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Hwoarang (Hangul: 화랑; Hanja: 花郎 Hwarang; Japanese: ファラン Faran) is a character in the Tekken series who first appeared in Tekken 3 and has returned in all subsequent games. He is the Taekwondo student of Baek Doo San, and entered the third Tournament to get revenge on Ogre for "killing" his master. He became Jin Kazama's rival after the two fought to a draw in one of Hwoarang's street matches before the events of Tekken 3.



Hwoarang is a hot-headed, impulsive person who enjoys fighting. He is sometimes arrogant and brash as he likes to boast about his skills and strength. He still holds his focus on his opponents to not lose himself in his pride. He is very rebellious and does not like to obey orders, but this changes in regard to his master, Baek, whom he dearly respects. Hwoarang tends to hold a grudge towards his enemies, and he has a strong sense of determination to fight his rivals, especially Jin Kazama.

Throughout the Scenario Campaign, most characters will chide Hwoarang for his impulsive behavior in persisting in a futile fight, while a few, such as Wang and Mokujin, offer a more optimistic view of his strong spirit despite his cause being doomed. Alisa Bosconovitch later mentions her doubts about The Resistance's success as Hwoarang was more focused on his personal matter with Jin than actually fighting the Mishima Zaibatsu.




Tekken 3

Manual Version
Hwoarang entered this tournament after Ogre attacked his mentor Baek, who Hwoarang respects greatly. He wanted to redeem himself by taking revenge against Ogre and defeating Jin Kazama, (Hwoarang failed to beat in a previous fight).[4]

Official Version
Killing two birds with one stone...
A student of Taekwondo who works out at Baek Doo San's dojang, Hwoarang makes a lot of money through dishonest gambling wagers. As part of what's called a fraud team, he and other members pick fights for money. They manipulate the odds by concealing their true strength. Hwoarang escalates the odds against him and makes what appears to be a foolish wager. His opponents soon realize they're the real fools when Hwoarang soundly beats each and every one of them.

One day, members of the Mishima Group came to town, among them Jin Kazama. Hwoarang talks them into his game and is matched against Jin. Hwoarang embarrassingly can only manage a draw. He hangs his head in disbelief at the first blemish in his perfect career. Sickened at the thought of having to tell his teacher, Baek, the bad news, Hwoarang vows to practice every day to guarantee that it would never happen again. Then, terrible news — Ogre claims Baek as yet another victim.

Hwoarang now has a purpose in life. He will participate in the tournament, beat Jin Kazama, and seek revenge against the God of Fighting: Ogre.[5]


Hwoarang ending tekken 3

TK3 Ending

Ending Description, "Rival"
Hwoarang is sitting down at an alleyway, holding a trophy (that is a gold version of Heihachi's head). He is ready to toss it away when he notices a wounded Jin being pursued by the Tekken Force. Jin is then cornered by the soldiers. As a distraction, Hwoarang throws the trophy into the area, and then beats up the Tekken Force. When he turns to face Jin, he is already transforming into Devil Jin and leaps out of the warehouse. Hwoarang smiles as he trembles with excitement.

Tekken 4

Prologue Text (Western Version)
Back in his homeland of Korea, Hwoarang was drafted into the military and assigned to a SpecOps unit. Although his success in various missions were highly regarded, his penchant for disobeying rules and orders gave his senior officers more than a few headaches. Hwoarang felt a strange emptiness within him. He recalled longingly of the days hustling money in street fights, the rush from hand-to-hand combat, and his fight against Jin Kazama. The military could not quell these yearnings.

One day, the announcement of the next Tournament reached Hwoarang's ears. For the first time in years, his blood began to stir. He would defeat Jin, Heihachi Mishima, and anyone else who dared to stand in his way of claiming Mishima Zaibatsu as his own.

Bursting with anticipation, Hwoarang slipped out from the military base and headed for the Tournament.[6]

Prologue Text (Japanese version)
Hwoarang was drafted into the military back in his homeland of Korea and was assigned to a special operations division. Although his successes in various missions were highly regarded along with his prowess at Tae Kwon Do and combat techniques, his penchant for disobeying rules and orders gave his senior officers more than a few headaches.

