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Craig Marduk (クレイグ・マードック Kureigu Mādokku?) is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in Tekken 4 and has returned for all subsequent releases, including Tekken 7 as a DLC character.



Marduk is an extremely violent and short-tempered individual. He is very brash and tends to be quite unkind to others around him. He is also incredibly cocky and has a huge ego. Marduk's mannerisms are very questionable and usually border on mental instability, as he is usually seen before or after a fight screaming and acting like a vicious wild animal and breathing heavily and violently. Other actions that contribute to this is when Marduk killed King II's mentor Armor King in a bar brawl just because he was in a bad mood (albeit it may have been unintentional). The only people that Craig seems to actually care for are his loving parents as whilst unconscious in a hospital, King saw a family photo of Marduk's mother and father on a desk next to his bed. Although just as cocky and belligerent as before, he has since become progressively more good-natured after befriending his ex-rival King II.


Marduk has a big body and large limbs. He is bald, although some custom outfits give him hair. In all games, he wears gloves, shorts and kneecaps. He has a large tattoo on both his upper arms. In Tekken 7, he sports a full beard and wears a hoodie jacket with ripped arm sleeves and a white t-shirt underneath.


Craig Marduk/Outfits


Tekken 4

Prologue Text: Undefeated for four years in the professional circuit, Craig Marduk was once a respected and feared Vale Tudo fighter. However, Craig was expelled from the professional ranks after being linked to a minor scandal. Bitter against his peers and society, Craig’s wrath consumed his soul. One day, Craig started a bar brawl in Arizona and killed an opponent during the fight, which turned out to be Armor King. Convicted for second-degree manslaughter, Craig was sentenced to ten years in the state penitentiary. Two years later, Craig was mysteriously released from prison. Some anonymous "benefactor" had apparently paid off numerous judiciaries to arrange for Craig’s release. An envelope is delivered to Craig shortly after his release. Craig opens the envelope to find a plane ticket and an article about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.

Epilogue Text: For Marduk, fulfillment was elusive... "Winnin' some tournament don't mean nothin'." When he realized where he was, he was heading back to the place of his former glory.


Tekken 4 Craig Marduk Ending

Ending Description: After winning the Tournament, Marduk returns to his place of former glory. There he meets the new Vale Tudo champion: an egotistic blond-haired man named Jeff Slater, who challenges him to a fight. Without accepting the fight, Marduk headbutts the new champion, instantly knocking him off his feet and tells him not to "bother getting up". Marduk then walks away, stamping on Slater as he does so.

Tekken 5


Tekken 5 Marduk Interludes

Prologue Text: Craig Marduk, the once undefeated Vale Tudo Fighter. Unable to accept his loss to King in the previous tournament, Marduk transformed himself into the ultimate weapon. One day, Marduk in a black jaguar mask, beat everyone in a Vale Tudo tournament to a bloody pulp. "King! You're next!" The stage is set for a rematch at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5!

Prologue (Manual Version):
The once undefeated Vale Tudo fighter Craig Marduk was infuriated over his loss to King in the previous tournament. After being released from the hospital, he endured a harsh training regimen that honed his body into the ultimate weapon. One day, Marduk entered a Vale Tudo tournament wearing a black jaguar mask. He successively downed every opponent in his path and announced his intent to face King once more. The two will meet again at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[2]

Epilogue Text: Marduk wins the Tournament and is crowned the new champion. For Marduk, being champion was not enough. He attacked various martial art champions to show his superiority.


Tekken 5 Craig Marduk Ending

Ending Description: The scene opens with the words: "And today's target is..." Two boxers are getting ready to fight in a typical boxing match. The boxers have just begun their bout when Marduk comes into the ring and interrupts, challenging both of them to come at him. The referee tries to stop the madness, only to be K.O.ed by Marduk. The two boxers decide to attack Marduk but are easily taken down. Marduk taunts the audience and gloats in front of the camera, tearing up the ropes in the boxing ring for good measure. Steve Fox, who is in the audience, has a look of disgust on his face as he gets out of his seat to confront Marduk.

Tekken 6

Craig Marduk fought a grueling battle with the wrestler King in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Even though he lost, a strong friendship formed between the two. While returning to the waiting room, Craig was attacked. Catching only a glimpse of the attacker's back as he fled, Craig could have sworn he looked exactly like the man he was convicted of killing, Armor King. Determined to learn the assailant's true identity, Craig set out with his sworn friend, King, to participate in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.


