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Max Out Muscles and Body Max Out Muscles and Body 27 September 2021

Jin Kazama

Jin victory pose in volcano

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Max Out Muscles and Body Max Out Muscles and Body 27 September 2021


Wassup homies, check out my muscles and (sometime) hot girls pics on my message wall :D.

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 19 September 2021

Strategy Guides as Sources

This is a post clarifying the choice to use Official Tekken Strategy Guides as sources. In this instance the Brady Games 2004 Tekken 5 Official Strategy Guide but also others which I will be looking at. A list of the Stategy Guides that will be referred to are included at the end of this blog.

Strategy Guides are created by a separate company, but are liscenced and in this sense endorsed by Namco to produce those guides, hence why they use the title 'Official Strategy Guide'. They are permitted to use Namco and Tekken logos and to present the information as truthful. In early strategy guides, such as the Brady Games 1995 Tekken (1) Official Strategy Guide, disclaimers were published explaining that the guides were created through research and …

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 16 August 2021

Tekken 5 Interludes

Guidelines for Tekken 5 Interlude Transcribing

Category:Tekken 5 Interludes

Example page: Kazuya Mishima/Tekken 5 Interludes

  • 1 General Notes
    • 1.1 Jinpachi
  • 2 Complete
  • 3 To Do

The first section is for transcribing the character's interludes. The second section, 'Other Interludes', is for putting all interludes featuring the character. (E.g. in Lee Chaolan's playthrough, he has an interlude with Kazuya, so Lee's interlude is included at the bottom of Kazuya's page).


  • Link to the first time a character's name appears on page (apart from host character).
  • No need to use full names in the interludes. They are easier to read with shortened names.
  • Link to any relevant key terms in the dialogues, but not to vague referred to incidents.
  • Remove the purple catego…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 16 August 2021

Completed Scenario Campaign Dialogues!

After 9 months of work from many people, the Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Dialogues are complete! Thank you everyone for all your hard work in transcribing these, I hope they will be a great resource for people in future. There are still some proofing changes that need to be made, but most of the work is now complete!

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Toilethead101 Toilethead101 25 July 2021

Soul Calibur III animations

Movelist: Ninja (Kunai)

A,A,K (Note: Last hit is similar to Lee SS+4 may require further checking)

A,A,B (Note: Nina SS+1+2 (Spiral Explosion))

b+A (Note: Bryan b+2)

d/b+A (Note: King FC d/f+1 but with dagger)

f,f+A,A (Second hit is similar to second hit of King 1+2,1)

B (Hammer Punch)

d/f+B (Nina's Shut Up but with dagger)

f+B (Michelle's Thrust Fist (d,d/f+2))

K,K (Hwoarang RFF 4,4 (Right Reverse Kick))

K,K,K (Last hit may come from Capo)

K,K,d+K (Last hit is Bruce's Bull Tornado (b,b+4))

d/f+K (Seems to be Bryan 3+4 (Tornado Middle Kick))

b+K (Bruce's Cyclone Kick (ss+3 moved to 3+4))

f+K (Rather generic and hard to tell who it came from)

b,b+K (Dragon Wheel Kick)

f,f+K,K (Second hit is Capo Boomerang (f,f+3+4))

FC d/f+K (Lee's Shin Slicer HMS 4 or coul…

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JeremiahAgosto8 JeremiahAgosto8 3 April 2021


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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 22 March 2021

Characters in Part 3 of the Strangest Things: The Last Revelation

Now that Lidia the prime minister of Poland as well as a karate practitioner using Polskie Karate (At least she beats Jin equally to prove that her style is a lot better than a Kyokushin Karate) came up after Kunimitsu II. A lot of new characters passing by since I stuck on the upcoming chapter where Lee, Lars, Jin, Alisa and Reggie decided to train Rhima along with Fahkhumram and Leroy Smith.

