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Emilie de Rochefort (エミリ・ド・ロシュフォール Emiri do Roshufōru?), commonly known as Lili (リリ Riri?) for short, is a character in the Tekken series. Along with Sergei Dragunov, Lili was one of the two new characters introduced in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

A Monegasque high school student, Lili is a member of the De Rochefort Family. She is the daughter and only child of Mr. Rochefort, a wealthy oil magnate and head of Rochefort Enterprises. She resides in a luxurious suburban mansion with her father and their butler Sebastian.


Emilie ‘Lili’ de Rochefort is the daughter and only child of a wealthy Monegasque oil magnate. Given her privileged background, Lili had a pampered upbringing. Four years prior to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, she was kidnapped and held captive for ransom. After a violent struggle, the girl broke free and engaged her abductor in combat. For Lili, defeating her kidnapper triggered passion for a new hobby.

Lili returned home, eager to pursue a career in martial arts. Yet her father disapproved of Lili's new interests; barred from attending the local savate studio, she had to settle for ballet and gymnastics...both of which figure prominently in her self-developed fighting system. She attended several street-fighting tournaments, under the pretense of going on vacation. During this period, the girl received an invitation to the 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament from an opponent she defeated in San Francisco. Lili realized that the host of the tournament was the Mishima Zaibatsu, a conglomerate causing trouble for her father’s business. She decided to enter the tournament in hopes of putting an end to her father’s business troubles.[11]

Asuka Kazama defeated Lili at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, and Lili’s father learned that she had been fighting against his wishes. Lili was banned from leaving home, leaving her unable to pursue a rematch with Asuka.

Soon after, Mr. Rochefort’s oil fields were taken over by the Mishima Zaibatsu. His company fell into disarray, and he collapsed due to stress. Concerned for her father’s well-being, Lili began formulating a plan to reclaim the oil fields from the Mishima Zaibatsu. As she was making her plans, the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 was announced. Lili entered the tournament to enact her plans and help her father.[12]

At some point following Lili’s participation in the tournament, Lili encountered Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch. She told them she had not had the opportunity to fight Asuka, and that she would imminently be returning home to Monaco. To assist in Lars and Alisa’s conflict with the Mishima Zaibatsu and its leader, Jin Kazama, Lili provided them with a vehicle.[13]

Lili went on to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7 without telling her father she would be attending. She was matched against Asuka.[14] Asuka defeated Lili;[15] however, Lili continued going to lengths to get Asuka's attention, even buying her family's dojo and decorating it in roses.[16]

Lili entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 8 when it was announced by Kazuya Mishima. She won the Europe B Block preliminary[17] and moved on to the next round of the tournament held in a coliseum in Italy. Lili brought Asuka (who was not competing) along to spectate her participation in the tournament. Here, Lili witnessed Kazuya Mishima’s ascent to his True Devil form. Lili offered to take Jin Kazama to Yakushima on her private jet so that he could act on guidance provided to him.[18] Lili and Asuka performed reconnaissance on Yakushima to locate Kazuya's G Corporation forces.[19] During the battle between Yggdrasil and G Corporation's forces, Lili and Asuka intervened in a fight between Alisa Bosconovitch and G Corporation’s Jack-8, disabling Jack-8 before he could defeat Alisa.[20]


Lili has a snobbish, flippant personality. Though she has superficially good manners, she often comes across as dismissive of other people’s abilities and wishes, as well as insensitive to their feelings. Lili also has a sadistic side, threatening people with violence or even hitting a downed opponent for no reason other than ‘fun’. In contrast with her usual lofty attitude, Lili appears to care greatly for her father’s well-being, entering the fifth and sixth King of Iron Fist Tournaments to oppose the Mishima Zaibatsu’s encroachment on his business. Lili has great confidence her fighting abilities, as demonstrated in her winning and pre-match quotes, despite her lack of formal training in combat or martial arts. To get around her father’s disapproval of her fighting, Lili enters fights in secret or when he is too weak to object.

