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Fallen Colony is a stage in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the console version of Tekken 6.

While at first the stage can seem surreal and even outlandish, when taking into account the large metal frame in the sky, the massive glass in the background attached to urban settlement that is somehow on its side projecting up to the sky and the circle it is attached to, and the name of the stage, it seems to take place in the wreckage of a space colony similar to the ones seen in the Final Frontier and Space Colony stages from Tekken 5 / Dark Resurrection that has crash-landed on Earth with disastrous consequences.


In a corner by a large tree trunk is a glass area, where the players can fall through into a large decorated room that seems to be some sort of library or office with a few large windows. Jets are seen flying through the area, and what presumably is an actual city can be seen far below in the background, through the glass area. Blocks of land formerly part of the space colony are seen tilting in the background.

Background Music


Tekken 6 - Fallen Colony Theme



  • This is one of the few multi-tier stages in Tekken 6 and Bloodline Rebellion.
  • Many death combos have been discovered in this stage due to its design, as the floor breaks right at the wall. Due to the floor breaking, the character that was sent through the floor gets into a "Bound" position, allowing the opponent to continue their combos against them, quickly sending them to the wall.
  • A building resembling the White House can be seen in the background.
  • Su-47 fighter planes can be seen flying in the background.
  • This stage has three different BGM with different names: "G" for PS3 and Xbox, "G Version 2" for PSP and both arcade versions (Tekken 6 and Bloodline Rebellion), and "G ~Blast Ver~" for the OST.
  • This is one of the four stages, the other three being Cemetery, Electric Fountain and City After Dark, to have their BGM play in character reveal trailers.
  • The scenario resembles the colonies present on the Mobile Suit Gundam series, like the colony "Side 7".