Hwoarang was uninterested in military life and felt a strange emptiness within him. He longingly recalled the days of hustling money in street fights and the rush he experienced from hand-to-hand combat. He often thought of one fight in particular ...the fight against Jin Kazama. These longings could not be quelled by the military.

One day, Hwoarang found out about the announcement of the next Tournament. Hwoarang's blood stirred. He would defeat Jin, Heihachi Mishima, and anyone else who dared to challenge him to claim the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Filled with excitement he hasn't felt in years, Hwoarang slipped out from the military base and headed for the Tournament.[7][8]

Ending Description


Hwoarang ending tekken 4

TK4 Ending

Hwoarang has finally been able to meet Jin in a parking lot. "You're finally here." he says as Jin approaches. "So, what do you want?" asks an indifferent Jin. Hwoarang replies, "I never got to fight you at the tournament. I'll take you on right here, right now." However, Jin replies back, "There is no reason to fight." Hwoarang doesn't back down and says, "You ain't got one? Well, I do!", and begins to fight him anyway. After the battle, Hwoarang's Korean commander steps in, as well as other South Korean military officials, ordering Hwoarang to surrender himself for court-martial for dereliction of duty. Then Jin steps in, knocking out a few of the guards. Hwoarang joins in, and the two run away, with Hwoarang concluding that he would let him, so as to even the score at the next tournament.

Tekken 5


Tekken 5 Hwoarang Interludes

Manual Version
The South Korean Army arrested and took Hwoarang into custody during the last round of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, keeping him from his long-awaited fight with Jin Kazama. Two months later, he was discharged from military service. With nothing holding him back, Hwoarang is free to pursue a confrontation with Jin Kazama.

Official Version
Taekwondo Ace and rival of Jin Kazama, Hwoarang.

Hwoarang was taken into custody by the South Korean military during the last round of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, keeping him from his long awaited fight with rival Jin Kazama.

At the Korean embassy, a man claiming to be an ambassador passed him a letter, "I received this letter for you from the military. Take a look!"

"Impossible! Hey, are you sure this is correct!?"

Hwoarang is discharged from the South Korean military two months later. Free from military duty, Hwoarang seizes the opportunity to pursue Jin Kazama and finally battle him face-to-face.

Strategy Guide Version:
Taekwondo Ace and rival of Jin Kazama, Hwoarang was taken into custody by the South Korean military during the last round of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, keeping him from his long-awaited fight with rival Jin Kazama.

Hwoarang was taken to the Korean embassy, where he was brought before the ambassador.

"You have received an official pardon, granting you immunity from charges related to this incident. Also, we have received urgent military papers addressed to you. Please read them immediately."

After reading the papers, Hwoarang stood up abruptly.

"I can't believe it. Are you sure this is correct?"

Two months later, Hwoarang finished his military service. With nothing holding him back, Hwoarang was free to pursue a confrontation with Jin Kazama.[9]

In-game Prologue
Hwoarang, Jin Kazama's rival. Near the end of the previous tournament, the Korean Military arrested Hwoarang.

At the Korean embassy, a man claiming to be the ambassador passed him a letter.

"I've received this letter for you from the military. Take a look."

Hwoarang couldn't believe his eyes.

"Get me out of here now." says Hwoarang. Next day, Hwoarang flew back to Korea to complete his training. Now done with his military training, Hwoarang is ready to finish Jin Kazama!


Tekken 5 - Hwoarang ending - HQ

Ending Text
Hwoarang finally defeats his rival, Jin Kazama. What is up next for Hwoarang?

Ending Description
Hwoarang is riding a motorcycle at an increased speed. "This sucks!", Hwoarang yells. Soon, he notices something in his way. The figure is Devil Jin. He then attempts to hit the brakes. Before he can successfully stop, Devil Jin lifts his hand and causes Hwoarang's motorcycle to explode. Devil Jin slowly walks towards an injured Hwoarang with the fiery explosion behind him. Hwoarang then yells "You stupid...Come on!" while staggering to stand up and preparing his fighting stance in a weakened state. The scene then ends with Hwoarang making a determined facial expression.