We first seen a Thai immigrant whose game partner is Fahkhumram so I guess two other new character in the third part will be seen. One is being half-Polish, half-Filipino guy who works in BGC at Taguig City as well as a Karate practitioner lives in Acacia Estates. I think this guy would meet Rhima at Laos since it was his week vacation of his work …

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 18 February 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 6 Character Profiles

  • 1 King
  • 2 Baek Doo San
  • 3 Paul Phoenix
  • 4 Raven
  • 5 Devil Jin
  • 6 Feng Wei
  • 7 Asuka Kazama
  • 8 Roger Jr.
  • 9 Wang Jinrei
  • 10 Armor King
  • 11 Craig Marduk
  • 12 Marshall Law
  • 13 Hwoarang
  • 14 Eddy Gordo
  • 15 Anna Williams
  • 16 Heihachi Mishima
  • 17 Ganryu
  • 18 Bruce Irvin
  • 19 Christie Monteiro
  • 20 Jack-6
  • 21 Lei Wulong
  • 22 Nina Williams
  • 23 Steve Fox
  • 24 Ling Xiaoyu
  • 25 Kazuya Mishima
  • 26 Jin Kazama
  • 27 Lee Chaolan
  • 28 Julia Chang
  • 29 Yoshimitsu
  • 30 Bryan Fury
  • 31 Alisa Bosconovitch
  • 32 Panda
  • 33 Sergei Dragunov
  • 34 Zafina
  • 35 Leo
  • 36 Miguel Caballero Rojo
  • 37 Bob
  • 38 Lili Rochefort
  • 39 Kuma
  • 40 Lars Alexandersson


Character Story

In The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, King faced Marduk in a grueling battle that ironically resulted in a friendship between the two after the fight. Upon returning from the ring, Marduk was ambushed by someone dressed as Armor King. K…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 26 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 2 Character Profiles

  • 1 Heihachi Mishima
  • 2 Paul Phoenix
  • 3 Nina Williams
  • 4 Marshall Law
  • 5 King
  • 6 Jack-2
  • 7 Michelle Chang
  • 8 Yoshimitsu
  • 9 Wulong Lei
  • 10 Jun Kazama
  • 11 Chaolan Lee
  • 12 Kuma
  • 13 Anna Williams
  • 14 Baek Doo San
  • 15 Armor King
  • 16 P-Jack
  • 17 Ganryu
  • 18 Kunimitsu
  • 19 Bruce Irvin
  • 20 Jinrei Wang
  • 21 Kazuya Mishima
  • 22 Devil Kazuya
  • 23 Angel
  • 24 Roger
  • 25 Alex


Name: Heihachi Mishima

Catch copy: King of Iron Fist

Nationality: Perhaps Japanese

Fighting style: Mishima Combat Karate

Age: 54-years-old

Height: 180cm

Weight: 82kg

Blood type: B

Occupation: Pursuit of knowledge

Hobby: Collecting Geta

Favorite thing: World Peace


Heihachi, beaten by Kazuya in the last tournament, instantly lost his dignity and fortune.

Grief-stricken over his past transgressions and for neglecting his studies drove Heihachi

to a life of seclusion deep withi…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 26 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 1 Character Profiles

  • 1 Kazuya Mishima
  • 2 Paul Phoenix
  • 3 King
  • 4 Nina Williams
  • 5 Jack
  • 6 Marshall Law
  • 7 Michelle Chang
  • 8 Yoshimitsu
  • 9 Chaolan Lee
  • 10 Kuma
  • 11 Armor King
  • 12 Anna Williams
  • 13 P. Jack
  • 14 Jinrei Wang
  • 15 Kunimitsu
  • 16 Ganryu
  • 17 Heihachi Mishima


Name: Kazuya Mishima

Catch copy: Cold-blooded son

Fighting style: Mishima Combat Karate

Age: 26-years-old

Height: 181cm

Weight: 76kg

Blood type: AB

Occupation: Vexing his father'as he is the son of an aristocrat, money doesn't concern


Hobby: Collecting sneakers

Favorite thing: his father's irritated expressions


Kazuya is the eldest son of the tournament's sponsor, the Mishima Financial Group's CEO,

Heihachi Mishima.

