King's Leg Screw attack reversal in Tekken 7.

Attack Reversal also known as Reversal Art/Technique (返し技 Kaeshi-waza) in the Japanese version, is a special type of throw that is used to negate an enemy attack and either deal damage back to them or put the user in an advantageous situation. Most characters can only reverse high and mid range attacks; a few characters are able to reverse low range attacks.

High/Mid Reversals

High/Mid Reversals can negate both a high or mid range attack. Damage is dealt back to the attacker. The amount of damage is dependent on the damage of the attack being reversed. It is crucial to not abuse this because the user is potentially vulnerable if the attacker misses or doesn't attack at all. The length of the animation varies among characters. Some characters like Asuka Kazama can extend the length of their animation by holding the command.



Chickening is basically reversing an attack reversal. To accomplish this, a special escape input must be pressed. The escape input is based on the attack being reversed. The command can be either f+2+4 for right limbs and f+1+3 for left. It is virtually impossible to chicken an attack reversal without anticipating it well in advance. This is because the escape window is very short. If successful, the narrator will say, "chicken" for confirmation.


Parrying does not inflict any damage back to the attacker but will sometimes put the user into an advantageous situation.

Low Parry

This is a generic technique that is available to all characters. It is simply performed by pressing d/f in conjunction with an incoming low attack. If successful, the opponent will become temporarily staggered similar to a bound.  This enables the user to follow-up with a low parry combo. Some characters have also low parry with their moves. An example of this would be Jun Kazama's Genjitsu stance. This move has a built-in low parry mechanism.