If Lili is chosen as the player character in Scenario Campaign, she is often depicted as being curious even in the face of danger, intolerant of what she interprets as ‘bad manners’, and entertained by novel features of her opponents. She regularly refers to fighting as ‘playing’ and dismisses some fighters as ‘toys’. Lili’s materialistic side is also observable in this mode, as she insists that she will be taking Mokujin (who she believes to be a doll) home with her, and also desires to make Kuma her pet. Further to this, Lili comes across as ungrateful and oblivious to the value of expensive objects; in Scenario Campaign’s story cutscenes, she provides a vehicle to Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch, telling them that it was gifted to her but she finds it too "hideous" for her liking. She also is rather unimpressed at most of the big facilities or buildings tied to the G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu, compared to other characters who are often amazed at how big the areas are.

Since her loss to Asuka Kazama during the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Lili has thought of her as her rival and been eager for a rematch. Lili’s ending cutscenes in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and her character episode in Tekken 7, have all featured scenarios wherein Lili and Asuka fight again (though none of these are yet confirmed as canon). Lili is depicted as going to great lengths to engineer their rematch in her Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending cutscene, hiring actors to fight and draw Asuka out, then claiming Asuka’s title of ‘Gang Mediator’ and taunting her until she loses her temper and starts a fight. Lili’s butler, Sebastian, interprets this attempt to solicit Asuka’s attention as ‘another expression of [Lili’s] affections’. In Asuka’s Tekken 7 character episode ending cutscene, Lili reveals that she has bought Asuka’s father’s dojo and that she will be moving in, which frustrates Asuka.

In Tekken 8, Lili also shows her love of cats, owning a Siamese cat named Salt. In her intro and win animations, she can be seen either chasing Salt or picking the cat up and hugging it close to her, displaying her somewhat naive side as she does not seem to understand why the cat flees or notice it struggling slightly to escape the embrace.


Lili is a tall teenage girl with blue eyes. She is the tallest female fighter at 180 cm, further emphasized the heeled footwear she often wears. She has long blonde waist length hair styled in a hime-cut. She is generally seen wearing a white Victorian style frilled mini dress with long sleeves and fingerless gloves, a red checkered ascot tie with matching socks, and heeled white boots, as well as a ruby red jewel worn on her ascot tie. She also wears light makeup, such as pink lip gloss and light pink eyeshadow and a hint of pink blush.


Main article: Emilie de Rochefort/Outfits


Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[]


Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Lili Rochefort Interludes

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Manual, PAL
The only daughter of a wealthy oil magnate, Lili has led a pampered life. Four years ago, Lili was the target of an attempted abduction. Lili struck out wildly and was able to defeat one of her abductors. As a result, Lili realized she had a passion for street fighting.[21]

Lili, the only daughter of a wealthy oil magnate in Monaco. Four years ago, she was captured and held ransom for that very reason. While in captivity, she struggled violently to free herself, taking out one of her captors. That fight triggered her hunger for battle.

However, Lili's father was a good-hearted man who hated conflict. "I don't want Father to be upset with me...but I also want to fight." Lili could no longer control her urge to fight. Under the guise of a simple vacation, she used the family's private jet to take part in street fighting tournaments around the world.

One day, she receives an invitation to a certain fighting tournament from an opponent she defeated in San Francisco. Lili soon realizes that the host of this tournament was none other than the Mishima Zaibatsu, the main source of her father's problems. She decides to enter the tournament and put an end to her father's business troubles.[11]


Tekken 5 DR - Lili ending - HD 1080p

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Lili's ending

Ending Description
Lili and Sebastian celebrate her victory over the Mishimas, with Sebastian emotionally dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief and Lili bursting into laughter at the thought of how pleased her father will be when he learns of the collapse of the Mishima empire. Lili's chauffeur, waiting in a limousine, turns on an in-car television to discover that Rochefort Enterprises has declared bankruptcy after a main trading partner, the Mishima Zaibatsu, collapsed. The chauffeur is visibly shocked at this. Lili, however, is blissfully unaware and still laughing. The chauffeur exits the car then quickly flees the scene.