Kazuya's purpose for participating in this tournament is to kill his father, and to use

the power his father commands to orchestrate a worl…

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Zerog99 Zerog99 19 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Game Secrets

Games secrets and codes saved from the closure of Tekken Zaibatsu

  • 1 Tekken
    • 1.1 Play Galaga during the loading screen
    • 1.2 Rapid Fire Galaga
    • 1.3 Double Ship Galaga
    • 1.4 Restarting Galaga
    • 1.5 Play as the Sub Bosses
    • 1.6 Play as Heihachi Mishima
    • 1.7 Play as Devil Kazuya
    • 1.8 Demo Character Select
    • 1.9 Alternate Costumes
  • 2 Tekken 2
  • 3 Tekken 3
  • 4 Tekken Tag Tournament
  • 5 Tekken 4
  • 6 Tekken 5

To continue Galaga during the loading screen press Select whenever the screen shows the number of hits. If you score 40 hits the first round, Galaga will automaticly go to the next level.

Hold down Triangle while playing Galaga for rapid fire.

Hold Triangle + X + Up + L1 on controller two for Double Ship Galaga during the game load.

Press Select to restart your Galaga game, however if you restart o…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 19 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Game Summaries

Game Summaries saved from the closure of Tekken Zaibatsu

  • 1 Tekken
  • 2 Tekken 2
  • 3 Tekken 3
  • 4 Tekken 4
  • 5 Tekken 5
  • 6 Tekken 5DR
  • 7 Tekken 6

A worldwide martial arts tournament is nearing its final, with a large purse of prize money to the fighter who can defeat Heihachi Mishima in the final round of competition. The contest is sponsored by the giant financial group, the Mishima Zaibatsu.

There are eight fighters that remain after winning death matches all over the world. The winner of the tournament will receive The King of the Iron Fists title. Who will be the one to defeat Heihachi Mishima and take home the prize money and fame?

A worldwide martial arts tournament was nearing its finale. A large purse of prize money which was to be awarded to the fighter who c…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 19 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 5 Character Profiles

  • 1 Craig Marduk
  • 2 Marshall Law
  • 3 Hwoarang
  • 4 Raven
  • 5 Asuka Kazama
  • 6 Feng Wei
  • 7 King
  • 8 Paul Phoenix
  • 9 Jack-5
  • 10 Roger Jr.
  • 11 Anna Williams
  • 12 Baek Doo San
  • 13 Mokujin
  • 14 Devil Jin
  • 15 Ganryu
  • 16 Wang Jinrei
  • 17 Bruce Irvin
  • 18 Bryan Fury
  • 19 Heihachi Mishima
  • 20 Lei Wulong
  • 21 Nina Williams
  • 22 Steve Fox
  • 23 Kazuya Mishima
  • 24 Ling Xiaoyu
  • 25 Jin Kazama
  • 26 Lee Chaolan
  • 27 Julia Chang
  • 28 Yoshimitsu
  • 29 Christie Monteiro
  • 30 Eddy Gordo
  • 31 Lili
  • 32 Dragunov
  • 33 Jinpachi Mishima
  • 34 Armor King
  • 35 Panda
  • 36 Kuma


Character Story

Undefeated Vale Tudo fighter Craig Marduk was infuriated over his loss to King in the previous tournament. After being released from the hospital, he endured a harsh training regimen which enabled him to hone his body into the ultimate weapon.

One day, Marduk entered a Vale Tudo tournament wearing a black ja…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 19 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 4 Character Profiles

  • 1 Hwoarang
  • 2 Yoshimitsu
  • 3 Ling Xiaoyu
  • 4 Craig Marduk
  • 5 Kazuya Mishima
  • 6 Paul Phoenix
  • 7 Steve Fox
  • 8 Christie Monteiro
  • 9 King
  • 10 Marshall Law
  • 11 Kuma
  • 12 Julia Chang
  • 13 Lee Chaolan
  • 14 Lei Wulong
  • 15 Jin Kazama
  • 16 Nina Williams
  • 17 Bryan Fury
  • 18 Combot
  • 19 Heihachi Mishima
  • 20 Panda


Character Story

Hwoarang was drafted into the military back in his homeland of Korea and was assigned to a special operations division. Although his successes in various missions were highly regarded along with his prowess at Tae Kwon Do and combat techniques, his penchant for disobeying rules and orders gave his senior officers more than a few headaches.