Tekken 6 Armor king (Both endings)

Ending Description: While in a graveyard of the first Armor King, Marduk shoveled Armor King's grave, who should be dead to see Armor King's dead body. When he opens Armor King's grave, it was really him, who revealed he was dead. The mysterious figure, who resembled Armor King, gave Marduk a blank stare in silence after being asked who he is. Just as Marduk was about to know the his identity, King II arrived at the graveyard and asked the figure who he is. The figure claims himself to be "Armor King" and no one else. Marduk believes this to be a lie, as he killed Armor King "with his own hands", but the figure calling himself "Armor King" states that the name is not exclusive to just one person. He claims that he is the one, but so was his late brother, known as Armor King I, whom Marduk killed 2 years ago, thus making the figure "Armor King II". Armor King II deemed that his brother's murder was unforgivable and points at Marduk as a sign of revenge.

Tekken 7

Despite King II's attempts at peace, the feud between Marduk and Armor King II only escalated, leading to both fighters hospitalizing each other. Thus, King joins the new tournament to earn the money needed to pay for their hospital bills.

Some time later, Marduk awakens in hospital to find strange injection marks across his body. Seeking answers, he tried to locate Armor King who was also recovering from their fight. Before reaching his destination, he was stopped by King, who insisted Marduk instead settle the score in the ring once and for all.

Heeding his friend's advice, Marduk had a letter delivered to the bedside of the still-unconscious Armor King; in it, he demanded a rematch and stated that, if he lost, he would retire from the fighting scene for good. But, if Armor King lost, he would have his mask forcibly removed from his face in disgrace. After Armor King recovers, he gladly accepts this challenge.[3][4]

Other Appearances

Street Fighter X Tekken

Marduk appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable character, his official partner is King.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Marduk is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Ending Craig Marduk Ending Clip HD

Marduk TTT2 Ending

Ending Description: Craig is in a wrestling ring. He is fighting Armor King II, whom he knocks down with a strong arm attack straight to the head. Then Jaycee knees him from his side right in his face. He gets knocked into a corner, weakened. Then, King II is seen climbing up into the ring. Jaycee notices and runs backs to her corner of the ring and uses it as a boost to flip backwards and kick him with both feet in his chest, he is thrown out of the ring.

Marduk then breaks off one of the bars of the ring and swings it around. Armor King ducks but it knocks Jaycee down on her face. King II recovers, to see Armor King cornered by Marduk who is still swinging the bar around. Marduk finally throws up the piece up into the ceiling, making most the lights go out. Now there is only a spotlight on the ring. It turns out to be a distraction, as King II tackles him by surprise. He knocks him down so then Marduk picks him up and swings him around by one of his legs and slams him down. The bell dings as they are the winners. Both him and King II cheer and high five. The scene ends with them holding each other's arms up as they are the champions.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken (Mobile)

Craig returned as a playable character for Tekken Mobile. Craig was announced early on along with a few other veterans that did not originally make it to Tekken 7.


A traditional "big and slow" character with strong moves, great throws and a unique Mount grapple. His main drawback is that most of his attacks have a very slow startup time; making them unreliable when trying to beat an enemy to the punch let alone being an overall slow character in general. However, when his attacks do hit, players are rewarded with heavy damage to the opponent and also some very useful launch properties. His ready position is also another good tactic at unsettling opponents as the mount attack is very effective at promptly deplenishing a decent amount of an opponent's health without performing a combo.

Marduk is also one of the few characters that can grab opponents whilst in the air. This can be used during a juggle or just when the opponent jumps. His air grabs are a good tactic at dealing an extra bit of damage if used as a juggle finisher.

His Rage Art has him to smack his opponent in two punches while tackling them to the ground with a follow up of two punches. He then threw his opponent in mid-air to land a powerful downward punch dealing heavy damage.

In Tekken Mobile, his Rage Art is different than his appearance in Tekken 7. He punches the opponent's gut as he lift and threw his opponent to the ground and pummels them with four punches followed by two stomps as the last stomp deals heavy damage on the opponent's stomach.

Fighting Style

Craig fights using Vale Tudo. Vale Tudo is a combat sport with few rules that hosts a variety of fighting styles, ranging from wrestling to Judo to Sambo to Muay Thai.

Fitting the name Vale Tudo, which literally means anything goes, Marduk does not seem to have a specific fighting style and is more acquainted to that of Brawling, much like Miguel. However, some of his moves are derived from wrestling as he can be seen using moves such as leg locks, throws and takedowns. Marduk's iconic mount attack, as the name suggests, has him tackle his opponent to the ground and brutally pummel them into submission, similar to techniques seen in mixed martial arts. The way he can tackle the enemy by the legs is also a common technique in Vale Tudo (as it is not forbidden like in most other fighting sports).


