T7 Stage - Brimstone And Fire
Gimmick Walls

Brimstone & Fire is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7. Originally first appeared in a cutscene opening of the game's original arcade version.


The stage is nearly identical to Precipice of Fate in terms of layout, being an open rock clearing in a mountainous region with rock walls forming the boundaries of the stage. However, unlike that stage, Brimstone & Fire is set in the midst of active volcanic eruptions with sprays of molten rock and falling volcanic debris seen throughout the background. Because of this, it is much closer to Devil's Pit in terms of aesthetic than Precipice of Fate is (though both stages have several overall similarities to Devil's Pit). Like Precipice of Fate (and unlike Devil's Pit), Brimstone & Fire retains the same stage layout when one character reaches match point.

During Treasure Battle, special matches against Akuma, Heihachi and Devil Kazuya are fought here.

Background Music

Rio Hamamoto:

Note: The following BGM only plays during the Tekken 7 story mode.

No. Song Duration Audio
01 Desperate Struggle (2017) [The MISHIMA SAGA] 3:05
3 29. Desperate Struggle
02 Hatred (2017) [The MISHIMA SAGA] 3:07
3 28. Hatred


No. Song Duration Audio
01 Heat Haze Shadow 1st (2017) [The MISHIMA SAGA] 3:09
3 26. Heat Haze Shadow 1st
02 Heat Haze Shadow 2nd (2017) [The MISHIMA SAGA] 3:07
3 27. Heat Haze Shadow 2nd



  • The final confrontation between Kazuya and Heihachi in The Mishima Saga takes place in this stage. As does the Special Chapter unlocked upon completing the game, Instant Carnage, which sees Kazuya and Akuma fighting each other not long after the former defeated his father.
  • Feng, Bryan, Gigas and Devil Jin's Character Episode prologues take place in this stage.


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