Hwoarang was uninterested in military life and felt a strange emptiness within him. He longingly recalled the days of hustling money in street fights …

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 19 January 2021

Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 3 Character Profiles

Tekken Zaibatsu has gone down. This is a copy of all of their Tekken 3 character profiles.

  • 1 Ling Xiaoyu
  • 2 Yoshimitsu
  • 3 Nina Williams
  • 4 Forest Law
  • 5 Hwoarang
  • 6 Eddy Gordo
  • 7 Paul Phoenix
  • 8 King
  • 9 Lei Wulong
  • 10 Jin Kazama
  • 11 Bryan Fury
  • 12 Kuma
  • 13 Panda
  • 14 Heihachi Mishima
  • 15 Ogre
  • 16 True Ogre
  • 17 Julia Chang
  • 18 Gun Jack
  • 19 Mokujin
  • 20 Anna Williams
  • 21 Dr. Bosconovitch
  • 22 Gon

High Spirited Girl

Origin: China

Fighting Style: Hakke Ken, Hike Ken & Various Chinese Martial Arts

Age: 16

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 42 kg

Blood Type: A

Occupation: Student, Panda Caretaker

Hobby: Traveling, Visiting Amusement Parks across the World

Likes: Chinese Steamed Buns, Peking Duck and Shrimp Dumplings

Dislikes: Math Teachers

Cute, Spirited, Has Panda... Will Travel

This young girl loves amusement and theme parks. Her dream is to b…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 6 December 2020

Saving Info from Tekken Zaibatsu Closure

Apparently Tekken Zaibatsu, an old Tekken Wiki that we heavily rely on for our sources, will be going down. Apparently it could be as soon as by the end of the month. We need to get as much information from there onto here as soon as possible.

Our priorities are:

  • character profiles, and checking we have them all
  • sound track files?
  • search their forums for useful canonical info we don't have

Please help us get as much info onto the wiki as possible. If you aren't sure where to put the information or think it will take time to format, copy it into your blog posts and we can sort the information later.

  • I will add to the completion section as we manage to copy the information. Please check to see what's been done.

  • 1 Navigation Guide to Tekken Zaibatsu
    • 1…

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Zerog99 Zerog99 4 December 2020

Works to do

  • Cross Art
  • Super Art
  • Demon Hop
  • Lightning Wind God Fist

  • Flame Breath: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6
  • Taunt: Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Bruiser Combo: Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Gatling Rush: Tekken 7
  • Stomp: Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6
  • Meditation Harakiri: Tekken 7
  • Dead End: Tekken 7
  • Sky Sweeper: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 29 November 2020

Scenario Campaign Dialogues

Update: Scenario Campaign Dialogues are now complete! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • 1 Guidlines for Transcribing Scenario Campaign
  • 2 Notes
  • 3 Complete Transcribed Characters (42/42)
  • 4 In Progress Characters Already Being Worked On
  • 5 Final proof reading

Pages have been created for all characters with Scenario Campaign dialogues.

They can be found in this category:

category: Scenario Campaign Dialogues

Please make sure only to transcribe dialogue from the English version of the game. Scenario Campaign videos can easily be found on youtube.

To look at how the dialogues should be formatted, please see Lei Wulong's complete transcription: Lei Wulong/Scenario Campaign Dialogues (see Wang Jinrei/Scenario Campaign Dialogues to know where Lei's stage should co…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 1 October 2020

Wiki To-Do List

I'm going to use this blog post to keep a track of wiki stuff that I notice needs doing or updating. If others see something on it they want to do, please feel free. If you comment on the blog when you do them, then I can take them off the list.

  • There is inconsistency between Armor King and King's main bio's on when Armor King sustained his eye injury. Find source for conflicting King I Tekken (Version 1) bio. (editted Erenaeoth (talk) 11:02, 27 February 2021 (UTC))
  • According to Jun's trivia, Angel is depicted as a part of Jun in the Tekken Forever comics. We don't currently have any info on this on Angel's page, and it would be nice to have a summary of her role in the comics just above the summary of her role in the Titan comics. Is there …
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NeoRealityArtist NeoRealityArtist 25 September 2020

Note: This blog is not an official crossover, I'm only doing this for entertainment purposes only.

