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Bryce Adams (ブライス・アダムス Buraisu Adamusu?) is a character that appeared in Death by Degrees as an antagonist. He is Lana Lei's bodyguard and later revealed to be her lover.

A high ranking soldier for Kometa, Bryce specializes in firearms. He acts as Lana Lei's personal bodyguard and is often seen by her side. He seems to be in charge of Lana's personal security force, holding the higher 'A2' rank above the normal employees aboard the Amphitrite. His love of guns is clearly evident from an abundance of the weapons strapped to his body. He wears several holsters under his arms and at each hip so always has a gun at hand.

His main costume is a tan colored vest under a brown leather tactical vest holding his weapons. He also wears black leather trousers and light pink sneakers that match his pink hair.


Game Manual Profile - Lana Lei's personal bodyguard and lover, Bryce is a sadistic killer who enjoys murdering people with a showy display of gunplay.

Official Strategy Guide Profile - Bryce is a highly skilled soldier in the Kometa organization who specializes in gunplay. He is Lana Lei's bodyguard as well as her lover. He is exceptionally arrogant and taunts his foes with a showy displays of gun twirls and other tricks. He quickly gets under Nina's skin.

Initially watching Nina's cage match with Lana from the spectator booth, Bryce first major appearance is during Nina's fight with several of Lana's security force at the poolside the morning after. The final man attempts to pull a gun on Nina only to be gunned down by Bryce himself, with the latter keeping his guns aimed at Nina. Lana puts him at ease and Bryce stands by as Lana and Enrique discuss their plans for Nina. Bryce then orders the security guards to take Nina to her room.

Taking the lead in her mission, Nina traces a distress signal sent out by her partner John to the freezer room, only to be ambushed by Bryce who had recovered an important piece of equipment from John's body, the GPS device. Bryce mocks Nina and faces her, attempting to gun her down with his numerous firearms. Nina hides within the numerous hanging meats and manages to best Bryce, forcing him to retreat. She follows the trail of blood he left out to the cocktail bar, only to be attacked by a barrage of gunshots from Bryce. He taunts her and flees again to the pool. Upon fighting through the ambush of security guards Bryce laid for her, Nina spots the GPS device in the center platform of the pool and retrieves it.

At this point, Bryce appears and activates the platform, enclosing the stage in numerous spiked walls. He informs Nina that it was designed specifically for public executions and raises his fist to face her. However he is quick to draw a pair of guns on her as it is his preference. Nina and Bryce engage in a precarious fight, trying to avoid the spikes. Bryce tries to shoot Nina down but in close quarters, Nina uses her hand to hand skills to best Bryce. She kicks him back into the spikes, impaling him through the chest and making him collapse to the floor. He has a moment to regard the brightness of the sun and then expires. Nina then recovers his fingerprint allowing her to access the elevator. However Bryce's body is soon discovered and the security guards lock Nina in the lift, which forces Nina to escape through the ventilation shaft.

Lana later identifies Nina as Bryce's killer and fights her before Nina can escape the Amphitrite.

Upon returning to the ship and gaining access to Lana's bedroom, Nina finds Bryce's corpse laid out on the 4 poster bed, covered in red roses as some sort of tribute.

Facing off against Lana for the final time, Nina's delirium conjures up images of Bryce and Enrique who she must fight in order to defeat Lana.

Bryce's remains were presumably lost when the Amphitrite was destroyed.


Nina must fight Bryce twice during the first part of the game. Both stages are lacking in space so offer little room to manoeuvre. The first fight occurs in the freezer room and Nina must hide behind the rows of hanging meat to avoid Bryce's bullets. She can knock the meat into him if he stands close enough allowing her to follow up with further attacks. Bryce's primary method of attacking is to shoot at Nina with his dual pistols. He will unload each weapon for about five rounds and then toss the empty guns away. He is vulnerable at this point and can be attacked with ease. Although he doesn't possess many close quarter attacks, Bryce can deliver a powerful back kick or a few quick jabs at Nina if she is in range. He will retreat from the first fight with about 40% health remaining.

The second fight occurs on the poolside arena and there is even less room than the first fight. The key is to avoid Bryce's shots and kick him into the blades for extra damage. His own attacks can knock Nina into the blades too so it is best to dodge his gunshots until you can get close enough to him.

Character Relationships

  • Lana Lei - He is her lover and bodyguard.
  • Nina Williams - He attempts to kill her and fails twice; in the end, he is killed by her.


  • Bryce has multiple facial piercings as seen in his render; one in his left eyebrow, several earrings and one in his bottom lip.
  • Although his origins are unknown, Bryce speaks with a heavy Brooklyn American accent.
  • His dragon tattoo on his left arm is also implemented into the design's of his guns.


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