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Duomo di Sirio (Cathedral of Sirius in English) is a stage in Tekken 7.


A grand hall built in a classic Italian style of architecture that serves as the headquarters of Claudio Serafino's organization, the "Archers of Sirius". Ornate statues adorn the walls and the floor is polished marble. The battle starts atop the upper deck and the barrier opposite the goddess statue can be broken to take the fight down the lower level.

Background Music

First Round


Tekken 7 OST- DUOMO DI SIRIO - Round 1

Final Round


Tekken 7 OST- DUOMO DI SIRIO - Final Round



  • Despite being a 'duomo' (cathedral) and sharing many architectural similarities with Italian Christian cathedrals, the Duomo di Sirio features statues that bear more resemblance to Roman mythology.
    • In the apse, where one would expect an altar, there is instead a statue of a female archer, a traditional depiction of Diana. Diana is the patroness of countryside, hunters, crossroads and the underworld, and the Moon. In Medieval Italian folklore, she also came to be considered Queen of Witches and consort of Lucifer and other devil figures. The connection is particularly apt, as the Archers utilize archery-like powers to perform magical-looking exorcisms, and may utilize demonic powers in order to do so.[1]
      • The Diana link is further reiterated by the presence of an enormous gold radiant star above the statue. Diana was sometimes know as Diana Lucifera (light-bearer), and, as a moon goddess, was associated with shining imagery.
    • The four bearded men statues holding up the raised platform bear a resemblance to classical depictions of Atlas who always bears the world on his shoulders.
    • There is a statue of a young man opposite the goddess statue, semi-clothed, with his hand resting upon a dog. The statue could be a reference to Orion, also a hunter who had a dog named Sirius, the organization for which the Archers are named. Orion and Diana loved each other until Diana was tricked into killing him.
  • Originally the stage had a different main and climax theme (the main theme being the same theme used for Nina Williams's Fated Retribution trailer) but this was changed following the preview build that included Eddy Gordo and Kuma/Panda. The original main theme is still within the PlayStation 4's "Tekken Jukebox" soundtrack under the name "Hideaway 2nd".
  • Eliza, Nina and Steve's endings all take place here. Lili also appears in this stage during Eliza's ending as well. Anna's wedding may have also taken place in the cathedral or at least near it, since Nina's Character Episode takes place here shortly after the wedding.
  • This is the stage where Heihachi Mishima fought against Claudio Serafino in The Mishima Saga.
  • Lili, Claudio, & Eliza's Character Episode prologues take place in this stage.
  • The stage features significantly within Tekken Pachislot 4, where an exorcism is performed.
    • It is shown in Tekken Pachislot 4 that Duomo di Sirio has extensive libraries on occult subjects including that of devils that look like Jin and Kazuya's, and books on Azazel, which mention that it is the root of all evil. The book on Azazel also has a tattoo that resembles Azazel's skull, Devil Jin's tattoos and Claudio's arm tattoo.[2]