  • 1 BFB Cross Tag Battle Insanity Expansion
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Gamestyle
  • 4 Characters Participated
  • 5 Original Character (Final Boss of the Story Mode)
  • 6 Stages

"Hello, Newcomers and welcome to the Keystone Fighting Tag Tournament. I am your host, The speaker Announcer. You tekken fans seem wondering why I made this Crossover up for myself? That wasn't part of your concern anyway. Before the events of the 7th King of Iron Fist Tournament even started. Lars Alexandersson, suddenly disappears into the another dimension, again. No it's not the Naruto Universe this time. He is seemingly was in the new place where he participated this Keystone Tournament. This will be a new scenario campaign for Lars, but he didn't knew that the Giant Robot copies called the "N…

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SweetStryper SweetStryper 6 September 2020

Are we ever going to get a Death by Degrees sequel?

I'm just talking here but I often like to fantasize about the idea of a sequel to Death by Degrees. Perhaps continuing on from where the first game left off or start an entirely new story altogether.

Whatever the case, I really hope that a sequel happens. Hell, it doesn't even have to be called Death by Degrees 2 or whatever. It can have whatever name it wants.

But will we ever get said sequel? Or another Nina-focused game or story in a Tekken game again, period? Or was Death by Degrees just a one time thing? That's the big question.

I don't know about you but I'm really hoping that she gets another solo game. Or at the very least, a bigger role in future Tekken stories because I was less than satisfied with the role that Tekken 7's main stor…

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Erenaeoth Erenaeoth 12 July 2020

Pachi-Slot 4 Yggdrasil Ending

I'm looking for video clips of the Tekken Pachi-Slot 4 Yggdrasil Ending (Lars and Alisa's quest). Looking for video clips of what happens after the player succesfully defeats Nina.

I found this now and if others want to see it, the link is in the Pachislot references :)

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Cdk2001 Cdk2001 10 July 2020

The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 8

So, if Tekken decides to bring back the Iron Fist tournament in the next game, which character do you think would win?  Better yet, who do you think deserves to win?

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 12 May 2020

And another one (from the deeply forgotten Tekken Chronicle book): Here is the first evidence of Nina Williams being a manly woman (or should I say in British as a 'lad'), something that would happen to her appearance in Tekken 8

So, after I posted a still under construction blog of mine about an illustration of the scrapped blonde female human boxer that was supposed to be a certain prototype for Helena Douglas (from Dead or Alive by Koei Tecmo) and not Nina Williams (as hence the bandeau bikini top and its design, a nod to the banner/flag of France), but this time, I am now publishing another blog article about the illustrations coming out of a certain page from the Tekken Chronicle art book (named Early Tekken), as with the image seen on the left side features an illustration of another scrapped blonde human fighter (but instead, it was a male, and is a kickboxer).

The scrapped blonde male human kickboxer's only accessories is a ponytail, a tattoo on its back, and blu…

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 9 May 2020

Q&A: Is there a Fandom Wiki page about Tekken Fanons?

Warning! This is just a question!

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 4 May 2020

Here is the first evidence of a comparison between the scrapped French female human boxer from a certain Tekken book and Helena Douglas from Tecmo's Dead or Alive series

First, they thought it was Nina Williams, now it was none other than Helena Dougles herself, as hence the bandeau bikini top with the design of the banner/flag of France, Helena's country of origin.

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 4 May 2020

Fanon: What if Koei Tecmo's Helena Douglas, Sega's Bayonetta, and Square Enix's Lara Croft appeared in T7 (plus FR) as guest DLCs only?

Warning! This is only a Fanon, but also. the origins of the characters are outside of the Tekken universe as well!

But also, this Fanon is also under construction

So if Harada (the Tekken engineer) will turn 50 and the Tekken series will celebrate its 26th anniversary this year (9 December 2020), therefore I say that Sega's Bayonetta (from the game of the same name), Koei Tecmo's Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive series), and even Square Enix's Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series) should have make their appearnces in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution as guest DLCs, just like how it worked for Image Comics' Negan (The Walking Dead series). 

Therefore, here are the informations (like stories, appearances, and personalities) of those guest DLCs who should have make an a…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 13 February 2020

About Part 3 of The Strangest Things: The Last Revelation

Since the Season 2 and 3 DLC's coming up especially to the roles of both Leroy Smith and Fakhumram. 

