Incomplete Somersault

Incomplete Somersault

The Incomplete Somersault, called Somersault NG (サマーソルトNG samāsoruto NG) in Japan, is a move performed by Paul Phoenix. It first appeared in Marshall Law's Tekken 2 ending, where Law was trying to teach Paul his Somersault Kick, but Paul couldn't get the landing right and ended up landing flat on his face. It then became a secret move in Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament and later a part of his in-game movelist. It also appeared as a secret win animation in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection that could be seen while pressing and holding 3+4 during the replay.

How to perform

The move is performed by crouching until Paul stands up by himself, lifts his arms into the air, and swings them down while crouching again in preperation to doing the jump. It is during the last part of this animation that u+2+3+4 must be pressed. If nothing is pressed, and the player remains in FC, the internal timer simply resets and the animation will reoccur after set time. In Tekken 5 and later installments, Paul would get Ki Power at the end of the animation, and as of Tekken 6, the command is now simplified to u+3+4 during FC.


  • In Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, the opponent would be inflicted with 25 damage, regardless of when in the attack animation they were hit. Paul would also receive 15 damage upon landing.
  • In later installments, he would inflict 54 damage (at 100% it would only be 45, the increase is due to the added Ki Power) if the opponent was hit during the jump, but 48 (40 at 100%) if they were hit while he was falling down again. Paul would receive 10 damage upon landing.
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