Dr. Abel (ドクター・アベル Dokutā Aberu?) is a non-playable character in the Tekken fighting game series. He is the mad scientist responsible for the resurrection of character Bryan Fury.


Dr. Abel was a brilliant but mad scientist, whose inventions were often trumped by those of Doctor Bosconovitch's. As a result, he became a rival and enemy of both Doctor B. and his creations. He destroyed Jack-2 and attempted to destroy Gun Jack and kill Jane, but he failed. He reanimated Bryan Fury before Tekken 3 and then later worked for the Mishima Zaibatsu as a scientific adviser before apparently being killed by Bryan in Tekken 4.


Tekken 2

Though he does not actually make an appearance, it is assumed that he is the one that fires a beam from a satellite in space that destroys Jack-2.

Tekken 3

He is mentioned in Bryan's backstory and appears in both versions of Gun Jack's ending, where he attempts to do to Gun Jack what he did to Jack-2; however, he fails due to Gun Jack generating a force field that protects himself and Jane from the blast.

Tekken 4

Abel is shown on the second page of Paul Phoenix's epilogue, where it states that after Paul gained control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Abel's total control over Paul leads him to a life of depravity.

He also shows up in Julia Chang's ending. He informs Julia about her GENOCELL program and how it can help the Mishima Zaibatsu's Devil-Human Integration Program. He tells her to join them in their research and Julia, believing it will lead to the end of mankind, successfully erases all of the GENOCELL data along with the Devil-Human Integration data. Angered by Julia's refusal and actions, Abel pulls a pistol on her and fires at her multiple times, but Julia evades every bullet and escapes.

His most important role in Tekken 4 is in Bryan Fury's "Story" mode, where he appears in Bryan's Prologue and Epilogue. With his life reaching its end, Bryan knows that Abel is the only one that can help him. However, Abel abandoned him two years ago when he was recruited by the Mishima Zaibatsu to be its top scientific adviser. Bryan enters the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament so that he can command Abel to modify his body. In his epilogue, he approaches the shocked Abel and knocks him across the room before he himself falls to the ground, unconscious. It is unknown whether or not Abel survives this.

Tekken 7

Before his presumed death, Doctor Abel had been creating a satellite death-ray, which was used by Heihachi to destroy both Kazuya and Akuma at G Corporation's Rooftop. However, both Kazuya and Akuma manage to survive, with Kazuya, in a few hours later destroy the death-ray with his Devil Blaster.

Character Relationships

  • Doctor Bosconovitch - His rival. Abel resented him for being a more accomplished scientist.
  • Jack robots - He partially destroys Jack-2 and attempts to finish the job several years later, when it has been remade as Gun Jack. Abel tried to kill Gun Jack and Jane but they survived as they made a force field to protect themselves.
  • Jane - He tried to kill her but she survived because Gun Jack made a force field to protect them.
  • Bryan Fury - He reanimated and cybernetically enhanced Bryan before the events of Tekken 3. He was also apparently killed by Bryan after the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.
  • Julia Chang - He wanted to use her re-forestation project, GENOCELL, to successfully merge devil cells with human cells. In her Tekken 4 ending, she stops him once she realizes his intentions.
  • Heihachi Mishima - Abel worked for him and the Zaibatsu as a scientific adviser, before he was apparently killed by Bryan.
  • Roger & Alex - It was rumored that Dr. Abel had captured them some time after Tekken 2 and was keeping them in his laboratory.[2]


  • Julia's Tekken 4 ending is the only instance where his voice is heard.
  • Since Doctor Abel did not appear in Tekken 6, a Legend ranking Jack-6 was named after Dr. Abel.
  • It is possible that Doctor Abel was experimenting on Steve (as seen in Steve's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending) when the latter was a child before the events of Tekken 4.
  • His name was captioned on the screen when he was first seen in-game in Gun Jack's ending in Tekken 3.
  • In the files of Tekken 4, there is a cut voice clip of the announcer saying his name, along with other cut characters and prototype names.[3]



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