Due to being busy as both an admin/bureaucrat from Is it Love? FANDOM site and currently making Konami's Suikoden fanon fic at the fanfiction.net, the third part of Last Revelation will be posted coming soon. The plot line it was still in Bangkok, Thailand after defeating Roman Sawatdee and Arias Verde. Not just another organization would come and go and another fighter who had an extreme grudge over Jun "Hunyo" Panganiban and has a hidden agenda. At the Philippines, they will be guest celebrities will appear on the spot such as the characters from the Primetime series. Most villains are based on the actors/actresses who played their roles i…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 13 December 2019

Any suggestions of making the Part 3 of The Strangest Things: The Last Revelations

As Seddie told me earlier that this user likes my fanon fics and he encourages me to write more and adding more original characters after the second part.

You can comment about any suggestions about evil organizations, original characters which are based on actors or actresses, gags on other gag shows in the Philippines and guest characters on the primetime teleseryes.

An example shows this user is suggested me to add two original characters which is the Flores sisters Daya and Meng and like I did to Krelian Sarthou based on Ricky Sarthou from CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship) this character is based on Zendaya and the other being Maine Mendoza.

Because of the Season 2 and Season 3 DLC came out, I'd like to write because recently I'm current…

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Tephra Tephra 3 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at http://discord.gg/Fandom
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff. Users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 27 June 2019

About Secret Travels: Lakbai Gigantes

If you like to read fanfics, just click at www.fanfiction.net because here in the wiki is not allowed.

This is my 10-shot vacation fic takes place 4 weeks after Secret Travels: Lakbai Dakak. Since Tekken (Mobile) had already shut down, I will now focus on both the Season 2 and Season 3 DLC characters of Tekken 7. After I just made a gag out of Jin in the two-part of The Strangest Things: The Last Revelation, I decide to put Lee to get himself into a comedy due to his antics in his Tekken 5 appearance as well as in Tekken 7. He has a problem with Anna Williams after she beats him in the fifth tournament before he lost interest to fight in the main games. Just because he can disguise as his alter-ego Violet, he can crossdress as someone else …

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Tephra Tephra 15 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Tekken Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 4 January 2019

Reasons of quitting the Tekken (Mobile)

I have many reasons why I quit the game and immediately uninstall the game and deleted on the library in my Google Play Store. It's because of the game director Landon Nguyen and his group behind Tekken (Mobile) had caused so much trouble to many gamers who played this. Since 2017, it was nice to have update the other characters besides, Kazuya, Nina, Xiaoyu, Shaheen, Katarina, Sergei, Bruce, Christie, Lili, Asuka, Marshall, Paul and Feng. But the game goes whacked because of the bugs and their implementation they put through.

By the time the Rune system was introduced, every single update have more bugs are showing on the game as everyone begins to criticize Nguyen and his group behind this game especially they were the ones to who put eve…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 10 September 2018

Against Users who had a very poor attitude

Just like the friendly user who informed me about this user caused perverted acts, This new rule here where some users with a very poor attitude like Ishimoto who insisting the post that she made and engaging a war of words with me or other behaviors like sexual harassment, framing on other users who didn't make any kinds of bullcrap and cyberbullying will be blocked for long years and up. I was happy that Ashley Tate was volunteered to remove the evil-zone wiki and herself for her awful behavior and for framing me for spamming.

I'm not gonna let some inappropriate users like this one who framed me for their wrongdoings and I wanted to clear my username because I was innocent and I never write any kinds of bullcrap just like how they did to…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 15 August 2018

Having problems with strict admins on other wiki.

I maybe one of the admins here in Tekken wiki or other wikias which were inactive that I normally became the admin and a bureaucrat. Some other admins from other wikia who were verbally strict towards me who had horrible grammars are blocking me on purpose. I had nothing to do with them when I wrote something about the latest events. Like Syalatillesfel who blocked me in 200 years because of my grammar in writing and now in prowrestling wiki, two admins there doesn't impress me because of the same reason. The first one Latin915 who kept warning me about my current writing about the current events of both WWE brands and telling me to proof read but I ignore his message because i'm so busy writing on the English version of Is it love wikia f…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 24 May 2018

Reasons of Changing the Language on the English Otome Game.