Tekken 6

Official Version
In The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Hwoarang faced Jin and defeated him. While Jin was lying on the ground, suddenly, he roars paranormally and produces a gale that blows Hwoarang away. From Jin's back, two black wings spread, and Jin stands up in his devil form. Hwoarang is at his wits end. He is not able to fight back, and soon he is knocked unconscious. When Hwoarang wakes up, he finds himself in the hospital. Nearby, he sees Baek standing as a visitor. Hwoarang hears the details from Baek. He ignores his nurse and tries to move from his bed. He falls down in order to beseech Baek to make him stronger. After leaving the hospital, Hwoarang starts training with unprecedented devoutness in order to defeat the "paranormal" Jin. Thus, with the announcement of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, he prepares for the tournament.

In-game Prologue
Hwoarang succeeded in defeating Jin in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. However, in the next instant, the defeated Jin let out a monstrous roar and Hwoarang was tossed through the air by a violent gust of wind. Sprouting black wings, Jin stood before him looking nothing short of a demon. Overwhelmingly outmatched, Hwoarang was prepared to accept his death before slipping into unconsciousness.

After hearing what had happened from Baek Doo San, who stayed at his bedside, Hwoarang pushed away his nurse and quickly rushed to his teacher, begging for more power.

After leaving the hospital, Hwoarang trained with more vigor than ever. Intent on defeating his former rival, he leaves for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.

Ending Description


Tekken 6 - Hwoarang ending - HD 720p

After defeating Azazel, Hwoarang removes the orb out of his chest and begins to carefully observe it. However, the orb tries to consume Hwoarang's soul and is about to transform him into a devil in process, with Hwoarang shouting "I'm...not like... him!". He manages to throw the orb to the floor and stomp on it, destroying it for good, preventing the orb from transforming him into another devil-like "that man". He then leaves.

Scenario Campaign
Hwoarang and Baek are leaders of The Resistance fighting the Mishima Zaibatsu. They seem to be unaligned with Lars's rebel army even though they fight for the same cause.

Tekken 7

Prologue Text
Hwoarang sees one man as his rival: Jin Kazama. Jin, CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, declared war against the world, and in the ensuing turmoil vanished suddenly, without a trace. Suspecting there is more to Jin's disappearance than meets the eye, Hwoarang vowed to track him down.

With only a shred of reliable information at hand, he headed to the Middle East. After a series of dead leads, Hwoarang heard word that a demon had appeared in a town. Without a second thought, he got on his motorcycle and hammered down there.

When he arrived, the place had been deserted, save for Jin Kazama in his devil form.

Ending Description


TEKKEN 7 - Hwoarang Ending & Intro (TEKKEN 7 Character Endings)

As Jin's devil powers subside for the first time by his own hand, Hwoarang is still not satisfied and yells that it is not worth beating a monster like him. Suddenly, UN soldiers arrive and throw a grenade at them. Hwoarang saves Jin from the grenade but gets caught in the explosion himself and is knocked unconscious. As Jin flees with the soldiers in hot pursuit, Hwoarang tries to get up while covering his injured right eye, but collapses.

Other Appearances

Tekken Tag Tournament


Tekken Tag Tournament - Hwoarang Ending

Hwoarang is a playable character in the non-canonical Tekken Tag Tournament game. He retains his moveset from Tekken 3 with a few new ones to add. While being a non-canonical game in the series, Tekken Tag Tournament is looked at as the refined version of Tekken 3. In this game, like Tekken 3, he continues the grudge with Jin Kazama and Ogre in a certain rebellion his master Baek would not approve of.

Ending Description
He confronts Jin Kazama and taunts him while Jin stands there with indifference.

Tekken Tag Special Alliance Partners

Street Fighter X Tekken

Hwoarang appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken. His tag partner is Steve Fox.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Hwoarang returns as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Hwoarang Ending

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Hwoarang's Ending.

