Baji Quan (八極拳; meaning "Eight Extremities Fist"), also known as Kai Men Baji Quan (開門八極拳; meaning "Open-Gate Eight Extremities Fist"), is a Chinese martial art originated in the Hebei province of China. Listed in Tekken Tag Tournament as the Japanese translation Hakkyoku-ken, Baji Quan is one of the styles practiced by Julia Chang (as well as her alter ego) and Michelle Chang in combination with Xin Yi Liu He Quan, as well as Leo Kliesen's exclusive fighting style.


Baji Quan features powerful elbow strikes, arm/fist punches, hip checks and strikes with the shoulder, delivered with explosive, short-range power. Most of Baji Quan's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from very close range: the bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb, and further magnified by the charging step technique.

Before an attack, Baji Quan pratictioners opens the opponent's arms forcibly with six different strategies (六大開 - Liu Da Kai'; meaning "Six Big Ways of Opening"): using the fist, elbow or shoulder to push forward and upward (頂 - Ding), putting arms together as if hugging someone (抱 - Bao), elevating the knee to hit the thigh of the opponent, or elevating the foot to hit the shin of the opponent (提 - Ti), using a single move (單 - Dan), using the hip (胯 - Kua), entangling with rotation around the wrist, elbow and shoulder (纏 - Chan). This is most useful in close combat, as it focuses on elbow, knee, shoulder and hip strikes.


  • Unknown - Tekken Tag Tournament only; through mimicry.



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