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Doctor Bosconovitch (Japanese: ドクター・ボスコノビッチ Dokutā Bosukonobicchi?, Russian: Доктор Босконович), also referred to as Doctor B., is a character in the Tekken series. He first appears in Tekken 2 in Yoshimitsu's ending. His first playable appearance was in Tekken 3 in the console version where he is one of the three playable bonus characters (Gon and Tiger Jackson being the other two). Doctor Bosconovitch is an unlockable character in Tekken Card Challenge too and later appears non-playable in many other games in the series. After 13 years, he returned as a playable character and free DLC, released October 9, 2012, in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the console version.



Doctor Bosconovitch is a polite, well-mannered man with no ill will toward anyone, aside from most of the Mishima bloodline (Jin Kazama not withstanding). He is desperate in his attempts to revive his daughter Alisa, and even created an android in her likeness. Despite not having any fighting prowess, he is still willing to help in the fight against the Mishima Zaibatsu through either info, or actively participating in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. He openly detests his scoliosis and finds it fairly frustrating to deal with as it worsens with his age.


Doctor Bosconovitch is a tall, frail, elderly man with a balding head of white hair and blue eyes. He also wears reading spectacles and is typically seen wearing lab coats over smart suits, adorned with a bright orange tie. He also has 2 golden plated teeth, one of his top incisors and the other is the bottom second premolar.


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Tekken 2

Doctor Bosconovitch was kidnapped by Kazuya Mishima in the run-up to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 and was forced to work for him. Some of the many projects involved the creation of the bio-weapons Roger and Alex, as well as the repairing of the Prototype Jack unit. After completing his tasks, and before being executed, Doctor Bosconovitch is rescued by the friend he helped save previously, Yoshimitsu.

Tekken 3

Doctor Bosconovitch was a leading scientist of the former USSR. At the age of 12, he designed a new type of ballistic missile, and instantly became famous in the scientific world. After losing his own daughter, Alisa, Bosconovitch has been doing research on human resurrections and cold-sleep machines. Through these experiments, he became active in cloning and the creation of androids, such as Jack.

With no sense of good or evil, he works only to somehow revive Alisa.

Before the second King of Iron Fist tournament, he was captured by Kazuya Mishima and was forced to do genetic research pertaining to martial artists. However, he was also able to create a new type of cold-sleep machine. He is responsible for saving Yoshimitsu from death, and Bosconovitch himself was also saved from the Mishimas' by Yoshimitsu.

Now, Bosconovitch is infected with a mysterious disease. In order to cure himself and to revive his daughter, he needs the blood of the Fighting God. He is the only man in the world who knows the truth behind the mysterious fighting god in this tournament.

Ending Description: A bubbling green substance is shown in a jar labelled "Ogre's Blood". Yoshimitsu is shown looking at a rat in a cage. Next, it is revealed that Doctor Bosconovitch is beside him. They are apparently testing Ogre's blood on the rat. The rat starts to drink it. Yoshimitsu and Doctor Bosconovitch turn their heads and look at each other. After a few seconds, they go back to watching the rat drink Ogre's blood. The rat turns its face so that it is facing the screen. Dramatic music starts playing as Yoshimitsu is shown running out of the building while holding Doctor Bosconovitch under one of his arms. The rat, now gigantic, bursts through the building.

Note: this ending is the same as Yoshimitsu's

Tekken 4

Doctor Bosconovitch appears in Bryan Fury's Tekken 4 ending. In it, he explains to Bryan how he needs to get access to his cybernetic body since he believes it is the key to defeating a "bioweapon" of Bryan's creator, Dr. Abel. In return, he will fully mechanize Bryan and allow him to be completely reborn in a new body, prolonging his life in the process. Bryan lays supine on the table and Bosconovitch holds a gun-shaped device containing sleeping gas. Bidding him sweet dreams, he injects the gas into Bryan. Throughout, he speaks in a very gentle, paternal tone and is very calm.