Ending Description
Hwoarang challenges Jin to a motorcycle race, and prepares himself. As soon as the light in front of them turns blue, the two immediately move out and waste no time racing. After swerving through various cars and trucks, Jin uses a nearby ramp to get ahead of Hwoarang, with the latter increasing his speed in response. Soon, Hwoarang unknowingly passes Lei Wulong, who immediately apprehends Hwoarang for speeding. Later while Hwoarang is trying to convince Lei that Jin was the speeder, Jin casually passes the two at normal speed.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken Revolution

Hwoarang appears in Tekken Revolution as an unlockable character.

Tekken Card Tournament

Hwoarang appears in Tekken Card Tournament as a playable character. His cards focus on "morphing" an opponent's deck's statistics, which weakens the card and removes that card's effect. He can also morph his own into more powerful versions, but without the effect. His drawbacks are his slow draw speed, almost non-existent healing ability, and his tricky to activate power and quick draw boost abilities. He also has no parries, and little to no protective cards, making him a glass cannon in the long run that must focus on offense. It's also noteworthy that he is one of the more underused characters, and is uncommonly seen in online tournaments and matches. He is safe for all skill levels to use. He is one of the most controversial characters since a lot of players find his card morph overpowered and annoying as well as able to be abused in solo and tag decks, which had to be adjusted quite a few times when the game developers had to adjust tag costs since players opted to make decks that could abuse this ability.


Despite having a flashy and agile moveset, Hwoarang’s speed is quite average. He makes it up with a powerful set of kicks, rivaled only by Baek in terms of damage and range. His kicks are also relatively safe to perform punishment-wise, the only major drawback being their vulnerability to counters.

His punches are best used as quick pokes or something to keep the opponent mid-air during juggles. The raw damage of Hwoarang’s punches is minimal and they should be only used with good strategic planning.

Hwoarang is one of the most complex characters in the series due to his multiple stance transitions and massive movelist, making him not very beginner-friendly. Hwoarang specializes in a very aggressive playing style and many of his moves leave him in an advantageous state, even on block. Having poor defensive capabilities, he is best-suited in applying constant pressure to the opponent.

Despite not being a grappler by any means, he does have a large variety of throwing techniques, a total of eleven. Of particular note are a crouching throw, a floor-breaking throw that can also be used from left flamingo stance, a throw that's used against airborne enemies and a throw used from right foot forward stance, which deals unusually high damage for a throw.

His rage art works somewhat differently from other characters. It can be only be used from a flamingo stance, which makes it slightly slower to activate than the rage arts of other characters. On the other hand it can also make it easier to activate in the middle of combo. His rage art is a middle kick with a knockback, making it one of the most difficult to punish rage arts in the game, as it cannot be punished by blocking or ducking.

Fighting Style

As a Taekwondo practitioner, Hwoarang's relies heavily on the speed and flexibility of kicks and, if allowed to, can easily keep his opponent on their toes and unable to respond back. In terms of technicality, Hwoarang's style of Taekwondo is more akin to the style used by the World Taekwondo Federation and in the Olympics, which is considered to be much flashier and has a heavier emphasis in sparring and engaging compared to other styles due to the need of scoring points in actual matches.

True to this, in comparison to Baek, Hwoarang has more aggressive tools that benefit from him rushing to his opponent's face and leaving a barrage of attacks as he comes forward.