Tekken 6 (Bloodline Rebellion)[]

Official Strategy Guide
Lili joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 without her father's knowledge and was subsequently crushed by Asuka Kazama. Unfortunately, her father discovered that she had entered the tournament and banned her from leaving her home. As a result, Lili was unable to take revenge on Asuka.

It was then that Lili's father's oil field was taken over by the Mishima Zaibatsu. His company fell into disorder and he collapsed, overworked. Concerned for her father's wellbeing, Lili searched for a way to alleviate her father?s anxiety. She decided to reclaim the oil field that the Mishima Zaibatsu took from her father. While formulating her plans, the Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6: an excellent opportunity to win back the oil field. So Lili joined the contest to help her father.[22]

Lili entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 without her father's knowledge, and was beaten by Asuka Kazama.

To add insult to injury, her father soon discovered that Lili had entered the tournament. Prohibited from leaving home, Lili was unable to take revenge on Asuka.

It was then that her father's oil fields were taken over by the Mishima Zaibatsu. The company fell into disarray, and Lili's father collapsed due to stress.

Lili was concerned for her father's well being. She figured that if she could get back his oil fields that had been stolen by the Mishima Zaibatsu, she would be able to relieve her father's anxiety. While she was formulating her plans, the Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Unable to pass up such an opportunity, Lili enters the tournament in order to help her father.[12]

Ending Description
Asuka is hastily peddling her bike. She cries out that she is going to be late for school. As she is about to careen through the school's front gates, Lili's limousine appears out of nowhere. Asuka yells in surprise and crashes her bike, making her lunch fall to the ground. Lili gets out of the limo in her short-skirted Monegasque school uniform. She goads Asuka into a fight, stating that she's finally found her...but that their reunion will be short-lived. The two exchange lightning blows after Asuka calls Lili an idiot for messing with her food. As they continued off camera, Sebastian gets out of the car. Unaware of the situation, he comments: "Brilliant. She's already making friends. I'm so proud of her." A close-up of Lili's smiling face is shown.

Note: This ending can be linked to Asuka's and Panda's endings.


Tekken 6 Lili ending

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
Lili's ending

Summary of In-Game Events
Lili has set off in one of her father's tankers, which she has custom-modified as a yacht, to search for Jin Kazama. She meets Lars Alexandersson the Queen's Harbor, and she leaves Lars and Alisa little choice but to fight her. Lili is bested by Lars and Alisa, and speaks to them afterwards, having done research on Lars previously. Gracious in defeat, Lili gives the duo an SUV to use. According to Lili, it was given to her as a present, but the vehicle is not to her taste. Before she heads back to Monaco, Lili expresses her sorrow over not being able to have a rematch with Asuka Kazama. She tells Lars to make sure he finishes off Jin Kazama, or else she will kill him. As she boards her enormous "yacht", Lars states that he will try not to let her down.

Tekken 7 (Fated Retribution)[]


TEKKEN 7 - Lili Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

Official Website Profile (English)
The only daughter of a coal* baron in Monaco, Lili was kidnapped and held for ransom at a young age. After defeating one of her assailants, she recognized the pleasure she derived from fighting. Now, Lili travels the world in her family's private jet, constantly searching for new opponents.[23]
*All previous profiles state that Mr. Rochefort is an oil baron.

Lili entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament again without telling her father this time either. There she was anyway, smiling as the rapturous crowd looked on and her opponent entered the arena. Lili was set to fight Asuka Kazama, someone she had personally considered her greatest rival for many years. If Lili saw the look of annoyance on Asuka's face, it didn't show; she just walked elegantly to the center of the ring like she owned it, all the while thanking Lady Luck for the opportunity to fight her rival.[14]

Ending Description
After Asuka admits her loss, Lili delivers a powerful slap to the face that sends her rival flying. When asked by Asuka why she did it, Lili simply replies that it was fun and Asuka deserved it for being herself. She then turns and leaves the arena, with Asuka angrily chasing her for payback.

Tekken 8[]


TEKKEN 8 – Lili Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Official Website Profile (English)
Daughter of a wealthy oil magnate from Monaco who, despite her pampered upbringing, loves to fight. Keeping it a secret from her peace-loving father, Lili uses the family private jet to fly around the globe in search of worthy opponents to hone her skills.

