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Dragon's Nest is a stage from Tekken 7. It is a remake of the Dragon's Nest stage from Tekken 5. This stage is almost identical to its predecessor except that the walls appear to be wider and not as limited as before. The platform seems larger and so does its stage parameters. At match point, a thunderstorm will descend upon the stage and the remainder of the fight will take place in the rain.

If Leroy Smith is fighting on this stage, the final round song will be his theme song entitled, "The Solitary Warrior".

Background Music

First Round


Tekken 7 OST- Dragon's Nest - Round 1 (Empty Your Mind 1st)

Final Round



  • Feng and Law's endings take place in this stage. Paul was also present in this stage during Law's ending as well.
  • During Feng and Marshall Law's Character Episodes, during gameplay, there is no rain present, though, in Feng's ending, the stage started to rain.
  • Xiaoyu's Character Episode prologue takes place in this stage.
  • This is the first Tekken 7 stage revised from original Tekken 5, the second being Island Paradise. Overall it is the second revised original Tekken 5 stage since Moonlit Wilderness (TTT2). If counting Winter Palace (TTT2), it makes Dragon Nest the third revised stages of Tekken 5 sub-series.
  • The stage features in Tekken Pachislot 4, where rare cutscenes with Heihachi Mishima can appear. Heihachi is seen meditating in the centre and is approached by his Tekken Force who inform him all is ready.