Since there's no blog in English Otome wikia, I would put here in Tekken wiki so that everyone knows why players from every otome games are trying to change the language from Portuguese and French.

I realized when I watched the Is It Love? Otome game series in Youtube. Their reasons of changing the language is because the player's narration in English has horrible grammars especially during dubs with any love interest through their story route. Just like other admins who loathes horrible English grammar like me, this game needs to fix the English grammar such as updates like in Tekken (Mobile).

I chose Matt Ortega from Is It Love? as a guest character for my fanon fic The Strangest Things: The Last Revelation Part 2 because I like his playf…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 29 April 2018

Being Mistaken as a Game Addict

As video game enthusiast, we actually love video games including the Tekken series. But things went bad because of my current progress to play other games because I just played briefly for participating various events and not to play the game too much because Game Addiction is now a sickness according to WHO even in my place on the news, some children are having a mind set to play too much video games that can also deterriorate their minds and can cause death if you're unaware of your bad condition. My parents are always mistaken for me as a game addict because sometimes I briefly play either Tekken (Mobile) or Digimon Links for the events but their errands caused me so much trouble for them and thinking my mind is getting deterriorated if…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 3 April 2018

In today's progress in Tekken (Mobile)

Since Lee's release on the mobile version of the game. It was worth it to get him and I got both 1 and 2 stars. However, there something going on when i tried to get Lee's Gold of Men box after obtaining his 5pcs golden rose tokens.

Various players including myself are complaining about the game errors involving on getting his 3-star fragments. Once you restart the game, you haven't get his fragment emptyhanded as well as participating the live events which also causes an error after defeating an opponent.

I couldn't think straight when Lee quickly defeats all my characters in his 3-star to get damage points because of inifinite waza cards. The developer of this game needs to fix the whole thing as well as giving the players their prizes bac…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 13 March 2018

About Secret Travels

These fics I currently had is based on my life experiences when I took a family vacation on some Asian countries like in my place in the Philippines. Although, these fics are a 10-shot fic which takes place after both parts of the Strangest Things: The Last Revelation and all of this are in 10 chapters consisting of adventure and humor due to being more gags and comedy. If you want to read this and this are the link where I explained all of this below.

The first 10-shot fic is Lakbai: Boracay because Boracay is very known place for foreigners or locals alike to take vacation there at my place but in Malay province. As of today, the establishments there are about to shut down by the Philippine Government due to making the whole island mess i…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 4 March 2018

The Customization Expert and My progress in Tekken (Mobile)

Since Tekken 6, you can customized them if you like even putting them in barehands and feet. Whenever I play Jin in the game, i just recolored his CEO pants to resemble blue jeans so that he could wear training shirts in different design. For Asuka, I just made her wore an orange checkered shirt, gray denim skirt and her sock and shoes from her school uniform.

From Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and onwards, the lower body and feet customization became a one single customization. I tried customizing Jin in Tekken 7 wearing his house clothes except for his cargo boots (loose shirt and cargo shorts). It is supposed to be black flip flops or sandals for boys but is not present in the actual game. The recoloring of the clothes are very interesting it'…

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 22 February 2018

Warning for the Youtube Watchers

The last blog I posted is about Ryonaguy who posted the Tekken characters went into the AO section. There's another Youtube user named GyakuRyonaMale is also posting the same videos but is more sexual content which he let others to watch the naked Tekken guys as mods to do sexual assaults particularly fellow Tekken guys.

Ryonaguy also post the video to make the Tekken guys do cybersex as well as more sexual assaults using the female Tekken characters to do something disgusting.

Whoever watches both of the users' recent videos to think it was fun to watch, they should flagged them by sending the report to the Youtube staff for Sexual Content (consisting of graphical sexual content and nudity). If minors below 18 and above or in the right age …

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 19 February 2018

Guys in Swimsuit DLC reach at the AO section

Since I take a small break to finish the second part of The Strangest Things: The Last Revelation. I know that DrunkenSolitaire can move the camera angles within the guys in a modified fundoshi to show their rear parts (particularly their pubics in both sides).