All of it to defeat her eternal rival, Asuka Kazama, who has beaten her twice in The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Lili buys the Kazama family's dojo with her pocket money, decorates the entire dojo with roses, and sends Asuka a formal challenge. Imagining Asuka's angry face, Lili smiles elegantly while petting her cat, Salt.[16]


Tekken 8 - Lili Character Episode Ending

Character Episode Prologue
The last time the King of Iron Fist Tournament was held, Lili lost to her eternal rival, Asuka Kazama.

The Rochefort heiress devoted herself to training, waiting for a chance at a rematch to regain her lost honor.

One day, news of the tournament to decide the next head of the Mishima Zaibatsu reached Lili's ears.

Seeing her rival's name on the roster, she went behind her father's back to enter the tournament and put her Asuka countermeasures to good use.

"Just you wait, Asuka. You will get what's coming to you."

Character Episode Ending
After defeating Asuka Kazama and winning the King of Iron Fist Tournament, Lili becomes the new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. During her congratulatory speech, Lili announces that she promises for the world's outlook to be a rosy one. Then, she meets Leroy Smith with his dog, Sugar, but their discussion is interrupted by Marshall Law, who is promptly ignored. As Marshall is about to touch her, Lili quickly knocks him unconscious, and Leroy laughs. Lili then walks away with Salt, leaving an unconscious Marshall behind with Leroy and Sugar.

Summary of In-Game Events
Lili wins the European Block preliminary of Kazuya's King of Iron Fist Tournament and goes on to compete in the event's next round in Italy. She brings Asuka with her to spectate. Lili faces Azucena during the opening matches; however, the tournament is suspended following an attack by Yggdrasil and the United Nations. Lili witnessed Kazuya summon and absorb Azazel's power to take on his True Devil form.

To assist Jin Kazama, Lili offers to take him to Yakushima via her private airplane, with Xiaoyu, Panda, and Asuka tagging along. On the plane journey, Lili divulges the research she has done on the Kazama family tree, and explains that Jun Kazama's branch of the Kazama clan was wiped out seven years prior. Before they arrive at Yakushima, Lili decides that she and Asuka will run reconnaissance on G Corporation's forces while Xiaoyu and Panda accompany Jin to the shrine on the island.

During the war on Yakushima, Lili and Asuka land on the battlefield in time to save Alisa and defeat Jack-8.

In the good ending, Lili and Asuka are seen bickering with one another at Smith's Coffee in New York.

Other Appearances[]

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Lili appears in Street Fighter X Tekken as a playable character, her official tag team partner is Asuka Kazama. In their story, Lili requests Asuka's help, as she plans to go to the Antarctic to retrieve the Pandora for her father. After refusing once due to Lili's backhanded request, Asuka finally accepted Lili's offer. Lili and Asuka's rivals are Chun-Li and Cammy in the game. While both can cooperate as a tag team, as seen in their intro, both are quite abrasive towards one another as they push each other out of the way in an attempt to decide who will fight their opponents first. They also seem to constantly be at odds with one another in their story-related dialogue; Lili will often attempt to take leadership and credit for their progress and Asuka will reluctantly follow along.

Despite their friction, there are times that show there is some concern and appreciation for one another, such as when Asuka quickly comes to Lili's aid when Cammy manages to make her fall after they are caught trying use a ship to secretly travel to Antarctica during a brief altercation. Lili also gives Asuka her thanks, albeit somewhat awkwardly, when they successfully defeat Akuma who was in the way of Pandora's Box.

Ending Description
After defeating Akuma, Asuka begins to inspect the Pandora knowing that it is nothing special when Lili suddenly becomes hostile and attacks her, who challenges her for the box. Both girls starts to fight which as a result eventually causes the ground to be break into pieces. The Pandora slide forward and falls beneath into the deep hole, much to the disappointment of the girls.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Lili's Arcade Ending

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[]

Lili is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This is the first game where Lili speaks her native language, French.

