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Gargoyle's Perch is a stage in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and the console version of Tekken 6. It is the semi-final stage when playing through Arcade mode. This stage takes place in an eerie area surrounded by gargoyle statues. There are also blue-lit candles in the backdrop. The glass floor in the middle can be cracked, but the players can not completely break it and fall through. This stage is very similar to the Tekken 5 stage, Cathedral.

Background Music

The stage BGM is called "Blowing Up The Enemy".

Tekken 6 Music - Blowin' Up the Enemy (Gargoyle's Perch)

Tekken 6 Music - Blowin' Up the Enemy (Gargoyle's Perch)



  • The stage music is similar to the climax music in Death by Degrees when Nina Williams fights her sister.
  • In the Scenario Campaign mode, Nina Williams, Jin Kazama, and Alisa Bosconovitch are fought here.
  • In one area of the stage, a statue of what appears to be one of Devil Jin's hands seems to be clenching the bottom of the earth.
  • The Boss of this stage is usually Jin Kazama.  Before the battle, the player ascends to the top where the player sees Jin sitting and now looks on the player preparing to fight him.
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