God Fist Style Chinese Martial Arts (神拳流中国拳法 Shinken-ryū Chūgoku Kenpō?) refers to a fighting style used by Feng Wei. It was taught to him by his master.


God Fist is a highly aggressive, brutal but technical fighting style which is as devastating as the style's athleticity. Godfist features vigorous athletic movements with refined but hard-hitting palm and fist techniques, erratic whirling strike, quick versatile kicks, whirling circular parries and a special emphasis on fast punishers. Still, Feng Wei doesn't utilize this fighting style in his full power, since the secrets hidden in the treasured "God Fist" scroll haven't been discovered yet.

Real-Life inspirations

Despite being a fictional fighting style, Feng's style draws inspirations from real-life Chinese martial arts, mostly Hung Gar for his usage of hard tiger claw palm techniques and deep horse stances. Also, Feng wears iron rings around his wrists, which are traditionally used by Hung Gar pratictioners to increase weight and provide defense against enemy attack.




  • Feng's Master was known as Shinken (literally "God Fist") for his immense skill. This may indicate that he was the creator of the "God Fist Style", which later Feng inherited.