The only daughter of a coal baron in Monaco, Lili was kidnapped and held for ransom at a young age. After defeating one of her assailants, she recognized the pleasure she derived from fighting. Now, Lili travels the world in her family's private jet, constantly searching for new opponents.[24]

Ending Description
Two gangs are arguing. They are about to fight when Asuka appears and tells them off for fighting. The gang members don't take her seriously and attack her but Asuka defeats them effortlessly. Meanwhile, Lili spies on her from a building and orders her butler, Sebastian, to begin Plan A, who reluctantly proceeds with the plan not before make making an off-hand comment about Lili and Asuka's "relationship" with Lili (finding it ridiculous) ordering Sebastian to keep silence on that matter. It is revealed that the gangsters are part of this plan and immediately start fighting with each other as soon as Sebastian gives the signal. Asuka immediately tries to intervene but it's proven too much for her. Lili swoops into the scene with a megaphone, ordering everyone to "Play nice".

Asuka and the gangsters stop fighting as she does. Lili says to Asuka "Asuka Kazama, they call you the Gang Mediator but I think you're nothing more than a troublesome meddler. Now watch, with just a single word... I have them acting as the best of friends."

The gangsters start dancing together and hugging each other and Lili proclaims herself as the new Gang Mediator. Asuka is confused at first but then sees Sebastian talking into a walkie talkie and a poster asking for film extras. Realizing the truth, Asuka confronts Lili, angered, and accuses her of setting up the whole scene. Lili denies this with a smile and Asuka attacks her. While they fight, Sebastian finds it touching that Lili wanted a fistfight with Asuka.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution[]

Lili appears as a playable character on the release of Tekken Revolution.

Tekken Card Tournament []

Lili appears as a playable character in Tekken Card Tournament. Her cards mainly focused on powerful effects at the cost of the number of cards the opponent has. Her cards were also be a double edged sword, as her best cards required giving her opponent an additional card, or having predictable requirements that opponents could easily avoid, such as requiring them to have a specific number of cards. This often forces her to have to wait for her opponent to draw a needed card amount so she can attempt to either dual strike with them or bait them into defending in fear of her card's properties. She also mainly specializes in parries, making her a relatively easy to use, but difficult to master character as making builds with her cards may seem easy, but all of her style types such as healing, power, or defense based builds have notable flaws that make them somewhat easy to abuse.

Also noteworthy is that Lili has undergone the most nerfs since the game's release. She can easily beat Xiaoyu players as she passively thrives on the number of cards Xiaoyu can easily draw, but she struggles against Law players, as they can nullify her card abilities, and put her in helpless situations during gameplay.


Lili has many versatile moves and easy-to-use, effective attacks, which benefit from great range and reach thanks to her long legs. Her damage output is surprisingly high, her counterattacks, juggling and wall fighting will all eat away at her opponent's health. That said, some of her more popular strings are easily recognizable, and may leave her wide open to punishment. She's also somewhat slow and virtually almost all of her attacks can be sidestepped, as she lacks many homing attacks. She makes up for this however with her ranged attacks which can be used at mid to long range to keep an opponent from moving in. Her lows aren't the best however and are predictable which can make it difficult for her to open up opponents.

Lili also has quite a handful of attacks that involve her jumping which can avoid lows, and she has a deadly okizeme ground game, which makes it scary to deal with Lili when she successfully knocks you down. She also possesses an attack reversal, as well as a wall throw. She can go into a back-turned stance using Mirror Image, giving her access to more moves, and specific attacks she can use to leave her back-turned.

Lili's sidestep is noted to be one of the strongest in the series, and she can avoid strings and attacks that would normally hit most of the playable cast. Lili also possesses a wavedash-adjacent stance known as Dew Glide, which can be used for combo extensions and as a way to move in with varied moves that can apply pressure against guarding opponents.

Tekken 8 gives her more options to work with to improve her mix-ups, having a new back-turned low punch, a new mid kick into a jumping kick that can evade highs, and a new low kick from the stance as well, and additional moves which can be cancelled into her Feisty Rabbit and Dew Glide stances. Her Feisty Rabbit hop stance was also improved, now being able to be performed twice in succession(it was previously only possible to do this when she undergoes Heat).

