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Forest Law (フォレスト・ロウ Foresuto Rou?) (sometimes spelled as Forrest Law) is a character in the Tekken series who was introduced in Tekken 3, and he returned for Tekken Tag Tournament and its sequel Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He is the son of Marshall Law and Mrs. Law, the former of which Forest shares the same fighting style and similar moves with. Like his father, Forest is best friends with Paul Phoenix, an old family friend.


Like his father, Forest is a very talented martial artist. He is a member of the Law Family, a student at Marshall Dojo and has worked for his father in Marshall China.

Forest Law grew up with his father and mother. Forest began his training along with his father at a young age and became Marshall's top student in the dojo. Despite his skill, Marshall forbade his son from fighting in competitions outside of the dojo without his consent. Forest obeyed his father, until Marshall and Forest's great friend Paul Phoenix, interfered. Paul and Forest registered in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, without Marshall's knowledge. It is not known how far Forest got in the tournament, but based on his Tekken 3 ending, it's possible his father pulled him out or waited for Paul to finish in the tournament before taking him home.

Prior to the events of Tekken 5, Forest was joyriding on Paul's motorcycle. Unluckily for him, he got into a bad crash that left him in the hospital. This forced his father, Marshall, to enter the tournament so that he could pay off the hospital bills.

It's not known what Forest's condition is in the present time, but he is most likely still in hospital, as Marshall is still trying to pay his medical bills in Tekken 7.


Forest is a very energetic and friendly person. He usually gets along well with his friends and family. It is implied that Forest is a fast learner, since he knows almost if not all his fathers moves, in fact, knows some moves his father doesn't or hasn't perfected yet. Forest also seems to have gotten his cocky personality from his friend Paul.

It is also shown that Forest goes to great lengths to impress his father. For example, although he does join the tournament knowing his father's fighting restrictions, it appears Forest joined to put what his father trained him to the test. It appears that Marshall is already proud of his son though, since, whilst Marshall does expect a lot from him, he seems to forbid him from tournaments only out of concern for his safety, not because he thinks his son isn't ready.

Forest seems to be less wise than his father, and disobedient at times: making decisions in secret against his father's will, and recklessly joyriding motorcycles. Ultimately though, Forest is good natured and has a generous heart like Paul, as is implied in his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending.


When Forest made his first appearance in Tekken 3, he appears almost exactly like his father when he was younger. Forest is half Chinese, since his father is of Chinese decent and his mother is Caucasian American.


Forest Law/Outfits


Tekken 3

Prologue Text: "Forest is Marshall Law's proud son. Paul dragged him into the Tournament, but now he feels that this is an ideal opportunity to prove his strength to his father and to himself".

Story Description: Living in his father's shadow... The proud son of Marshall Law, Forest trains at his father's dojo to achieve Law's success and greatness. As a protective father, Marshall has forbidden his son from entering any contests outside the dojo. Marshall's long-time friend and competitor, Paul Phoenix, visits once every few months to spar with Marshall.

One day when Paul arrived, Marshall was away supervising the building of a new dojo. Paul insisted that Forest join him in some training exercises. Forest declined knowing that his father would disapprove. But Paul wouldn't take no for an answer.

Unaware of Marshall's restrictions on fighting, Paul suggested to Forest that he join "The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3." But he had to prove that he was worthy of one day inheriting the dojo. Marshall was enraged when he found out what happened. To him, it was as if his son had been kidnapped.

Ending Description, "Middle Age":


Tekken 3 Forest Law - Middle Age

Tekken 3 Ending

Paul and Forest arrive at Marshall's Dojo on Paul's motorcycle. Paul and Forest walk into the building and meet Marshall Law. They walk in and bow their heads slightly. Marshall looks angry. Marshall points behind himself with one of his thumbs. Paul, Marshall, and Forest are then seen stretching. Then, Forest wants to teach Marshall and Paul a suicide kip-up. He first does a demonstration. A noise can then be heard. Marshall is shown laying on the floor on his stomach, and Paul is shown sitting on the ground. They did not successfully do the suicide kip-up. Forest shrugs.

Tekken 5

Although Forest does not participate in the fifth tournament, he plays a significant role as he is the reason for Marshall entering. During this time, Forest went for a joyride on Paul Phoenix's bike, despite his reservations against it, and ended up causing a major traffic accident. This is the reason why his father, Marshall, decides to enter the tournament in order to pay off the large sum of property damage and Forest's hospital bills that arose from the situation.

Other Appearances


Tekken Tag Tournament - Forest Law Ending


Forest Law made his first appearance in Tekken, which was a cameo appearance. In Yoshimitsu's ending, Forest is seen playing with a stick or toy and notices the Manji Clan approaching. Forest is also seen waving back at Yoshimitsu along with his mother and his father for giving the prize money to his family and the other villagers.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Forest appeared as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament.

