Crow is a codename for several characters in the Tekken series. Crow, as a single person, appears in Tekken Card Challenge, a non-canonical Tekken game. In Tekken 3, Crows are the weakest of the Tekken Force enemies with Hawk, Falcon, and Owl following.


Tekken 3

Crow, along with other soldiers, appears as an enemy character in Tekken Force Mode. He can also be made playable via a third-party cheat device in Tekken 3 alongside every other enemy character.

Tekken Card Challenge

Crow makes his official playable debut in Tekken Card Challenge as an unlockable character.

Tekken Tag Tournament

In Tekken Bowl, if the player scores a Strike. The two characters will cheer and, in the background, there will be a number of Crows clapping, with and without guns, cheering for the player who did the strike.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Variations of Crows in different colors appear in the Fight Lab mode as opponents for Combot to fight in order to complete each stage. They serve as a non-playable character, much like they did in Tekken 3's Tekken Force mode.

Alternate Ranks

  • Crow - Soldier
  • Hawk - Sergeant
  • Falcon - Officer
  • Owl - Commander




  • It is possible to make Crow a playable character in Tekken 3 via cheat codes used with the action replay code device.
    • When playable, he is able to wear the outfits of other Tekken Force members. His fighting stance is the same as Bryan Fury's, and he shares some of his moves as well.
    • Crow's moves in Tekken 3 are very poor, lacking combos and basic character functions such as jumping. Crow can only dash forward and backward instead of walking, and cannot run or crouch. Crow also cannot land face up on the ground; he will always Ukemi if he lands this way, even if it is after a move which cannot be tech-rolled such as a throw or after a crumple fall. Crow can remain face down, however he cannot roll forward or back in the face down position, he will simply stand up.
    • Despite not having basic commands, Crow does have two animations at the start of a fight. One is of Crow simply changing his stance, identical to Bryan's animation. The other is him performing a jump kick, allowing him to deal damage to the opponent before the actual fight. Crow's only win animation reuses his first start animation.
    • Crow's moveset has a glitch which allows him to perform non-standard moves such as walking, crouching, jumping, generic punches and kicks (including jumping moves), a Nina-style backflip and the two basic throws. Performing a reverse quarter circle motion (f,d/f,d aka -QCF) or reverse half circle (HCB) will get him to use an incorrect animation frame which will allow him to duck or walk respectively, this can be used to perform moves that aren't possible with Crow's default stance. If a throw is performed, the throw itself is determined by the opponent's moveset. This glitch is similar to Doctor Bosconovitch's "True Stance" glitch.
  • In Tekken Card Challenge, all the playable characters have 100 HP, with the exception of Crow, who has only 50 HP.
  • In Tekken Tag Tournament's Tekken Bowl mode, once the player scores a strike, you can see Crows applauding behind the two playable characters.
  • Crow is a member of the Tekken Force, and is the weakest of the enemies that appear as opponents in the Tekken Force side game in Tekken 3.
  • In SoulCalibur V, it is possible to create a character that resembles Crow, Falcon and Hawk's appearances in Tekken 3.


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