Like the other fighters in the roster, her moveset gains notable improvements from the Heat mechanic; Her Piercing Thorn becomes stronger and better for pressure, granting her plus frames when blocked. Her low from Feisty Rabbit also becomes stronger, as it knocks down on normal hit, giving her a stronger combo opportunity. She also has access to a back-turned attack and forward facing attack in Heat that can be used both as a strong ender or as a way to continue juggles.

Fighting Style[]

Lili's fighting style is characterized by Gymnastics moves combined with many dance-like, acrobatic maneuvers - graceful and versatile spins, cartwheels, handstands, tumbles and pirouettes.

This fighting style is self-learned and self-developed by Lili herself, since her father, who dislikes fighting, would probably never allow her to even practice any sort of formal martial arts training. This is probably why some of Lili's moves often reflect her background and personality, as she tends to strike a lot of elegant, graceful poses as she attacks. Even her generic attacks such as her crouching kicks and jabs tend to have an air of elegance and grace. She also tends to gracefully place one or both arms behind her back when performing some moves.


Emilie de Rochefort Moves

Ghost Data[]

Emilie de Rochefort/Ghost Data

Character Relationships[]

  • Mr. de Rochefort - Her pacifist father. Her father does not wish Lili to fight, but also is frequently unable to stop her as she often partakes in fights in secret. Lili loves her father and is often concerned for his well-being, but regularly disobeys him and jets across the world to satisfy her street fighting hunger.
  • Asuka Kazama - Her arch-rival ever since Tekken 6, and her official tag partner in Street Fighter X Tekken. They fought each other in Tekken 7 and Lili decided to become a student of the Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo. Lili also purchased Asuka's family dojo, saving it from bankruptcy by the time of Tekken 8.
  • Eliza - Imprisoned by the de Rochefort family in order to find safely from the Archers of Sirius and is allegedly Lili's sister.
  • Sebastian - Her butler.
  • Lars Alexandersson - She gives him her old SUV for him to travel in, during the Scenario Campaign story.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - She was with Lars when Lili gave him her old SUV. Lili saves Alisa from Jack-8 in the events of Tekken 8.
  • Jin Kazama - Jin claimed the oil fields owned by Rochefort Enterprises, causing Lili's father to collapse. In Tekken 8, Lili aids Jin's quest to defeat Kazuya by giving him a ride on her private jet to Yakushima.
  • Forest Law - She defeated him in a street fight in San Francisco. She then seems to have taken his invite to the Iron Fist Tournament 5.[25]
  • Leroy Smith - They are acquainted as of Tekken 8, sharing dialogue about their pets.
  • Azucena Ortiz - Her new rival as of Tekken 8, due to their differences over their respective favorite drink, between Lili's tea and Azucena's coffee.
  • Hwoarang - She teamed up with him in a battle against Jin Kazama/Devil Jin in the Tekken 6 E3 2006 trailer (non-canon).[26] They canonically meet in person during the eighth King of Iron Fist Tournament at the Coliseum of Fate in Tekken 8's Story Mode.
  • Lee Chaolan - Lee knows about her rich background. Non-canonically in Tekken Tag 2, she is a member of Violet Systems girls team.
  • Leo Kliesen - Her personal assistant in The Online Tekken Comic (non-canon). Canonically, they team up on the same side to help Jin defeat Kazuya in Tekken 8's Story Mode.




