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Feng's Master is a minor, unnamed, non-playable character in the Tekken series. He first appeared in Tekken 5 as the master of Feng Wei, whom he taught traditional Chinese martial arts.


Tekken 5

The unnamed sifu of God Fist Style Chinese Martial Arts, who taught this art to one of his pupils, Feng Wei. He was killed by Feng after having scolded him for fighting outside of school grounds.

Tekken 6

Wang Jinrei stated that, if Feng's master died in fair combat against his disciple, he must have intended to do so. Thus, he said, the fight was an honourable one and Feng should not be condemned.[1]

Character Relationships

  • Feng Wei - His pupil and murderer.
  • Mokujin - He told Feng about him in the past.
  • Wang Jinrei - Knew Feng's master, as Feng asks him if he has come for revenge.


  • In Wang Jinrei's Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign dialogues, he states that he has spoken to Lei Wulong on Feng's behalf and that he will no longer be hunted for his master's death. Feng's master is not mentioned after this game and neither do the police seem to be hunting Feng any more, so it is likely that this interaction is canon.