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G Corporation, Millennium Tower is a stage in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign Mode and a building of recurring importance in the Tekken series. It is the main headquarters of the cutting-edge biotech firm: G Corporation. The tower itself is an enormous tall glass building with a large blue 'G' lit up near the top. Also close to the top of the tower is a helipad, a recurring stage in Tekken games.

The Tekken 6 stage takes the player through the ground floor of a smaller building adjoined to the main Millennium Tower. This is a large glass atrium with mezzanine floors apparently for receiving guests and visitors, as they have café tables and chairs, pot plants, and reception desks.

The player progresses through the atrium until they exit into a floodlit, wide, outdoor plaza. This is bordered by greenery, with shallow steps up to the front of the main Millennium Tower building.

Trophy/achievement: No key for me.


G Corp Millennium Tower and Kazuya Mishima in a flashback in Tekken 7.

The Millennium Tower is G Corporation's main headquarters after Kazuya Mishima takes over as CEO. It likely became his main base of operations because of its proximity to the Mishima Zaibatsu. The Mishima Zaibatsu's headquarters are visible from the Millennium Tower's helipad, making the tower's location Tokyo, Japan. This is also the tower Kazuya returned to in order to purge G Corp of its executives after they betrayed him.[1]

The Millennium Tower was the target of an attack by Lars Alexandersson and his Yggdrasil soldiers in Tekken 6, with a battle occurring on the steps below the main tower in which Lars's second-in-command, Tougou, was killed.

The tower also featured extensively in Tekken 7. It was approached by Akuma, who was invited to its helipad in order to fight with Kazuya. The fight was interrupted however when Heihachi Mishima fired a laser from the Mishima Zaibatsu's Orbital Laser Satellite. The Millennium Tower was reduced to rubble as a consequence, forcing G Corporation to relocate their headquarters.

Stage Description

"The headquarters of the international conglomerate, G Corporation. Its main tower, large enough to house several thousand employees, is protected by an advanced security system."

The player has the option to play as NANCY-MI847J here. Anna Williams is fought as a boss at the plaza. As part of G Corporation's elite forces, the enemies that fight with her are all G Corporation soldiers as well as Jacks. There are two cutscenes set in the plaza in front of the Millennium Tower, one in which Anna's G Corp soldiers square off against Lars, his rebel army, Alisa and Tougou, and one later where Tougou dies.[2]

After defeating Anna, she becomes available for both Campaign and Arena Scenario modes.

The stage after this one is the tower's helipad, where Anna is fought again, followed by Kazuya Mishima.

Alisa's Journal: "With the assistance of Mr. Tougou's men, we succeeded in reaching the entrance to the Millennium Tower. Even from a distance, the tower appeared large, but up close it is overwhelming. There is much reason to believe that Kazuya Mishima is residing on the top floor."

Scenario Campaign Dialogues

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Background Music


Tekken 6 OST- Scenario Campaign - NANCY Again


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  • The Millennium Tower is equipped radio wave emitters to ward off pests and rodents.[3]
  • It is only possible to get the trophy if the stage is cleared without using NANCY.
  • A G-Corporation soldier and a JACK robot can be seen standing behind a reception desk. Approaching the desk will have the camera focus on them, but they cannot be targeted. One of them can be knocked out with a projectile move, however. If one of them is knocked out, an alien will pop out behind the reception desk.


  1. ^ This occurred between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6, but the scene itself is shown in a Tekken 7 flashback.
  2. ^ The two cutscenes are Cutscene 22: The End of the Road and Cutscene 23: A Fallen Ally.
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