  • Her first name, Emilie, is of Latin origin, and the meaning is "rival". Her surname, de Rochefort, comes from Old French, and the meaning is "from the fortress of rock".
  • Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that Lili's birthday is November 11, a date which was chosen because her name in lowercase English or katakana looks like "1111".[27]
  • In an episode of Harada's Bar, Harada confirmed that Lili is about 170cm tall (without shoes).[28]
  • Lili's self-taught personal combat system is a hybrid of street fighting, rhythmic gymnastics, and ballet. It was originally nicknamed "Monegasque-style Gymnastic Street Fighting" by fans.
  • Lili's hair in-game differs from her CG movie appearances and CG renders; in renders and movies she is shown to have shoulder length side locks that sit above her chest, however in-game and in certain CG scenes they are absent. It is possible that the developers intentionally omit the side locks to make it easier to render her in-game hair.
    • This is no longer the case in Tekken 8, which now includes her shoulder length sidelocks on her in-game model.
  • Her primary outfit represents the Monegasque flag (white and red).
  • Lili is the youngest human playable character, as of Tekken 6, after Ling Xiaoyu.
  • The official language of Monaco is French; yet, while Lili speaks fluent English in both Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6, she speaks French in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and onwards.
  • Lili is the first Tekken character with Lolita fashion.
  • In January 2018, Harada revealed an early concept art for Lili back in 2003 in which she had a sleeveless dress. It also revealed her codename to be just "Monaco."
    • This also reveals she may have been planned for the original Tekken 5, but got put on hold until Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.
  • Lili claims that Ganryu has an unibrow like her father.
  • Lili's gifts from her father include a huge (customized) tanker, which she uses as a yacht. It features in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign where it is docked at Queen's Harbor. This is, possibly, the same tanker seen in her Street Fighter X Tekken trailer.
  • Lili's in-game Tekken 8 profile revealed her to be 180 cm tall, making her the tallest female fighter in the series.
  • According to Harada, Lili's mother, who is not mentioned in the Tekken series, is an unpleasant person. Apparently, when her daughter said she wanted to keep a hamster, Mrs. de Rochefort bought her a cat, and when her daughter said she wanted to eat sushi, she brought ten sumo wrestlers from Japan to make rice balls. Mrs. de Rochefort was a person who greatly influenced the development of Lili's personality.[29]

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection :

  • In the opening movie of the game, Lili is kidnapped by a group of men in a limousine. As the movie progresses, she manages to fight her way out and escape her captors. This is a reference to her abduction 4 years before the events of the game.
  • Lili's sub-boss is Ganryu.

Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion:

  • In Bloodline Rebellion, Lili has a console-exclusive extra outfit designed by Ito Ogure, a well-known Japanese manga artist, known for creating the manga series Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge. This outfit resembles a wedding dress, consisting of an abdominal corset connected to skin-tight chaps, and a flowing lace veil. It can be customized with a tiara instead of a veil, with different colors, and with a set of "drill knuckles."
  • Her ending is a counterpart of Asuka's Tekken 6 ending.
    • In Asuka's and Panda's endings, as well as in her own, Lili wears her customized Monegasque school uniform.
    • Lili's hair is shorter in her own ending.
  • Lili's Stage 1 and Stage 2 opponents in Scenario Campaign's Arena Mode include Alisa Bosconovitch and Lars Alexandersson, respectively.
  • The SUV that she gave to Lars was a Danver which was in the Ridge Racer series.
  • Lili's item move has her summon a group of penguins, which she can command to charge at her opponent.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • This is the first game in which Lili speaks French, her native language, as opposed to English in the previous games.
  • Lili's item move has her give the opponent an explosive teddy bear.
  • She has a special win pose with Asuka, where both girls high-five each other hard but recoil from the pain of the impact.
  • Among all the human characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Lili has the widest selection of character-specific costumes (three of them).
  • Curiously, Lili's "Fluffy Skirt" DLC Customization item was removed in the Wii U version of the game; it cannot be unlocked with Ghost Battle, Team Battle, Survival Mode, Combot Tuning, or even in the Wii U-exclusive Tekken Supporters mode.
  • Her ending is the second scene among the interconnected finales between her rival Asuka, Miharu, Kuma, Panda, Alisa, and Xiaoyu.
  • Lili is portrayed by Corissa Furr in the "Girl Power" trailer.

