The main stage.

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Fireworks Over Barcelona is a stage featured in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as free DLC and in Tekken Revolution. The stage takes place in a cabaret bar at nighttime in Barcelona, Spain.


It features a minibar to the left, with entertainment such as two women dancing in the traditional Flamenco style accompanied by a few male flamenco guitarists on the stage platform and a seating area to the right.

At the back end of the tavern, there is a balcony that leads to the bottom portion of the stage. On the lower level of the stage, fireworks fill the night sky, again as the stage name suggests. Several lit-up buildings, the famous monument Sagrada Familia and flowerbeds surround the stage and the sign "Rosa Flamenco" can be seen on the main flowerbed.

Background Music

The stage BGM is titled "Baile De Batalla".



  • The lower level of the stage appears to be quite similar to the Tekken 6 stage Electric Fountain with regard to its layout.
  • Above the dining area to the right, the flag of Spain can be seen hanging as a banner almost. There are two.
  • "Baile De Batalla" roughly translates to "Dancing Battle" in English.
  • The spired building in the background is Barcelona's famous "Sagrada Familia" church, which is still unfinished.


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