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Electric Wind God Fist (abbreviated EWGF) called Fastest Wind God Fist (最速風神拳 Saisoku Fūjinken) in the Japanese version, is one of the signature moves of the Mishima style Fighting Karate. The EWGF has the same input as the regular Wind God Fist, but is a "just frame" version, and will be executed instead of the Wind God Fist if the player inputs the d/f input and the 2 input on the exact same frame.


The move was first introduced as a hidden move in Tekken 3, specific to Jin Kazama. In Tekken Tag Tournament, the move was extended to Heihachi Mishima, and by Tekken 4, all practitioners of Mishima Style Karate had access to it. It can also be used by any mimic character, so long as they are mimicking a character with access to the move in the game that they are in.

Until Tekken 7, the move did not appear in the in-game command lists. In Tekken 7, the move was officially added in Devil Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi's command lists.


Due to the EWGF's versatile nature and speed, it is a vital asset in every Mishima player's arsenal, especially for Kazuya. Any new player who takes up one of these characters is therefore advised to learn to perform EWGF as soon as possible, as well as how to Light Dash or the very least Wave Dash. The EWGF is the safest launcher for Mishimas and is a useful punishing tool after whiffing an attack of your opponent.

See: Crouch Dash

While the EWGF is a great offensive weapon, it should not simply be abused as the move can be ducked. However, in Tekken 7, if Kazuya utilizes his Devil Transformation (u/b+1+2), he can transform the move into a mid launcher so that it will hit crouching opponents.

In Tekken 7, the Electric Wind God Fist is one of the story assist moves in the story mode. It is assigned to the left punch button while holding the story assist button which is L1 (PS4) or LB (X1/Windows). This notation is called SA 1. Because there is no crouch dash animation involved, this version of Electric Wind God Fist is 11 frames, and can punish anything that otherwise could be only punished with weaker moves. This makes it crucial for defeating Shin Akuma in the Special Chapter, especially on higher difficulties. Also, it is possible to replace the PEWGF input with SA 1 after landing a counter hit with Kazuya's Abolishing Fist (d/f+2).


Tekken 3:

  • The EWGF in Tekken 3 has 2 frames of leniency instead of being a just-frame.[citation needed]

Tekken 4:

  • In Tekken 4, the EWGF would only launch on a counter-hit. Heihachi and Kazuya now have a specific grunt when they perform the EWGF. The EWGF was given its trademark electric sparks when blocked.

Tekken 7:

  • All forms of the EWGF can be used to erase Akuma's Gōhadōken. This ability to erase projectiles was introduced to it in Street Fighter X Tekken and was first seen in its first cinematic trailer.


The Electric Wind God Fist is essentially a variant of the move Wind God Fist (f,N,d,d/f,2), called Rising Uppercut in English-language versions until Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but requiring a just frame input to be executed.

  1. When performing Electric Wind Godfist, electricity surrounds the torso and attacking arm. In the case of mimics, their Ki charge takes the place of electricity (in later games, this applies to the individual Mishima as well).
  2. EWGF does a damage of 25 in Tekken 5 and 26 in Tekken 6. In TTT2, EWGF deals the same damage as the regular WGF unlike the older Tekken games where EWGF deals more damage than a regular WGF.
  3. EWGF is "faster" than the basic Wind God Fist, but only due to it being a just-frame, i.e. less wind-up time (after having pressed 2, both moves are 11 frames long). It also allows you to connect more attacks after it due to it having a quicker recovery time.
  4. EWGF recovery time is faster than the regular WGF, make it very useful in combos that requires strict timing or position to be successful. Many very high damaging combos are only possible by performing EWGF. However, EWGF will have the same effect as WGF if it was a combo ender because it still starts up with the same frames.
  5. EWGF is safe on block (gives +5 frame advantage) and the opponent is pushed 2-3 times further back, compared to when blocking a regular Wind God Fist which is punishable.
  6. EWGF has a larger hitbox, making it less likely to whiff.
  7. From Tekken 4 onwards, when performing an EWGF, the character will have a different ki compared to when performing a normal Wind God Fist, for example Kazuya will shout "Doryah!" when he performs EWGF, Heihachi until Tekken 6 had a unique grunt, mimics without voices of course remains silent either way.
  8. If the EWGF is guarded, the attacked character is covered in currents of electricity from Tekken Tag Tournament onwards.
  9. The EWGF is 14 frames, but there exists the "Perfect Electric Wind God Fist" which is 13 frames — known as the PEWGF. Kazuya is the only one who can perform it, thanks to his mist step. One of the most difficult combos in Tekken is Kazuya's counter hit d/f+2, PEWGF launch. Given that d/f+2 on counter hit, when done on an opponent, leaves the opponent in standing status for 13 frames, the PEWGF can launch said opponent into a full combo. Usually, this causes major damage, averaging at over more than 50% of health lost if maximized upon.[1] (Note: this no longer applies as of Tekken 7 Season 3, as the opponent is left in standing status for around 20 frames).
  10. Another variation of the EWGF is the "Dashing Electric Wind God Fist" - or the DEWGF. As the name implies, this involves the player inputting the command for the EWGF while performing a forward dash by buffering the second forward motion of the dash for the EWGF's input.
  11. In Tekken Tag Tournament, if Jin used an EWGF and tag buffered the move, the move would instead be a mid.
  12. Devil Kazuya's EWGF in Tekken 7, will still retain its 14 frame speed but will now become a mid as it was in Tekken Tag Tournament. As a trade, however, the move becomes -10 on block, the same disadvantage as a regular Wind God Fist. Later seasons changed the move to become only -6 on block rendering it completely safe.