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Crouch Dash is a unique movement in Tekken. It is limited to a set of certain characters, most notably the Mishima fighters. Generally, it can be performed by inputting either f, N, d, d/f (A DP motion type where in N stands for Neutral between f and d inputs), QCF or HCF. When used effectively in rapid succession, it can help the player to cover a lot of ground but a crouch dash is also a follow-up to unique attacks. The most notable of these attacks would be a Wind God Fist. If there is no move assigned to a specific crouch dash notation, it will perform While Rising attacks instead. Examples include: Jin's f,n,d,d/f+3 is While Rising 3, Baek's f,n,d,d/f+2 is While Rising 2,1, Leo's qcf+3 is While Rising 3,1,2, Bryan's qcf+3, is While Rising 3,4, and so on.

Crouch Dash mostly increases the difficulty of mastering otherwise easy to learn characters.


Mishima Crouch Dash

Standard Crouch Dash

Canceling and Other Notes

Mishima Crouch Dash (f,n,d,d/f (DP(n))

  • Tapping Back after the Crouch Dash allows the user to execute a While Rising move. While Rising 4 can be executed by letting go of d/f before inputting the right kick button however.
  • Double-tapping Forward cancels to the fast forward motion. As it can also be cancelled to a crouch dash, it becomes a wave dash (see below).
  • It can also be cancelled to side step by tapping up or down.
  • Jin and Devil Jin can cancel the crouch dash to Leaping Sidekick by inputting u/f then left kick afterwards.
  • Combot can use King's Black Bomb and Bruce's Double Knee Launcher, and use them on wave dash mixups, which the aforementioned characters cannot do.
  • Jin can transition to crouch dash after his Mental Alertness stance and his Rage Drive.
  • All characters have at least 1 launcher (normal or counter) assigned to the crouch dash notation.

Standard Crouch Dash (qcf)

  • Tap up afterwards to cancel to standing. The character will side step to the left (right for Player 2).
  • It is possible to execute While Rising moves by stopping at d/f and releasing it. From transitions, however, you will have to hold the down and forward buttons before releasing in order to input the While Rising move. Lili cannot do this because her crouch transition is input as forward as opposed to down forward.
  • It can be cancelled to side step by tapping up or down. Another crouch dash follow up is possible.
  • Tap back afterwards to cancel to standing guard, or down and back to cancel to crouching guard.
  • It can be cancelled to moves with jumping inputs.
  • Lili can cancel the crouch dash to moves with d/b inputs.
  • Nina can input While Rising moves by pressing u/f afterwards.
  • Raven and Master Raven can input the crouch dash while crouching by inputting d/f,d,d/f,f.
  • While Lili and Bryan do not actually have launchers assigned to the crouch dash notations, their launchers assigned to the While Rising notation can be input with the crouch dash notation, as long as there is no notation conflicting with it.
  • Leo is the only character without a launcher (normal or counter) assigned to a crouch dash notation, and she cannot input her While Rising 2 from a full crouch dash. However, based on the rule above, she can use her hopkick (u/f+4) after a full crouch dash.