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Eliza (エリザ Eriza?) is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in the free-to-play game Tekken Revolution after winning[1] a community poll made by Namco in 2013. Eliza made her first canonical appearance in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution as a DLC character in 2017.


Eliza is a female vampire who holds the power of immortality. She claims to be 1000 years (and 4 months) old. With the intention of taking a nap, she climbed into a coffin but inadvertently slept for 600 years. Even when she is awake, she is unable to control her sleep patterns and will suddenly fall asleep at any time.

Eliza was imprisoned under the De Rochefort Family estate many centuries ago by members of the Archers of Sirius, and she thus has much disdain for the group.


Eliza has chronic narcolepsy and even drifts off to sleep mid-sentence. She often sounds playful in her voice lines though can become more short tempered, as seen when Lili doesn't listen to her in her Tekken 7 ending. Eliza expresses a desire to feed on her opponents and some of her grab attacks feature her sucking the blood of her enemies.


Eliza is a pale-skinned vampire with red eyes and black hair. She has a scrolling black tattoo between her shoulder blades and red horns protruding from the sides of her head. Eliza's outfits are Gothic and Lolita in style.

She wears her hair in a style that's quite similar to Lili, which may be deliberate since Eliza has some connection to the De Rochefort Family. Eliza though has straight triangular-shaped blunt bangs that cover her forehead, and she has three sets of sidelocks, one that stops at her eyes, the others at her mouth and her longest sidelocks dropping to her waist with the ends being crimson red, which fall over her shoulders. The hair behind her horns she wears short and well-coiffed in a bob type style, hinting that perhaps she did at one point have longer hair that was the same length as her side locks.


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Tekken 7


TEKKEN 7 - Eliza DLC Character Reveal Trailer PS4, XB1, PC

Eliza was only supposed to take a short nap, but she ended up sleeping for 600 years. Upon awakening, she found her powers as a vampire had faded to nothing. In an attempt to restore her strength, she consumed the blood of several victims. However, it wasn't enough.

What she needed was the blood of someone with an intense spiritual force? Maybe then she would return to peak condition. But did such a person even exist in this era? No-one sprang to mind.

Left with no other choice, Eliza headed for the old HQ of the clan of exorcists who had caused her no end of trouble when she last prowled the nights. Perhaps some of their descendants were still alive.


Tekken 7 - Eliza Ending

Ending Description: Upon defeating Claudio, Eliza becomes very tired and leaves to go home and rest. Suddenly, she is confronted by Lili, who states that Eliza has been improsned under the De Rochefort Family Estate for centuries. Lili claims to be Eliza's younger sister. Eliza tries to explain the impossibility of Lili's claim, saying she is more than 1,000 years old, but keeps falling asleep. Lili then comments that Eliza should try less blood and more coffee.

Other Appearances

Tekken Revolution



Tekken Revolution Eliza Reveal Trailer

An unconventional method is required in order to unlock Eliza. Instead of being unlocked randomly through obtaining gift points, she is guaranteed through the acquirement of blood seals. Blood Seals drop after completing either Arcade mode, Mokujin or Online Matches regardless of win or lose. A total of 20,000 blood seals is required to unlock her. Additional blood seals count toward additional rewards such as a bikini costume set. The seals do not stack, meaning once the player unlocks either her or one of the costumes, the counter resets to 0.

Blood Seal Tiers:

  • 20,000: Unlock Eliza
  • 70,000: Alternate Costume 1 (Swimsuit Set)
  • 70,000: Alternate Costume 2 (Enlarged Breasts)
  • 140,000: Alternate Costume 3 (Swimsuit Set w/Enlarged Breasts)

Tekken (Mobile)

Eliza made her playable appearance in Tekken (Mobile) as an unlockable character.