Tekken 5

While breaking into the Mishima Zaibatsu's vault, Yoshimitsu found an injured Bryan Fury, and he brought him to Doctor Bosconovitch. Bryan entrusts the doctor with giving him a "perfect" body. However, the doctor found Bryan's body too complex, and he instead installed a perpetual generator. Bryan proceeded to attack the doctor, as well as Manji Clan members who were with him. He did survive the attack but was severely hurt. When Yoshimitsu arrived to visit Doctor Bosconovitch, he finds the lab in ruins, and his comrades dead. Seeing this, Yoshimitsu vowed vengeance on Bryan, so he entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Tekken 6

Deep within a lush and thriving forest lies a heavily defended research facility. This facility was a research institute named after its director, Bosconovitch. This facility was very important, as it was here that the Mishima Financial Group's most sensitive military equipment was developed.

Located at the core of the research center was a room that kept its most prized possession: a clear capsule, in which a young girl slept soundly. Her name: Alisa Bosconovitch. She was created by Doctor Bosconovitch and designed to serve Jin Kazama.

Other Appearances


Tekken: The Motion Picture

Doctor Bosconovitch is featured in Tekken: The Motion Picture. Lei Wulong, Jane, and Jack-2 visit him in his science lab. Jack-2 needs his help because Jane is ill. When the destruction button is hit by Lee Chaolan, Doctor Bosconovitch, Lei, Jane and Jack-2 escaped. Unfortunately, Jack-2's torso is crushed by a door. Doctor Bosconovitch and Lei promised to look after Jane for Jack-2.

Tekken Card Challenge

Doctor Bosconovitch is an unlockable character. This is officially his full appearance in the game because the game is only for WonderSwan.

To unlock him you have to defeat him once or twice in adventure mode with Yoshimitsu or Bryan Fury. His rivals are Yoshimitsu, Anna Williama, and Nina Williams.

Tekken Tag Tournament

While not a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament, Doctor Bosconovitch can be seen in the crowd of people cheering in the mini-game, Tekken Bowl. It is even possible to "take him out" using a bowling ball.

He was originally meant to appear in Tekken Tag Tournament along with Dr. Abel, Marshall Law, and Devil Kazuya (He is referred to as Devil, but not as Devil Kazuya which was unused). As there were unused announcer voices in the arcade version but they (except Devil) weren't added to the final version.

Death by Degrees

Although he does not appear in person in Death by Degrees, Nina's spin-off game, he is mentioned several times in journals and documents as "Geppetto Boskonovitch". He has a laboratory on the Solitaria Penitentiary island, although it's abandoned. In Lukas' journal, Lukas shows resentment towards Bosconovitch, as Bosconovitch gets all the attention and they are shutting Lukas down, and he takes "that souvenir Bosconovitch left behind" to aid him in his plans to make the people that shut him down pay. Bosconovitch is the creator of Type J and the J Robots. Inside his locker in his laboratory is a document titled "Type J" report, detailing testing of Type J's abilities. In it, it states that the cranial area fell short of specified modifications, due to an emphasis on weight reduction, so a strong shock to the cranial area places great stress on the sensors. In the worst-case scenario, the A.I. unit could be destroyed. "Therefore it is of utmost importance that we implement a fix at once...".

Tekken Hybrid

In Tekken Tag Tournament HD, he returned again as an onlooker in the crowd of Tekken Bowl. There is also a trophy named after him called "Doctor B!" with the description being "K.O. an onlooker in Tekken Bowl." with an icon of Bryan as the picture (probably because he attacked him in Tekken 5).

The player must move the aim all the way to the left on Dr. B. Once the ball is thrown with a successful hit onto Dr. B, it will say "< K.O.", pointing where he got K.O.'ed, although it is never shown, but implies he did. Along with a message that says "Caution: Please do not try this at home." (this message also shows when a player overcharges the meter of the bowling ball), with the Trophy being unlocked.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Doctor Bosconovitch appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 via free downloadable content.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Doctor Bosconovitch Arcade Ending

Ending Description: Dr. B is engaging actively in analysis research testing the devil gene present in the blood samples of Jin and Kazuya to compare the results to Lars. The results show that since Heihachi and Jinpachi are related to Lars, it's quite possible that Lars will develop baldness very early between his 20's and 50's due to not inheriting the Devil Gene. Jin and Kazuya both contain the Devil Gene, so therefore baldness is not a likely occurrence. After Bosconovitch makes this remarkable discovery, the screen changes to a scene of Lars and his teammates flying in a helicopter that has a side window open. Lars politely asks one of his teammates to close the window, alluding to he could feel a light breeze through his hair, hinting towards baldness even earlier than expected.