Character Relationships

  • Baek Doo San - His Taekwondo teacher and master. Baek is the only person in which Hwoarang does not address him with his usually cocky and brash attitude and respects him greatly.
  • Jin Kazama - Hwoarang is constantly attempting to pick a fight with Jin as a result of them fighting to a draw in South Korea before the events of Tekken 3. The draw tarnished Hwoarang's reputation and he now regards Jin as his rival. Jin does not return this rivalry particularly enthusiastically and usually sees Hwoarang as an interference. Their rivalry encompasses a form of friendship, as Hwoarang helps Jin escape from Tekken Force in his Tekken 3 ending, whilst Jin helps Hwoarang evade capture from the Korean military in Hwoarang's Tekken 4 ending. Hwoarang managed to defeat Jin in Tekken 5, but Jin transformed into his devil form and nearly killed Hwoarang. In Tekken 6 Hwoarang forms a resistance movement against the Mishima Zaibatsu with the sole purpose of getting close to Jin. He seems to abandon this when Jin disappears into the desert and instead went in search of him. Hwoarang found Jin and, in Tekken 7, they fought whilst Jin was in his devil form. The United Nations arrived to apprehend Jin, but Hwoarang saved him from a grenade. Jin was able to escape, but Hwoarang lost an eye as a result of the conflict.
  • Eddy Gordo - His acquaintance. Temporary enemy in Tekken 6. Eddy, as captain of Tekken Force is aware that Hwoarang leads The Resistance.
  • Ling Xiaoyu - Friendly acquaintance.[10]
  • Ogre - Hwoarang entered the Third Tournament to get revenge on Ogre for attacking Baek.
  • Miguel Caballero Rojo - His ally in The Resistance in Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign mode.
  • Steve Fox - Fought each other in Tekken 5's intro. Steve is also his partner in Street Fighter X Tekken. (non-canon)
  • Lili - He teamed up with her in a battle against Jin in the Tekken 6 E3 2006 Trailer (non-canon). [11]
  • Nina Williams - Hwoarang can be seen admiring Nina's motorcycling skills in Tekken Pachislot's intro cutscene (non-canon).



  • He bears the nickname, Blood Talon, and the pseudonym 'BoB' (not to be confused with Robert Richards, the character introduced in Tekken 6, who is more commonly called Bob), allegedly because western gamers have difficulty in writing his name correctly. Another theory is that it is derived from the pre-release Tekken 3 art by Namco where he was seen on a motorcycle, but without any name given, he became known simply as Boy on Bike.
  • He (along with Jin and Steve) is currently the youngest human male character in the series.
  • Hwoarang can be seen practicing Hwarang-Tul of I.T.F. Taekwondo in Tekken 3's demonstration video[12], and many of his win animations in the series are taken from various Tul (Korean for Kata) from the I.T.F. Taekwondo style.
  • Hwoarang's movements are motion captured. The actor is Hwang Su Il, a Taekwondo I.T.F. black belt of Japan.
  • A lot of fans, especially those of European and American origin have trouble pronouncing Hwoarang's name; canonically, it is pronounced "Hwa-rang", common mispronunciations include "Whore-ang" and "How-rang". Somehow, his name ended up consistently mispronounced as the latter in Street Fighter x Tekken.
  • Hwoarang's name is based on the Hwarang, a group of elite male youth in Silla, an ancient Korean Kingdom. While the literal translation of this is "Flower Boy", it is generally translated as "Flowering Knight".
    • Harada has stated that this is not his real name but is his street name instead.[13]
  • Hwoarang has the most win animations in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6, with a total of ten win animations each. However, one of his win animations would only show up after defeating Jinpachi Mishima in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, which is not the case in Tekken 6.
  • Hwoarang is the only person to win an official tournament match against Jin Kazama.
  • So far, all his prologues and epilogues involve Jin Kazama. In Tekken 5, Tekken 6, and Tekken 7, Hwoarang's endings involve Devil Jin.
  • Yun-Seong from the Soul Calibur series has some of Hwoarang's kicking moves. Additionally, several more of his attacks, such as Backlash, are also used by the custom character movelists in Soul Calibur 3.
  • Ever since his introduction, Hwoarang has been featured in all of Baek's endings.
  • Hwoarang's military training from Tekken 4 to Tekken 5 likely refers to the mandatory military service that South Korea has had since the Korean War.
  • Hwoarang holds many similarities with fellow Tekken mainstay Paul Phoenix:
    • Both are bikers.
    • Both scratched the win-loss record of a person that belongs to the Mishima Clan (Kazuya and Jin respectively).
    • Both are hot-headed and arrogant individuals.
    • Both wore martial arts attire in their Player 1 outfits (Paul with his red gi and Hwoarang with his dobok).
    • Surprisingly, they also wear biker outfits in their Player 2 outfits.

