The Hachijo Clan (八条家 Hachijō-ke?, Hachijo Family) is seemingly a clan of assassins that is referenced in Tekken 7. The Hachijo's most notable member is Kazumi Mishima, Heihachi Mishima's deceased wife. The clan has a lineage that has possessed the Devil Gene since ancient times, as revealed by a song a journalist hears during his investigation of the Hachijo clan in Kyoto.


For millennia, the Hachijo clan, inheritors of demonic blood in Kyoto, have operated in the shadows, eliminating those who were deemed a threat to the world. During the early parts of the mid 20th Century, Kazumi Hachijo was sent to Jinpachi Mishima's dojo, where she met Heihachi.

The clan saw that Heihachi's ambition would lead to great tragedy across the globe, which proved to be prophetic. And so, after five years of marriage, despite her feelings of love, Kazumi would act on the clan's orders to destroy Heihachi. However, she failed in her mission and was defeated by him, despite her powers.

In a last-ditch effort to kill Heihachi, Kazumi attempts to kill him from behind, but Heihachi senses her in time and stops her, grabbing her by the throat. The demon that was Kazumi attempts to use Heihachi's love for Kazumi to escape his grasp, using the fact that if he went ahead with the deed, he would cause a never ending cycle of hatred, but her efforts backfired; it only enraged Heihachi, leading him to snap her neck, killing her.

However, despite having lost her physical body, Kazumi's ghost is still alive and appears 30 years later, alongside her lineage still lives through her son, Kazuya and by extend, her grandson named Jin Kazama.

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