Craig Marduk Moves


Character Relationships

  • Armor King I - Marduk killed him two years before Tekken 4 in a bar brawl in Arizona that he started while being angry and bitter at the world as a result of his expulsion from the Vale Tudo world. It's likely that the killing was not fully intentional, as he was likely drunk during it, and since Armor King was also implied to suffer from a heart condition at the time, which could have weakened him.
  • Armor King II - Armor King II hates Marduk for killing his brother and the two are currently on bad terms. Marduk was attacked by him during Tekken 5. After Tekken 6 their rivalry escalates despite of King II's attempts at peace, and they end up hospitalizing each other. King entered the seventh tournament partly to pay for their medical bills. After recovering on behalf of King’s suggestion and please, Marduk was suggested to wrote a challenge letter for a retirement match to Armor King once he recovered, and thus finally being accepted.
  • King II - Wanted revenge for the death of his mentor at first. He arranged Marduk's release from prison and invited him to the fourth tournament, where he then hospitalized him. This loss then nearly drove Marduk insane, but he calmed down after King II was willing to show forgiveness after winning their close rematch in Tekken 5. They would then become close friends and wrestling partners, which they also are in Street Fighter X Tekken (non-canon). In Tekken 7, after Marduk recovers from his fight with Armor King, King stops him from entering Armor King's hospital room, likely due to fears that Marduk might try to finish Armor King like King almost did to Marduk in Tekken 4, and convinces Marduk to settle their score for good in the ring instead.
  • Jeff Slater - Slater became the next Vale Tudo champion following Marduk's expulsion, and was supposedly a big fan of Marduk. He was knocked out by Marduk after smugly taunting him in Marduk's Tekken 4 ending.



  • Marduk holds great similarity to real-life (now retired) pro wrestler, Nathan Jones. Both are about the same size, Australian, bald, served prison time and are often portrayed as crude muscle-heads. However, unlike Marduk, first Jones went to prison, then he took up wrestling, not the other way around. Also, Marduk's style is Vale Tudo, & Nathan Jones's style is Muay Thai.
  • Fans have also speculated that Marduk may be a tribute to professional wrestler and former American Football player Bill Goldberg.
    • Ironically enough, in Tekken 7, one of his victory outros resembles Goldberg's Taunt after he spears his opponents.
  • Marduk has some moves taken from the Japanese mixed martial artist Kazushi "Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba. Like Mongolian Chop from the mount position, jumping stomp, etc.
  • Marduk is the only character who uses a knee for a low kick. (This is possibly due to being based on Nathan Jones, as both use knee strikes, a common move used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, & Tae Kwon Do.)
  • Despite being Australian, it is implied that he hates kangaroos. In a tweet, Harada revealed that part of Marduk's ear had been bitten off by a kangaroo, though this may have been a joke.[5] This hatred may be being alluded to in the non-canon Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where Marduk has negative Netsu with Roger Jr..
  • Many of Marduk's attack animations were later reused and slightly altered for Tekken 7 newcomer, Gigas. This, alongside similar physical features led fans to speculate that Gigas was in fact Marduk before the games release, (this was later de-confirmed in-game).
  • From his inclusion in Tekken 4 until Tekken 7, he was the only character in the series who directly interacts with the screen or "cameraman" in an intro/win pose, as in one of his win poses, he would violently grab the camera and say, as if speaking to the audience: "The name's Marduk. And don'tcha forget it!"
    • In Tekken 7, while Marduk is not the only character with an intro/win pose like this anymore, he now does hold the distinction of being the only character who interacts with the camera in their Rage Art (if not counting Miguel's one which is partly seen from the opponent's point of view) as in his, he is seen briefly tackling the opponent into the screen, before continuing his assault.
  • The "minor scandal" that led to Marduk being expelled from the professional circuit in Tekken 4 is never outright stated or explained. If one looks at the prologue artwork that appears around the time the scandal is mentioned, however, one can assume that perhaps it had to do with a sexual scandal involving women. His sub-boss battle with Anna Williams also seems to support this, especially with his win pose against her seeming to imply darker intentions upon defeating her.
  • Marduk is the only character in the series to have additional hair in one of their default costumes, as he has shoulder-length hair in his Tekken 4 P2 costume.

Tekken 4:

  • Marduk and Steve Fox are the only known two new characters to have different English voice actors between Asian and Western versions.[6]

Tekken 5:

Tekken 6:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • His Item Move has the partner rush in to restrain Marduk if Neck Lock knocks out the opponent.

Street Fighter X Tekken:

  • He, along with Jin and Guile, are the only characters to use profanity in the game.

Tekken 7:

  • The background music for his character trailer is from the Arena stage from Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which in turn is a remix of the theme of the Tekken 4 Arena stage.
  • Like both Julia Chang and Anna Williams, Marduk's pre-fight and win animations have been redubbed by his current voice actor TJ Storm.
  • Reaching 100 wins with Marduk unlocks the title "Ferocious Beast". Coincidentally, this is the exact same title Kuma II was given on his Street Fighter X Tekken profile.



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