Eddy is an Afro-Brazilian with brown eyes and black hair tied in dreadlocks.

Tekken 3

Eddy Gordo - Player One Costume - Tekken 3

Eddy's primary outfit in Tekken 3.

Eddy Gordo - Player Two Costume - Tekken 3

Eddy's secondary outfit in Tekken 3.

Player 1 outfit:

Eddy wears his capoeira uniform consisting of a yellow and green high-neck sleeveless mini shirt with white wristbands, yellow capoeira pants with green linings and the sign "Faisca" on each side and fights barefoot. His rope on his waist is black. But in Tekken Tag Tournament, the ribbons on his black rope is finally hanging loose.

Player 2 outfit:

Eddy wears a red and purple sleeveless jersey shirt, black baggy shorts and a matching red and purple sneakers. He also wears sunglasses while wearing the outfit.

  • In the Tekken 3 opening, he was wearing a blue prison uniform.
  • In his ending, he wears a black long sleeve button shirt, brown pants and dark brown shoes.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament Eddy P1 Outfit

Eddy's third outfit in Tekken Tag.

Player 1 outfit:

Eddy is no longer wearing his high-neck sleeveless mini shirt, fighting shirtless instead. His capoeira pants are now light blue and white and his capoeira belt is black. He also wears a multiple of chain necklace on his neck.

Player 2 outfit:

Tekken Tag Tournament Eddy P2 Outfit

Eddy's second outfit in Tekken Tag.

His jersey shirt was recolored to purple and white and his sneakers recolored black and white.

Player 3 outfit:

(See Tekken 3 Player 1 outfit)

Player 4 outfit:

(See Tekken 3 Player 2 outfit)

Tekken 4

Tekken4 Eddy Outfit

Eddy in Tekken 4.

Eddy appears as Christie's third outfit. He wears a purple long sleeve openly loose button shirt, black pants and shoes.

He later wears this in Christie's ending but his right arm is in a sling.

Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection

Eddy shares a character slot with Christie where he is selected by pressing the Player 3 and 4 outfit buttons, until he was given his own character space in the update.

Tekken5 Eddy P2 Outfit

Eddy's secondary outfit in Tekken 5.

Player 1 outfit:

Eddy wears his updated Capoeira uniform in Tekken 3 and he has the sign "FAISCA" at the center of his shirt and the green linings of his capoeira pants. The rope on his waist is changed to white.

Player 2 outfit:

He now wears a grayish brown long sleeve open-button shirt, his brown jeans have a jaguar design and he wears brown shoes.

Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion

Tekken6 Scenario Eddy

Eddy in campaign mode.

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Player 2 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 2 outfit)

In the Scenario Campaign mode, Eddy wears this outfit but he has a faded medium blue denim jacket over the top when he is talking to both Jin and Nina, but as the boss in Tekken Force Special Operations Base, he retains this outfit but without his denim jacket.

  • In his shared ending with Christie, he wears a black funeral suit where they mourn over the loss of their master.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Eddy appears in Vita Trailer Episode 4 wearing a formal attire from Tekken 6's Christie and his endings. He later reappears in both Christie and Lei Wulong's ending when the Pandora's box had already opened.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit:

(See Tekken 5 Player 1 outfit)

Tekken 7/Fated Retribution

Eddy Gordo T7

Eddy in Tekken 7.

Player 1 outfit:

Eddy wears a new main outfit consisting a brown jacket with jaguar designs with a white tank top underneath it, dark gray jeans with a black belt on his waist and brown shoes with golden toe caps. He also wears two golden chain necklace in his neck and a long necklace with three black rounded pendants at the center. He accessorizes it with a bracelet on his left wrist and several silver rings in every fingers on both sides.

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