A Ghost Battle victory in Tekken 6

Ghost Battle is a game mode in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This mode is the renamed version of Arcade Battle from Tekken 5. If the player fights against 30 ghosts datas in Tekken 6, they will get the "Ghost Vanquisher" achievement/trophy (only in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions). The highest ranks are "Tekken Lord", "Dark Lord", "Divine Fist", "Tekken God" and "True Tekken God".

In Tekken 6, the player must challenge every Tekken player around the globe to earn the "Tekken God" title. This system was removed in TTT2. Now, only CPU ghost datas are encountered with such ranks, similar to Tekken 6 for the PSP.

This mode was replaced by Treasure Battle in Tekken 7.

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