Concept art of Ganmi-chan

Ganmi-chan (巌美ちゃん or 巌海[1]?) is a scrapped Tekken character.


She is a teenage female Sumo wrestler who idolizes Ganryu. The original idea was proposed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but was discarded 5 seconds later in order to focus on increasing the popularity of Ganryu. A character sketch was completed several years ago, and the result was of a cute character, like those found in Idol Master.[2]

In November 2013, the sketch was later revealed by series producer Katsuhiro Harada on his Twitter account, in which he also stated that if the tweet is retweeted 1000 times, he would try to convince the staff to complete her design and have her considered again as a playable character for Tekken Revolution.[3] As of early December 2013, she has garnered just under half the expectation.[citation needed]


  • Ganmi's name is written as 巌美 or 巌海 (Ganmi) in Kanji and がんみ in Hiragana. Chan (ちゃん) is a diminutive suffix; it expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. In general, chan is used for babies, young children, grandparents and teenagers.
    • Her name translates to (巌 gan) rock; (美 mi) beauty, or ocean (海 mi) .

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