G Security Service, Operations Headquarters
Gimmick Walls

The G Security Service, Operations Headquarters is a stage in the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6. This stage takes place in G Corporation's Tactical Security Operations Center. The characters must cross-bridges in a hangar before reaching the exit.

Bruce Irvin is the boss of this stage. He is the commander of the base. The various enemies of the course are soldiers of the G Corporation accompanied by Jacks.

After defeating Bruce, he becomes available for both Campaign and Arena Scenario modes.

Stage description: A base where the elite G Corporation soldiers are stationed. They are in full excitement as the forces of the Mishima Zaibatsu are approaching.

Alisa's Journal

"We attacked the base where the G Corporation's security tactical operations center is located. Within the hangar space, the enemy's high voltage stun attacks and narrow catwalk created a precarious situation."


  • Inside the hangar, the CFA 44 plane from Ace Combat 6, another Namco game, can be seen.
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