T7 Stage - Geometric Plane
Gimmick Walls

Geometric Plane is a stage in the console and PC versions of Tekken 7.


The stage is set in a strange void where geometric shapes can be seen floating in the background. Most of the visible surfaces are white, with the only colors initially being touches of green on certain objects (primarily the spheres that line the area and the cubes floating outside the boundaries).

The stage walls are composed of stacked cubes and cylinders with spheres perched atop the stacks and the floor is covered in a grid-like pattern. Slamming an opponent into the ground will reveal that the underside is colored pink when it fractures and slamming an opponent into the wall will cause smaller cubes to break off, revealing the undersides are colored differently from the other surfaces (depending on which wall was slammed into).

Background Music

【鉄拳7】Tekken7 OST - Geometric Plane - The Motion

【鉄拳7】Tekken7 OST - Geometric Plane - The Motion



  • This is the only stage in Tekken 7 that has only one theme. The music does not change when a character reaches match point.
  • The stage is similar to Autodesk's 3DMax, a 3D modelling program. Hence by the gray and turquoise color schemes and polygon area.


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