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Enrique Ortega (エンリケ・オルテガ Enrike Orutega?) is an antagonist introduced in the Tekken Spin off game Death by Degrees. A Kometa Executive and master swordsman, Enrique is a major adversary towards Nina during her mission. Although his initial allegiance is with Kometa, he soon grows disillusioned with them and employs the Tekken Force to aid him. An expert with melee weapons, Enrique's signature is a Japanese katana he carries with him everywhere. He also utilizes dual knives and concealed blades in his shoes. He is shown to have enough acrobatic prowess to keep up with Nina, as well as the intelligence to know how much of a threat she is.



Enrique was an intelligent man with the ambition to betray Kometa in order to start his own organization. His outer demeanor is that of a confident and skilled man, one who has no qualms in killing the other executives to get what he wants. He seems to find Nina initially amusing, but later considers her to be a danger to his plans.


His main outfit consists of an eccentric green jacket over a red zebra print shirt. He wears beige trousers tucked into brown snakeskin boots with a matching snakeskin holster. He also wears a belt with an elaborate deer skull buckle and a silver pendant with an embossed design.


Death By Degrees

Game Manual Profile - Enrique is a Kometa executive who has become disenchanted with the organization's conservative ways. He is a master swordsman with considerable skills.

Official strategy guide Profile - Enrique is a master swordsman who is growing quite impatient with Kometa's ways. He is a very smart man who knows the benefit of having powerful allies. His growing distrust of Lana ultimately complicates Nina's mission.

Enrique is first seen capturing and beating Lukas Hayes at the Solitaria Penitentiary, ultimately placing him in solitary confinement for interrogation. He believes Lukas has hidden a briefcase containing the controls to Salacia, but has to leave for his meeting.

He travels to the Amphitrite for his meeting with the Kometa Executives. Enrique is present when Lana and Bryce confront Nina at the poolside, with Lana telling him of Nina’s victory in the fighting tournament the night before. Enrique notes Nina seems untameable, but Lana is confident that she will be able to ‘convert’ Nina, much to Enrique’s dismay. He then leaves with Lana for their executive meeting.

Using the Stingray, Nina records the events that transpire at the meeting, with Enrique slaughtering all the executives but Lana who he threatens with his sword. He and Lana briefly discuss Salacia and a mysterious individual named Edgar , whom Lana believes will come after Enrique if he is not careful. Enrqiue asks for Lana’s cooperation but she refuses and ambushes him with a gas grenade, escaping his grasp. He chastises himself and calls for his chopper to meet him at the heliport to escape.

Nina sends the captured footage along with dossiers about Enrique and the other executives to the CIA.

Upon attempting to escape to his helicopter, Enrique is fired upon by Lana's men and surrenders. Lana herself appears, but before she can apprehend Enrique, Nina arrives and takes out several of her men. Lana shoots Nina with a hallucinogenic dart, causing Nina to suffer from a severe hallucination. Nina manages to fight Lana off, allowing Enrique to jump onto the helicopter to escape. Nina manages to get on board as well, but passes out due to her fight with Lana. Enrique wonders who she is.

Arriving at the prison, Enrique has Nina put in a cell. Much later, Nina tracks Enrique down in order to obtain his prints so she can open Lukas' cell. Enrique is talking with Heihachi Mishima over a video call, thanking him for sending the Tekken Force to aid him in his search for Salacia. Heihachi only wants to test the skills of his elite warriors. He then alerts Enrique to Nina who appears behind him. Enrique promises to give Heihachi Nina, but as a corpse. He is then alerted by his team that the gas has been neutralized in the laboratory, allowing them to look for Salacia. Enrique notes the timing is bad, but faces Nina anyway.

During the fight, Enrique attacks Nina with his samurai sword, swinging at her with power and speed. Ultimately, Nina bests Enrique, managing to break his sword in the process. Enrique surrenders, and offers to co-operate, until Nina is ambushed by Anna. Anna winds Nina, allowing her and Enrique to escape.

Nina acquires Enrique's fingerprints from his broken sword and scabbard, and uses them to free Lukas.

Upon entering the underground laboratory in the prison with Anna and the other Tekken force, Enrique receives word of Lukas' escape with Nina. Enrique tells his team over the headset to let Lukas live if he is still useful to them, but to kill Nina as she is trouble. He and his team then enter the laboratory.

Unknown to both Nina and Enrique, Lukas had hidden the briefcase containing Salacia in the J-Type robot, which went on a rampage and killed almost everyone in the laboratory. Enrique manages to capture Lukas when he is separated from Nina, and demands to know where Salacia is. Meanwhile, Nina is fighting the J-type robot, and with help of Alan, blasts the Robot with a prototype satellite gun, sending it crashing to the floor below where Enrique and Lukas are. The briefcase falls from the robot onto Lukas, and Enrique bring him to a computer so he can demonstrate Salacia. He shoots the lock to the room so Nina and Alan can't purse them.

Lukas activates Salacia, causing the Satellite cannon to launch a strike on a military vessel in the ocean, destroying it. Enrique is pleased with the results. Suddenly, the J-Type robot reactivates, and charges at the computer room, crashing through the doors and sending Enrique flying. Lukas escapes with Salacia and is pursued by Alan. Nina confronts Enrique, and he tells her they should join forces to defeat the malfunctioning J-Type. Nina refuses and the two do battle again.

Enrique uses twin daggers, both of which he can throw with deadly accuracy. He also uses blades concealed in his boots to kick Nina. He and Nina fight, while avoiding the J-Type robot that is constantly charging at them both.

Eventually, the robot stops working, allowing Nina and Enrique to fight one on one. Nina manages to best Enrique, causing him to fall to his knees and cough up blood. Nina leaves him to die, and Enrique watches her walk away, noting her behind is not a bad view. He then collapses, dead.

When Nina faces Lana Lei for the third time, she will hallucinate both Bryce and Enrique, the later attacking with his sword.

Character Relationships

  • Nina Williams - Enrigue attempts to kill her and fails twice. However, he also finds Nina to be attractive, calling her things such as "Mamacita" and "Baby". But in the end, he is evidently killed by her.
  • Heihachi Mishima - He was assisted by him and the Tekken Force at the Solitaria Penitentiary.
  • Lukas Hayes - Enrique kidnaps him for Nina to rescue.
  • Type J - He and the robot fights against Nina.
  • Lana Lei - Former associate.


  • Enrique appears to be trilingual, as he speaks English most of the time, Spanish (usually phrases such as "Que lastima" meaning "What a pity"), and Japanese as he has a conversation with Heihachi Mishima as they both appear to understand each other.


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