Tekken 3:

  • Hwoarang's bosses in the Tekken Force side game are (in order of appearance) Eddy Gordo, Forest Law, Jin Kazama, and Heihachi Mishima.
  • In the rare "Tekken 3 Symphony Orchestra" calendar by Namco, Hwoarang is seen rollerblading while wearing formal black clothes and carrying a cello in its case.

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Hwoarang's Stage 7 sub-boss is Ogre. If Ogre is not yet unlocked, then it is Jin. If both Ogre and Jin are not available, then it is Baek.
  • There is a glitch where, if Baek performs his tag throw with Hwoarang, but the first part of the throw is all that is required to actually knock the opponent out, then Baek will remain, but the opponent's body will still act as if Hwoarang, who never came out, is still performing his part of the throw. This glitch remained in the Playstation 2 console version of the game.

Tekken 4:

  • Hwoarang has short and "styled" hair for the first and last time, since he has just run away from military service.
  • Hwoarang is seen not in his two stereotypical costumes (biker and Taekwondo outfits) for the first time.
  • In his ending, Hwoarang speaks English when he confronts Jin for a fight, with Jin responding in English as well. This is the only time either character speaks English (with the exception of the non-canonical Street Fighter X Tekken game). The rest of the time, they only speak Korean and Japanese, respectively.
  • In the arcade, and Asian console versions, Hwoarang speaks either Japanese or English in his intro and win quotes.[8] In the western localizations, he speaks Korean instead, albeit not having matching lip-sync.
  • He and Lei Wulong have recorded voice lines, some of which are unused, in both Japanese and English in the arcade version.[14]

Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection:

  • In the opening of Tekken 5, Steve Fox and Hwoarang can be seen fighting each other, they were later announced as partners for Street Fighter X Tekken, and they also received a special tag throw in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • The Heihachi trophy that was seen in Hwoarang's Tekken 3 ending is available as a customizable item for him in Tekken 5.
  • Hwoarang's sub-bosses are Baek Doo San and Jin Kazama.
  • Hwoarang is one of the few characters in Tekken 5 that does not fight Devil Jin in the 8th battle of Story Mode.

Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion:

  • Hwoarang's name is pronounced incorrectly as "How-rang" instead of "Hwa-rang".
  • Hwoarang's "Item Move" feature is a soccer ball, which Hwoarang kicks at his opponent. Another shows him hitting the opponent with a baseball bat. The baseball bat later became a generic item move in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    • If Hwoarang uses his baseball bat item move on Alisa, instead of being swatted away, she'll collapse with her head flying off.
  • In the Scenario Campaign mode of Tekken 6, Hwoarang is a boss at the Industrial Highway 357 stage, and he is fought at Urban War Zone.
  • As a part of the Resistance, he will not have any dialogues against Baek or Miguel in the Scenario Campaign.
  • Hwoarang's Stage 1 and Stage 2 opponents in Scenario Campaign's "Arena" mode are Steve Fox and Baek Doo San.
  • In one of his win animations he can be seen performing the first three moves from the 'Won-Hyo' tul.
  • His win animation (where he sits on his downed opponent while he/she is trying to get up) had one removed feature: unlike in Tekken 4 and 5, his downed opponent no longer makes a grunt while being sat on.
  • Hwoarang's picture avatar is used for the trophy/achievement, "Locate the Target".

Street Fighter X Tekken:

  • Hwoarang's Super Art is the "Heel Explosion Combo" where he kicks and heel drop to his opponent and goes in mid air for a devastating heel kick.
  • Being in a game created by Capcom, Hwoarang does not speak Korean in this game, instead he speaks either English or Japanese like most characters in the game.
  • Hwoarang gives nicknames to most male characters as "Geezer". Although the slang word of "geezer" means "dude" in the United Kingdom while in the United States it means old and cranky. Oddly enough his official tag partner, Steve is from United Kingdom.
  • Hwoarang is one of the three Tekken characters that use their Player 2 outfit instead of their Player 1 outfit. The other two are Asuka and Lili.
  • The proper pronunciation of this character's name is "Hwa-rahng". However, the in-game announcer mispronounces his name as "how wrong."