This Youtube user name Ryonaguy is either a sexist or a chauvanist. I know for sure that this user needs to be banned because he made the Tekken guys as MODs to do the sexual stuffs towards other Tekken guys especially involving same sex relationships knowing he was really a gay to suck it up other guys, lol!!!. (Actually this gay bastard Youtube user is putting the Tekken guys in cybersex and using either male or female Tekken characters to do some physical beatings in a sexual way) …

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 29 January 2018

More gags at the Strangest Things

I like Dark Shackle's post about Jin in a modified fundoshi saying "You can't mock me - I'm a serious character!" while he told me all of the details on Jin's movelists which is also similar to Tekken (Mobile).

In my fanon fic The Strangest Things: The Last Revelation Part 2 which i'm gonna post chapter 13 soon, I made references about Dark Shackle's statements such as I detailed below. Russians like Sergei Dragunov when they relax at the beach at Thailand they are always soaking up the sun. But looking at the disguised Jin was pretty hilarious, they really thought of him he was walking around naked and others just drop their soda cans or became horribly surprise because of his muscular approach or his revealing side. Actually, they don't k…

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LukeDenielle LukeDenielle 28 January 2018

Pre-Register Now!

We are 98% close to get Tekken Mobile World-wide Pre-register now so we can all enjoy the new mobile game!

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 9 January 2018

Game Crushes

Ever since I started playing the games in my youth, I started playing Tekken 2 then other games. 

I always being teased by my brother most of the time when I saw the male characters who were rather cute, handsome or maybe cool. That is when I was mistaken I had crush on these guys from the any various games. 

The reason I kept dyed my hair to red because I inspired Suikoden II's villain, Seed because of his handsome look and appearance especially his fiery attitude. But they are times, I was shocked and surprise when I played Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 an update of Rival Schools. I was still mistaken having a crush on Roy Bromwell because in the School Life Mode you can see the shirtless guys during Swimming Day or the Beach Overnight. It's pr…

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LukeDenielle LukeDenielle 1 January 2018

Tekken Mobile Christie Monteiro Changed

I really think the team working for this game is doing great a lot of improvements have come to this game, including Christie's face! I truly respect them for doing great. I think this game will be more... now that its available in 6 countries!

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 31 December 2017

Highly Restrictions in Wikipedia

Like in the fandom wikia, i can posts anywhere in the Wikipedia.org to add up something about the characters' plot as well as the movie plot which is empty (due to someone either erased or undoing it). These guys blocked me due to long-term abuse and I noticed they were more stricter than the admins in Resident Evil wikia.

The last post I made is Trip Ubusan where I described one of the characters who informed her grandparents about all kinds of zombies which they parodied Train to Busan and The Walking Dead. I haven't done anything wrong about posting because I became knowledgable after I watched thw whole thing. Such as the characters in Wild Flower and The Good Son.

I feel like I haven't know much about their strict rules and its content. …

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Daniele199 Daniele199 20 December 2017

New Christmassy Customs

Tekken 7 Arcade Site recently added a news where it says that new customs are available. Some of them are new facial customs, new Christmassy swimsuits and two new hairstyles! You can see them here

I'm actually happy that they are adding things on Tekken but on the other side I don't really like the fact that they update the arcade version first (unless they update the Home version and Arcade both). Considering they are Christmas theme customs, it would be weird to get them in January or Febraury. What do you think about them? Do you like them?

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BlazeSeed366 BlazeSeed366 16 December 2017

About Secret Travels: Lakbai Dakak

This ten-shot fanon fic of mine is a christmas vacation theme where Hunyo along with other faculty members including the dean Mr. Sakyo. It is their vacation in Dakak which takes place in Dapitan City. I heard that Jin would be playable when you completed the Jin-gle Bells act, lol... One of Jin's gags there where he would be irritated whenever he hears a Jingle Bell song xD Due to his act scene in Tekken (Mobile) and other Filipino Christmas songs such as Boom Tarat Tarat and other songs would be played. This is a challenge of both Hunyo and Jin when two faculty members are afraid of their tempers whenever they were gossiping about their apperance and personality.

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