The Demon Slayer, also called Demon Weeping Chain Fists (鬼哭連拳, Kikoku Renken) in Japan, is an attack used by the practitioners of Mishima Style Fighting Karate. Introduced in Tekken 1, the move has been used by multiple fighters throughout all following games in the series as a signature move of the fighting style. Jin Kazama was also able to perform the move in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, but lost it in Tekken 4 when he changed his fighting style to Traditional Karate, although Devil Jin retained this move along with other signature moves of the Mishima style.

Kazumi Mishima is also able to perform the attack in Tekken 7, despite not being a Mishima style practitioner.


The input for the attack is 1,2,2. During the animation, the character will perform a left-right punch, then followed up by a powerful high backfist. While the Flash Punch Combo provides a good punisher after countering a throw, the Demon Slayer provides slightly more damage and a solid frame advantage against an opponent.

When to use

The Demon Slayer move is sometimes used as a jab mix-up due to its slight frame advantage over the flash punches, meaning that the enemy recovers slightly slower when this move is used. Furthermore, this move can be used as a finisher due to its damage input being higher than most of the pokes of the Mishimas.


  • The practitioners of the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts also have a move sharing the same name as the classic Mishima 1,2,2 combo, although it doesn't have the same command input and damage properties. Unintentional or not, this may hint a little about the mysteries surrounding the connection between the families of the Kazama Clan and the Mishima Family.
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