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G Corp. Helipad is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7. The stage is set on a lavish G Corporation-owned helipad atop one their Millennium Tower in the middle of Tokyo at sundown. There is also a variation of the stage available entitled "G Corp. Helipad (Night)".


The landing pad itself is adjacent to the fighting space where the G Corporation logo can be seen emblazoned onto the ground. Opposite the landing pad is an elevator that leads down into the building. Hovering above the landing pad is an attack helicopter facing the building and acting as an observer to the fight. The stage is walled and contains two wall breaks on opposite sides of the stage, perpendicular to the landing pad. The walls are made of glass and, when shattered, the fight continues into the foyer area on each side of the stage.

Background Music

The BGM is called "Lonesome City Jazz Party".

First Round


Tekken 7 OST- G Corp. Helipad (Day) - Round 1 (Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st)

Final Round


Tekken 7 OST- G Corp Helipad (Day) - Final Round Lonesome City Jazz Party 2nd



The G Corp rooftop seen in Bloodline Rebellion

  • In the arcade intro for Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, the roof of the G Corporation building Kazuya and Jin are seen fighting on, is very similar in layout to this stage, so it's possible that this is intended to be the same building or, alternatively, the stage was inspired by the building seen in the intro.
  • Lucky Chloe, Eddy Gordo, Jack-7, and Shaheen's endings all take place in this stage.
    • Even though Jack-7 fights King in the Arena stage, his Character Episode ending takes place here instead, making Jack-7 one of the few, if not the only characters whose ending doesn't take place in the stage he fights his opponent in.
  • In the Mishima Saga, when Akuma and Kazuya first fought each other, they fought in this stage, but the music from the nighttime version (Distorter 1st and 2nd) was played when they were fighting.
    • The likely reason for this is most likely because the daytime version's soundtrack wouldn't be a good compliment to the fight given its laid back melody.
    • The reverse music method also happened in both Katarina and Gigas' Character Episodes, because even though they fought each other in the nighttime version, the music from this stage played instead.
  • The BGM for this stage (Lonesome Jazz Party 1st) was also used for Eddy's character trailer.[1]
  • In the Character Episodes as well as The Mishima Saga, the glass walls cannot be broken.
  • Jack-7's Character Episode prologue takes place in this stage.
  • The Mishima Zaibatsu building can be seen from this stage in the distance.