Eliza's fights in a similar movement as both Lili and Anna Williams as her moves are derived from graceful movements and devastating kicks. However during the battle, she has a tendency to sleep on the ground while snoring or taking a nap as seen in her pre-fights. Like Akuma, Eliza has projectiles to knock her opponents even in the ground. She also inhibits her vampire abilities as seen when she drains her opponent's life bar by sucking their blood as part of the grappling move.

Her Rage Art has her to knee her opponent down and she levitates her opponent in a purplish and black aura as she absorbs the opponent's energy by punching both of her hands and finally knocks him/her heavily with a single punch on her levitated opponent.

Fighting Style

Eliza's capable of sending a fireball, the power of which varies depending on whether the button is pressed for a long time or not. Following an attack, it is possible to make her sleep upright, allowing her to recover from life.


Eliza Moves



Character Relationships



  • Judging by Eliza's accent and overall vampire concept. It is possible that she is of Romanian origin.
  • In the character poll notes, she was referred to as "sexy vampire".
    • Eliza was also referred to as "Female Vampire" but was named "Eliza" on December 11, 2013.
    • Eliza is a shortened form of Elizabeth and means "My God is an oath, joyful".
  • Eliza bears a slight resemblance to Dead Or Alive's Nyotengu and both are over 1000+ years old.
  • Eliza is exorcised by Claudio Serafino within the Tekken Pachislot 4 storyline.
  • Eliza controls a dark energy, black and purple in color, which she can wield against her enemies and use for telekinetic purposes.
  • Eliza is often shown clicking in front of the camera in her reveal trailers, in a similar way that a hypnotist might do to awaken a patient. The fading black of the screen implies she is hypnotizing the audience, as well as alluding to her own narcolepsy.

Tekken Revolution:

  • The larger breast costume is unlocked as a second costume set after the initial 70,000 Blood Seals for her bikini outfit. A total of 140,000 Blood Seals are required after unlocking Eliza to acquire the outfit.
  • Eliza can be unlocked by collecting 20,000 Blood Points which can be won in Online Mode, Arcade Battles and in Mokujin Rushes. After Eliza is unlocked for 20,000 Blood Seals, the next unlock is 70,000 Blood Seals; this unlocks her Bikini Outfits (it also begins a countdown for the next 70,000 Blood Seals).
  • In the trailer, she can be seen sleeping in one of her moves and in her intro.
    • As shown in her debut trailer, Eliza is a narcoleptic.
    • Her short sleeping spells, however, allow her to recover health.
  • Like Combot in Tekken 4, Eliza says her own name when she is selected.

Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution:

  • Eliza appeared in Tekken 7 after she was voted in the top 3 by fans at San Diego Comic Con in a Tekken Revolution Character Poll on the official Tekken Facebook page[2]
  • Her playstyle mechanic is similar to those of Street Fighter guests like Akuma, making her the only Tekken character to do so.
  • In June 2017 a fan asked Harada why Eliza spoke English and the country she was from. Harada responded that Eliza can speak 27 languages and that she is from hell. When she woke up, the man who first touched her was speaking English hence why she speaks English. However, it isn't clear if this is true or if he was simply joking.
  • The character from Bandai Namco’s other recent fighting game Soulcalibur VI, Tira shares similar conditions of being pre-order DLC character. However, unlike Tira, Eliza is not part of the Season 1/Deluxe Edition, and can only be purchased via separately or Season 2/Ultimate Edition.
  • One of her knockout sounds resembles the sounds of the werewolf as werewolves are the enemy of vampires.

Tekken (Mobile):

  • Eliza's featured act is called Vampire Awakened which references her main appearance in the game and her Character Episode in Tekken 7.
  • Her other act is the Last Kiss which a play on the word Farewell Kiss or a Goodbye Kiss.
  • According to the remaining staffs in Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe after they shut down their studio in Vancouver, Eliza and her live events were originally released at December 15, 2018. But the entire event was accidentally released on November 30, 2018, before it's actual date release as players were able to get 1 to 4-Star Eliza in those live events or even in Story act to get two fragments once completed the act.


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