Ending Description: Forest and Paul are seen practicing moves when they accidentally kick in the same direction and kick each other in the crotch. They later fall on their knees, hunched over in pain.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Forest Law reappeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It marks the first time he and his father, Marshall Law, both appear playable in the same game.

Ending Description:


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Forest Law Arcade Ending

Forest and Paul have successfully won the tournament, and Forest received the tournament's prize money check worth $100,000,000,000. While riding on Paul's motorcycle, they passed by Marshall's restaurant called "Marshall China". When Marshall spotted his son, he was enraged, because he wasn't giving the money to his father. Forest and Paul then drove off. Later on, they presumably went to spend their money in Las Vegas.

The next day, Paul and Forest returned to the restaurant, with Forest's money all gone. Marshall goes berserk upon finding out, shouting at them loudly in the process. Forest then explains what had happened; before they were able to go to Las Vegas, they saw some victims of a disaster who were in need of some help. Paul didn't want to help them, but Forest told him that they needed the money more than he and Paul did, so Forest gave all his money to the poor people, who in turn became very happy. Marshall was therefore proud of his son.


As a successor character, Forest initially played identically to his father, leaving little clue to any real differences in their styles until Tekken Tag Tournament 2. When he was reintroduced, Forest notably used the original animation of several attacks that were either replaced or changed during his father's later appearances, such as his Dragon Storm and Body Blow to Somersault.

Fighting Style

Like his father, Forest's style is of Jeet Kune Do in honor of Bruce Lee.


Forest Law Moves


Forest Law/Quotes

Character Relationships

  • Marshall Law - His father.
  • Mrs. Law - His mother.
  • Paul Phoenix - His family friend and training partner. Paul would register him in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. 
  • Emilie De Rochefort - He was defeated by her in a street fight in San Francisco. Lili then seems to have taken his invite to the Iron Fist Tournament 5.[2]
  • Kuma II - Mentions him in Paul Phoenix's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ending. It is not known how he knows Kuma, most likely from Paul.
  • Yoshimitsu - Appears in his Tekken  ending. 



  • Just as his father can be seen as an homage to Bruce Lee, Forest could be seen as an homage to Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son.
  • In Tekken Tag Tournament, Forest's first costume resembles the attire Bruce Lee wore from Enter The Dragon. Also, his fifth costume resembles the yellow tracksuit of Bruce Lee from Game Of Death.
  • Forest made his first appearance in Yoshimitsu's Tekken ending, as a toddler.
  • Forest Law appeared in a TV commercial, aired in the year 2000 by the Swiss Milk Producers Association, where he fought and lost against their cow mascot, Lovely.
  • A man, wearing attire very similar to one of Forest's outfits, is seen lying on the ground in Lili's Dark Resurrection prologue whom she defeated for an invitation to the 5th Iron Fist Tournament. The fight was said to have taken place in San Francisco, which, according to Marshall's Tekken profile, is where Marshall and his family originate from, so it's very likely that the man is intended to be Forest.
  • Forest, or a person strongly resembling him, appears in the Rustic Asia stage of Tekken 6. He drives the truck that crashes into the stage before every fight. He remains with his head sticking out of the open truck window watching the fight in a dazed state for the remainder of the fight. The irony about this is that Forest is known for being in traffic accidents.
  • Forest is one of two characters in the series to be replaced by the fighter they were the successor to, with the other being Combot.

Tekken 3:

  • Selecting Forest by pressing the triangle or start button will see him wear his third outfit - an orange tracksuit similar to the one worn by Bruce Lee in Game Of Death.
  • Forest Law's bosses in the Tekken Force side game are (in order of appearance) Paul Phoenix, Hwoarang, Eddy Gordo and Heihachi Mishima.
  • This is his only canonical appearance although he would be the reason of his father joining further tournaments.

Tekken Tag Tournament:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Forest can be customized to resemble Bruce Lee from Enter The Dragon, Rock Lee (a young ninja based on Bruce Lee) from manga/anime/game series Naruto, Maxi (from Soul Calibur, also based on Bruce Lee), and a sleeveless version of Billy Lo, a character also played by Bruce Lee (only for the end scenes though).
  • This is the first time Forest and his father Marshall both appear playable in the same game. In every game Forest has appeared in before Tag Tournament 2, his father has never appeared as a playable character alongside him.
  • Forest's partners in Ghost Battle in order from lowest to highest ranks are Bob, Lili, Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix and Lei Wulong.
  • Forest's Item Move has him grab the opponent before giving them a barrage of attacks before ending with a one-inch punch with the camera closing up on his face.



Forest Law/Gallery


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