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Hwoarang has a special tag throw with Baek and Steve where Hwoarang performs a Human Cannonball to push his opponent to Baek who promptly responds by kicking the opponent or Steve who will then jab the opponent then both of them attack the opponent simultaneously. This is also used when Baek initiates his "Human Cannonball".
  • He has two special win poses with Baek Doo San where he will immediately bow respectfully to Baek. The other has walk away but to quickly stand straight upon seeing Baek.
  • He has a special win pose with Jin, where he will assume a fighting stance and proceeds to taunt Jin. Jin will either continue to watch Hwoarang, or can ignore him entirely, much to Hwoarang's annoyance.
  • Hwoarang's special win pose with Devil Jin has him begin cracking his knuckles to taunt his partner. Another has him attempt to punch Devil Jin, only for the latter to fly away before it can connect.
  • His Taekwondo uniform has been incorrectly named as "Karate uniform" in the customization mode.
  • Hwoarang's item move replaces his Falcon Dice Kick if the opponent is low enough to be knocked out. Instead of the standard throw, Hwoarang will launch a barrage of kicks before sending the opponent flying with a Talon Sky Rocket.
  • He is portrayed by Daren Nop in the Short Live Action Movie.
  • The end of his ending is similar to that of Paul Phoenix's Tekken 3 ending, such as both being caught by a traffic patrol (in Hwoarang's case by Lei Wulong) for speeding.

Tekken 7 and Tekken 7: Fated Retribution:

  • After Hwoarang defeats Devil Jin in his ending, the English subtitles read "What's the point of beating up a monster like you".[15] However the Korean (괴물 상태인 너한테 이겨봤자 의미 없다고) better translates to "It's meaningless to win against you if you're in a monster state", implying not that Hwoarang considers Jin to be a monster, but that Jin's devil form is not truly Jin, so beating him whilst he is Devil Jin holds no meaning for Hwoarang.
  • One of Hwoarang's customized costumes is Baek's suit.[16]
  • Hwoarang's Rage Art requires him to be in his Flamingo Stance in order to execute it. It is safe on block as a result.
  • In Fated Retribution, Hwoarang is the only character to have more than 1 Rage Drive. (Although both Steve Fox and the new character Negan also now have multiple Rage Drives in Season 2.)
    • His first rage drive is an i12 frame unseeable low followed by a fast toe kick, and ends with a right-leg version of Flying Nerichagi. It is primarily used as a wall combo ender or pressure. If the last hit was not delayed, it is not possible to interrupt the move.
    • His second rage drive is based on the Ogres' Twin Hell Axle, and gives a second screw. On certain stages, wall to wall combos are possible. It is also primarily used when breaking all four breakable walls in the Howard Estate stage. It is impossible to duck the move.
  • He, King, Bryan, & Steve are the only characters who are not wearing their new main outfits in their Character Episodes.
  • His item move involves him summoning a mini biker to crash into the opponent.
  • His ending likely took place before Lars Alexandersson's arrival to rescue Jin, befitting his current default appearance as of Fated Retribution update. This makes it one of the few Tekken 7 endings which are likely to be canonical.


  • Even though Hwoarang does not appear in Tekken: The Motion Picture, his picture can be seen near the beginning of the movie along with some other fighters' pictures.
  • Hwoarang's rivals in Tekken Card Challenge are Jin Kazama, Forest Law and Heihachi Mishima.
  • In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Hwoarang's dossier is briefly seen when Anna Williams opens a file containing dossiers of other fighters.
  • A character named "Iron Surfer", played by Stephen Fung, in the Hong Kong Martial Arts movie "The Avenging Fist" bears a strong resemblance to Hwoarang, and the movie itself is known for its many allusions to Tekken. The resemblance to Hwoarang is both in looks and fighting style.