampire hundred of years ago.
  • Jin Kazama - A possessed individual, and thus a target of the Archers. The Archers' library has information on his devil.[2]
  • Kazuya Mishima - A possessed individual, and thus a target of the Archers. The Archers' library has information on his devil.[3]
  • Eliza - A vampire sealed by the Archers centuries ago, they seek to pacify her again during Tekken 7.
  • Ling Xiaoyu - An 'asset' to the Archers after Claudio persuades her to help him. In the possibly non-canon Tekken Pachislot 4, Xiaoyu visits the Archers and is seen speaking to many of their members.


  • The Sirius part in the name of this discipline is named for the brightest system of stars in the Earth's sky. Claudio makes reference to this in one of his win quotes: Che la luce di Sirio disperda le tenebre. (May the light of Sirius extinguish the shadows.)
  • The Archers of Sirius have a significant role in Tekken Pachislot 4, and are shown aiding Claudio in his exorcisms and speaking with Ling Xiaoyu who is their guest at this time.
  • In Pachislot 4, The Archers are shown to have an extensive library which contains tomes on devils that bear resemblance to Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin.


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