The Giant Swing (ジャイアントスイング/Jaianto Suingu) is a move usable by the two Kings and the first Armor King, Roger, Alex and Roger Jr. The move is called Spinning Throw in US and EU releases up to and including Tekken 3. The character grabs their opponent by the feet and starts swinging them wildly in the air, eventually letting go and sending their opponent flying. The throw is notoriously fast, coming out at 10 frames. Additionally, the throw also deceptively uses the same animation as throws with a 1+2 break despite being a 1 break.


Starting with Tekken 3, the move can be tech rolled, reducing its damage. From Tekken 4 onwards, should the user's back be towards the wall when the throw is performed, the opponent will slam into the wall, and they will be unable to reduce the damage. In Tekken 5, the animation of this move was changed. King II also has a special, faster version of this move which can be performed when the opponent is on the ground, this version is called Swing Away.

It is the final part of the Reverse Arm Slam Combo and the Reverse Special Stretch Bomb Combo, after the Power Bomb or, exclusively for the Reverse Special Stretch Bomb, Victory Bomb. In earlier games, the entire sequence would be enough to deplete an opponent's life bar though this obviously no longer held when the series progressed with more health starting in Tekken Tag Tournament.

If the Reverse Arm Slam was started with f,d/f+1+3, the escape is 2+4 in Tekken 2 or 1 in Tekken 3 onwards. If the RAS was started with f,d/f+2+4, the escape is 1+3 in Tekken 2 or 2 in Tekken 3. In Tekken Tag Tournament onwards, all forms of the Giant Swing, including those from Multi-Throws, can only be broken with 1.

The second Armor King would have a variation of this known as the Double Arm Swing.

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