T7 Stage - G Corp Helipad (Night)
Gimmick Wallbreak

G Corp. Helipad (Night) is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7.


The stage is a variation of the G Corp. Helipad stage, which is set on a G Corporation-owned helipad on top of a tall skyscraper in the middle of a city. Whereas G Corp. Helipad is set at sundown, the "(Night)" variation is set after sundown when a thunderstorm has descended over the stage. It is raining during the battle and lightning flashes can be seen throughout the fight (the stage is thus somewhat similar to Lightning Storm from Tekken 6).

The attack helicopter from G Corp. Helipad is still seen here hovering above the landing pad and watching the fight ensue.

Background Music



  • Katarina Alves and Gigas endings take place in this stage.
  • In the Mishima Saga, when Akuma and Kazuya first fought each other, they fought in the daytime version, but the music from this stage was played when they were fighting.
    • Oddly enough, the reverse is true for Katarina and Gigas' fight on this stage in their respective Character Episodes as well, because even though they fought against each other in this stage, the music from the daytime version was playing instead.
      • Additionally, there was no rain present in this stage for both Katarina & Gigas' fights, until their ending cut scenes.
  • Nina's Character Episode prologue takes place in this stage.


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