Street Fighter X Tekken:

  • Lili is referred to as the "Platinum Grace" in Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Although it is stated in Street Fighter X Tekken that Lili enrolls at Asuka's school, the game is not canon to the main series.
  • Lili, alongside Asuka and Hwoarang, is one of the only characters to use her Player 2 costume rather than her Player 1 costume.
  • Lili's hair is exactly identical to her CG renders since the game gives her the side locks she wears over her shoulders in game. In the mainline series, this is often not the case.
  • Her dress skirt is also animated in this game, whereas in the mainline Tekken series, it is not rigged to move.
  • Lili's medium kick attack is the same as her removed f4 command from Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection: "Ivory Revolver".
  • Lili's Attack reversal when using the EX version will have her perform her Rafflesia throw instead of her standard attack reversal.
  • Lili's Japanese voice actress, Asami Seto, would later voice Reina in Tekken 8.[30]

Tekken 7:

  • One of Lili's new moves are similar on one of the characters of Pokkén Tournament (Gardevoir), a project developed by the Tekken team.
  • Lili's prologue in her story mode seems to suggest that there is a time skip spanning a few years in Tekken 7 due to the fact that her prologue mentions that her and Asuka have had their rivalry for years, despite Lili seeming to have only met Asuka in Tekken 5 where she was defeated by her. This is in direct contradiction to the Journalist's statement that the events Tekken 5 only occurred a few months prior.
  • Lili's hair is notably strangely rendered and animated in Tekken 7; It floats and drapes fairly slowly in game and the layers of hair commonly clip into one another, as well as it being notably stiffer in movement in comparison to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However, her hair moves a lot more fluidly in the "Tekken Bowl" mode, as her hair changes behavior in her win poses and it drapes and flows much better when she is getting ready to roll her bowling ball across the lane.
  • Lili had her "gutter" or "miss" animations in Tekken Bowl changed. Originally she would slouch downwards while walking away slumped over. Now as of the recent patches, she shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head in disappointment before walking away.
  • In Eliza's ending, Lili finally meets Eliza at the Archers of Sirius headquarters after the latter defeats Claudio Serafino in her story. Lili claims Eliza as her sister, even though Eliza dismisses this due to being an 1000 year old vampire. Lili tries to explain why, but Eliza repeatedly falls asleep to which Lili comments that Eliza should drink less blood and more coffee.

Tekken (Mobile)

  • This is the first game (and currently the only game) where Lili is an unlockable character.
  • In the next update along with Bryan Fury and Alex, Lili was playable in her summer appearance known as Summer Lili as her elemental affinity is water instead of her original self whose elemental affinity is lightning.

Tekken 8:

  • Lili is revealed to have a pet Siamese cat named Salt, displaying her love of cats in both her new pre-fight and win animations.
  • Lili is able to be Customized to wear Asuka Kazama's Player 1 outfit from this game.
  • Lili's hairstyle for the first time in the series now includes the shoulder length sidelocks seen in her official cg artworks. In previous games this has been commonly omitted for unknown reasons. Her hairstyle is also notably longer with visible layers towards the ends.
  • Lili reveals in her conversation with Leroy Smith during her ending that speeches always make her nervous.
  • Lili has a special intro with Asuka and Azucena Ortiz.
  • Lili has special intro dialogue with Leroy.


  • Lili appears in the Queen's Gate gamebook series and is featured in the PlayStation Portable game Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos, she is voiced by Rina Satō.
  • Lili appears as a guest character in the PlayStation Portable game, Digimon World Re:Digitize. In the game, Lili is addicted to the online game Digital Monsters and will challenge players with her trained Numemon called Catherine, a Monzaemon who strikes opponents with Lovely Attack, and the Demon Lord-type Lilithmon. Her butler Sebastian also gets in on the action with his trained Angemon. In Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, her story is expanded, and she now is in the Digital World, instead of playing the video game from home. She is a pivotal character in "The Scheming Demon Lord" storyline.
  • Lili is left-handed in Dark Resurrection's Tekken Bowl.
  • In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Lili's dossier is briefly seen when Anna Williams opens a file containing dossiers of various persons of interest.
  • A model named Natalie portrayed Lili in the "Tekken Maxim Photoshoot" for Maxim magazine.
  • In the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!, an HR card has been released with the idol Iori Minase dressed as Lili. Harada himself is featured in this card, cheering Iori.
  • Lili speaks Japanese in the Tekken Pachislot games.[31]
  • In the Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown collaboration event with Tekken, Pai Chan can be dressed up as Lili.[32]


Main article: Emilie de Rochefort/Gallery


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