In Tekken 3, Doctor Bosconovitch mostly used moves taken from other fighters to make a unique mash-up fighter, while also tending to fall over after combos or specific moves due to his scoliosis.

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the doctor has a dedicated moveset that displays his lack of fighting prowess and showcases his back condition even further. Dr. Bosconovitch plays as a slow, but surprisingly powerful fighter; he relies on follow-ups from his unique stances such as Mad Pain or Electric Charge, and usage of hard-hitting yet easy to initiate combos. The doctor employs the use of small remote bombs which he keeps in his pockets; they can be used to steady himself or propel him into the air to aid in dodging or heavy attacks. With the use of Electric Charge, Dr. Bosconovitch also owns the longest active unblockable move in the game, Parallel Lightning Spark, that can push opponents far and away from him if they decide to stand and attempt to block. For utility, a fair amount of the doctor's moves cause him to lose balance and double as a pseudo-feint. The move, Surprise Tumble can also force a fall and be used to psych out opponents or bait them into an attempt at punishing. Despite their sluggish nature, his moves and basic juggles can do exorbitant amounts of damage if the player is brave enough to throw them out, hoping to counterattack and risking counterattack themselves.

One must play the Doctor fairly carefully, as his moves have some of the worst frame data in the Tekken series to date, with his quickest move being slightly slower than the universal leg swing kick. He also has a lack of ranged attacks, his farthest ranged move being Bomb Sweep, which causes him to slide along the ground underneath his opponent with high ending lag and is laughably easy to punish if blocked. 

Bosonovitch is best played in a conservatively defensive style, waiting for his opponents to overextend and then double down on powerful Mad Pain combos and Zen finishers. His effectiveness is best utilized with a tag partner that can cover his major weaknesses. Competitively, he is most commonly used to extend combos with his powerful attacks to keep the opponent in the air for longer, or punish characters who rely on using low sweeping tools.

Fighting Style

Dr. Bosconovitch does not necessarily have a fighting style. He simply uses what little knowledge he knows about fighting and attempts to attack with a severe absence of training. His innate lack of balance from being a frail, old man and his continuous problem with scoliosis attributes to this, as he tends to fall over or stumble when attacking. He also lacks pain discipline and instinctively reaches for and tends to areas where he is hurt, like in his 'fighting' stance, Mad Pain. He has adopted a fighting stance similar to Yoshimitsu's Meditation stance, named "Zen", which he uses in tandem with his remote bombs to propel himself around the arena and charge into opponents with. The doctor also uses the famous Russian dance, the Cossack Kick as a form of airborne attack and uses static electricity to catch opponents off guard, which is surprisingly effective. 


Doctor Bosconovitch Moves

Character Relationships

  • Kazuya Mishima - Doctor B. was kidnapped by him and forced to work for him in Tekken 2.
  • The Jack series - He created the Prototype Jack unit and several of the main Jack robots, including the original Jack from the original Tekken.
  • Yoshimitsu - Doctor B's friend who he at one point saved, and who later saved him in return from Kazuya. Dr. B. also gave him his cybernetic arm.
  • Manji Clan - As a result of his close friendship with Yoshimitsu, he has also worked closely with, and under the protection of, the Manji Clan.
  • Nina and Anna Williams - He built the machines in which the sisters underwent Cold Sleep shortly after Tekken 2.
  • Ogre - Doctor B. wanted Ogre's blood to save himself and his daughter in Tekken 3.
  • Bryan Fury - He saved Bryan's life by installing a perpetual generator in his body after Tekken 4; Once Bryan woke up, however, he attacked Dr. B. and destroyed his lab before the events of Tekken 5.
  • Alex - Doctor B. created him.
  • Roger - Doctor B. created him.
  • Doctor Abel - His enemy.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - He created her in the image of his deceased beloved daughter (whose name was also Alisa).
  • Jin Kazama - He worked for Jin in Tekken 6 by creating Alisa.


