Female tekken force

Female Tekken Force soldier character sketch.

Female Tekken Force Soldier (labelled as "Sexy Tekken Force Character" or just "Sexy Female Tekken Force")[1] is a scrapped Tekken character.


A gorgeous and sexy female Tekken Force member, she is loyal to the Mishima Zaibatsu, regardless of who is in charge. As such, she was not a part of the rebellion started by Lars Alexandersson.

Initial Proposals

The original concept was proposed for Tekken 5, but the clothing was too revealing so the concept was scrapped in fears the rating would increase. The concept surfaced again for Tekken 6 but did not make the final cut.

There were several martial arts considered for this character, including Silat, Krav Maga, Savate, Taekkyeon, Systema, and Escrima. If chosen, her design would have possibly been altered in order to pass the ratings boards.[2]

The character later became one of the candidates (labelled as "Sexy Tekken Force") for a new original character in Tekken Revolution's character poll on the official Tekken Facebook page in June 2013. She ranked 2nd place in the poll, losing to Eliza.

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