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J Robots are characters introduced in the Tekken spin-off game Death by Degrees. Created by Doctor Bosconovitch, they were used developed by the criminal organization Kometa.

They are located on the Amphitrite. They are named "J Robots" because, like Type J, the letter "J" is inscribed on their abdomens. These robots are concealed in cases. These cases are unlocked with the non-contact type IC key that has the letter "J" inscribed on the handle. Three of these robots are on the Amphitrite.



The Type J robots are massive robots several times taller than a human. They somewhat resemble a four-legged animal like a dog or lion, but can also stand on two legs like a human. Their heads are humanoid, with red glowing eyes and a metal 'halo' around the crown of their heads. 

The first Type J is a dark grey color, equip with two claws, allowing it to climb on the walls and ceiling. 

The Cage-fight Type J has a red paintjob with a pattern on it's surface. It is equip with a ballbearing and electronic baton.

The Type J found in the reception area has a chrome-finish to it's armor. IT is equip with dual machine guns, a claw on the right arm and a cannon on the left.

The Type J found in the engine room has a camouflaged paint-job. Unlike the others, it stays on all fours, using it's wheels to zoom around the arena. It's main weaponry are twin blades on it's shoulders and a laser beam that is shot from it's face.


Death By Degrees

Type J is a robot that was created by Doctor Boskonovitch and taken by Lukas Hayes as a part of his revenge against the people that shut him down. Type J is encountered at the Solitaria Penitentiary. It is named "Type J" because the letter "J" is inscribed on its abdomen.

Type J chases Lukas Hayes in the opening movie ;it is not seen but can be heard running, roaring, and watching Lukas from its tracking system. Lukas manages to escape, but only to be ambushed by Enrique Ortega and a bunch of armed men. Type J is next seen watching Anna Williams and Nina Williams fight on an old bridge. He jumps down onto the bridge and falls through it bringing Anna down. Anna falls on Lukas Hayes and they eventually fall on sandbags. Anna earlier knocked Lukas through the bridge, but he luckily got caught in ropes. Anna apparently flees and Lukas becomes Type J's new target.

Nina successfully guides Lukas through the tunnels to escape from Type J, but it attacks Nina after. Later, Alan Smithee shows up and activates a radiation device that weakens Type J on one side of the room. After Nina defeats Type J, it is hit with a huge blast of the radiation that almost destroys it. Alan and Nina goes to rescue Lukas from Enrique, but they couldn't get to Enrique's location until Type J comes back and smashes through the doors. Enrique is knocked out of the room and Lukas runs away to safety.

Nina confronts Enrique, but he warns her by saying she should worry about Type J instead. Enrique suggests that they be partners, but Nina refuses and fight him along with Type J. If Nina or Enrique come in contact with Type J, it will hurt them. Eventually during the fight, Type J will shut down and it is left at the Solitaria Penitentiary.


They are some of the bosses that Nina Williams, the game's protagonist, must fight. After each robot is defeated, a crystal Xiangqi piece is obtained. The point of these pieces is to take them all to the captain's room and place them in the chess board. After doing this, another area will be revealed.

"Electrical" J Robot

This J Robot is found in a room that has gray walls with black dots on them. There are also silver "X" designs on the walls. This J Robot is red, and it has an electrical arm. It usually attacks by electrocuting the cage that surrounds them. It will also attack by punching Nina, using quick "dash" attacks, using a ball and chain that is concealed in its other arm (the non-electrical arm), and spinning around with the ball and chain released. Nina will get hurt if she comes in contact with its electrical arm. After this J Robot is defeated, a crystal Xiangqi piece is obtained. The Chinese character for "soldier" is engraved on it.

"Eye Beam" J Robot

This J Robot is found in a room that is revealed after playing the word "Orpheus" on the Amphitrite piano and entering the door that is revealed afterwards. This J robot has a camouflage design on it. It uses an eye beam and two blades that open and close like scissors. This J Robot can also run around the room pretty quickly, and Nina will get damaged is she comes in contact with the J Robot while he is doing this. After this J Robot is defeated, a crystal Xiangqi piece is obtained. The Chinese character for "horse" is engraved on it (this is also called a "Knight Piece").

"Machine Guns" J Robot

This J Robot is found in a room with two sets of stairs on the left and right sides of the J Robot's case. It is a gray robot that has two machine guns on its left and right sides. It usually attacks by firing its machine guns. It can also breathe fire and fire missiles. After this J Robot is defeated, a crystal Xiangqi piece is obtained. The Chinese character for "general" is engraved on it

Character Relationships

  • Created by Doctor Bosconovitch. It tried to kill him before the events of the game, but he survived.
  • Taken by Lukas Hayes, after Doctor Bosconovitch left it behind, he aided him in his plans to get revenge on the people that shut him down.
  • Attacks and attempts to kill Anna Williams, Nina Williams, and Lukas Hayes at Solitaria Penitentiary.