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  • Bosconovitch's last name is a reference to the game Bosconian, an Asteroids-like video game made by Namco in 1981.
  • Despite there being multiple Russian characters in the Tekken series, he is the only one who can actually be seen speaking Russian, as Dragunov is voluntarily mute, Alisa speaks Japanese, and the Jacks only grunt.
  • In Yoshimitsu's profile book for Tekken 2, Bosconovitch's name is spelt "Vasconovich".[2] The spelling error was fixed in the European version, which also has different profile text.
  • In the Japanese version of Tekken 3, Bosconovitch's in-game name is spelt "DOCTOR.B." with an erroneous period after the R. This error was fixed in the US and EU versions.
  • In Tekken 3, Bosconovitch's name is spelt "Boskonovitch" when he is saved after defeating him in the final stage of Tekken Force.
  • He is referred as "Geppetto Boskonovitch" in the Tekken spin-off game, Death by Degrees.
  • In Roger Jr.'s Tekken 5 ending, Bosconovitch is also misspelt on the sign outside his lab as "Boskonovitch".
  • In Tekken 5, a Tekken Lord Jack-5 was named after Doctor B.
  • Alisa mentions "her father" (Dr. B.) several times to Lars in the Scenario Campaign cutscenes in Tekken 6.
    • Lee also compliments the doctor's handiwork in the ending cutscene.
  • In his original appearance, most of Doctor Bosconovitch's moves are taken from other characters in the Tekken series (such as Lei, Heihachi, Yoshimitsu, Jack, Xiaoyu and others). Some moves have been slightly altered to fit his frail state and habit of falling down. His fighting style is named either "Various" due to this fact or "Panic Fighting".
  • Doctor Bosconovitch is the only character outside of Mimicry characters to have more than one kind of starting position when a round begins, being either stuck in full crouch or fully grounded on his back or on his chest in Tekken 3.

Tekken 3:

  • Because he suffers from scoliosis, a disease that affects his spine, Bosconovitch will usually fall to the ground after performing a move unless "f" is pressed after performing it. In fact, in one of Bosconovitch's pre-fight animations, he falls to the ground after performing it.
  • His Player Two outfit is basically Yoshimitsu's Player One outfit with a gold and blue color scheme.
  • Doctor Bosconovitch is available by completing the Tekken Force side game four times with the given "keys" at the end of each level. On the fourth playthrough, the player will fight Doctor Bosconovitch after having defeated Heihachi Mishima in Stage Four (Mishima Fortress). After Bosconovitch is defeated, he will become a playable character.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Doctor B. has a special tag throw with Alisa, where he headbutts the opponent and becomes dizzy and almost falls, until Alisa grabs him in her arms and sweeps the downed opponent by flying into him/her forward and backwards. She then puts down Doctor B., who retreats off the screen, while Alisa becomes the active fighter.
  • He has a special win pose with Alisa where she makes a backflip in the air, floats around Doctor B. (counterclockwise), lands in front of him and then strikes a cute pose.[3]
  • He has a special win pose with Bryan where Doctor B. tries to greet or praise him but Bryan ignores him and walks away.
  • He has a special win pose with Yoshimitsu where they both shake hands and nod as Yoshimitsu begins to fly upwards using his sword and takes Doctor B. with him as a reference to Yoshimitsu's Tekken 2 ending.[4]
  • His item move is a plastic Alisa head that works the same as Alisa's Spam Bomb although with less damage.


  • Though Doctor Bosconovitch doesn't appear in Tekken: Blood Vengeance, he is mentioned by Alisa who wants to search for him as part of her program.
  • Doctor B. also makes a cameo appearance in the group picture in Tekken 3 (Comic).


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