Jane (ジェーン Jēn?) is a non-playable character in the Tekken series. She made her first appearance as a child in Tekken 2 and returned for the following four installments in the series. Jane currently works in the robotics division of the G Corporation, where she continues to work on advancing the technological capabilities of the Jack robots.


Jane is a young girl who was orphaned in a battle zone after the Russian government attacked with a platoon of Jack robots. Amidst the carnage, Jane tried to hide, but was discovered by a Jack-2 unit. Rather than harm her, Jack-2 overcame his programming and took it upon himself to protect her. While Jack-2 was successful in removing her from the war zone unharmed, he was later destroyed by Doctor Abel after the second King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Over the next twenty years, Jane dedicated her life to finding a way to resurrect her beloved Jack. Using the funding of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jane was successful in restoring Jack by installing his program in the new Gun Jack model. Later, Jane was trying to sneak into the Mishima Technologies building with Gun Jack, but was discovered and attacked by the Tekken Force. Gun Jack saved Jane by placing himself in the line of fire, but was destroyed by the barrage of gunfire. Jane survived the attack, and was found and rescued by the G Corporation. These events led Jane to switch loyalties, and she joined the robotics division of G Corporation, where she developed Jack-4 and its successor, Jack-5. She went on to help the corporations new leader, Kazuya Mishima, create the Jack-6 and Jack-7 models.


When she was a child, Jane can be seen as a quiet but cheerful girl, notably when she is seen playing with Jack-2 in his Tekken 2 ending. As she grows older, she is shown to be a technological expert, able to activate Jack's conscience by using a computer or laptop. She also seems to be a kind person who cares deeply about the Jack robots, whichever make or model it is, and shows genuine concern for their well-being, as well as appearing to be visibly shocked when they display overly aggressive behavior or act against their programmed actions, such as when Jack-6 modifies himself in his Tekken 6 ending.


Jane has long blonde hair and has blue eyes. When she is first seen in the Tekken 2 intro, her hair is styled in a bob, while later, in Jack-2's ending, she wears it up in a bun. As an adult, Jane always wears her hair in a long ponytail. One notable variation in Jane's appearance was in Tekken 3, where she is seen in Gun Jack's ending, and is depicted as a brunette rather than a blonde.


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Jane has worn several outfits throughout the Tekken series. When she is seen as a child, she wears two outfits; the first is seen in the intro, where she wears a red winter coat over a collared dress, while the second is seen in Jack-2's ending, where she wears a pink shirt and skirt. Her next appearance is in Tekken 3, where she wears a red sleeveless shirt and brown shorts. For her next two appearances, Jane wears a long white dress, and a pink headband can be seen in her hair. When she is working, Jane also wears a white lab coat.


Tekken 2

Jane, in her younger years, makes two minor appearances in Tekken 2 - She is first seen in the opening cinematic, where an army of Jack robots find her hiding behind a pile of debris. Her second appearance is in Jack-2's ending, where she is seen playing on a tropical island with Jack-2. A satellite, way up in space, is then shown firing a laser at Jack-2, shutting him down.

Tekken 3

Jack-2 is reborn... When Jane, now a physicist, was eight years old, she was rescued from a bacteriological war zone by the Russian military robot Jack-2. However, Jack-2 was later destroyed by a satellite weapon as Jane, still a young girl, watched in horror. Jane, now 27, could not forget the nightmare of Jack-2 having collapsed beside her. She spent 10 years restoring Jack-2 to 90% functionality, but it seemed to have lost the human characteristics that set it apart from Jack. Jane worked hard analyzing the program in order to restore Jack-2 to the gentle soul which had saved her life. Through detailed analysis, she found that most of Jack-2's programming was created by Mishima Industries, one of the subsidiaries of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Moreover, she discovered a hidden program... 'Project Gun Jack'. It laid the groundwork for a new weapon, equipped with a pivot gun. In order to restore Jack-2 completely, Jane had to approach the Mishima Zaibatsu and solve the mystery of the project. She quickly installed the hidden program and brought the newly dubbed Gun Jack to the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 5

Beloved Jack-5... Two years ago, a physics scientist named Jane tried to sneak into Mishima Industries with Gun Jack. However, they were discovered by a Tekken Force patrol and were fired upon. Gun Jack placed himself in the line of fire to protect Jane. After the hail of bullets stopped, Gun Jack had ceased to move. The day after, Jane was found and rescued by a G Corporation freighter. Jane joined the robotics division of G Corporation and successfully created Jack-4. Jane used data collected from Jack-4 and began work on a newer model, Jack-5. She saw the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament as the perfect chance to test the latest model, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Tekken 6

Jane successfully restored Jack-5's memory. It was not long until the Mishima Zaibatsu decided to make their own "Jack" model, which was ten times the power of Jack-5. The new G Corporation leader, Kazuya Mishima, also demanded a new "Jack" model, and worked with Jane to build an updated version, eventually creating Jack-6. They decided to enter it into The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 with the mission of destroying the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 7

Jane, along with her Jack program within G Corporation, is in competition with another research team, who is developing the new biotechnological weapon named Gigas.[1]

Other Appearances

Tekken: The Motion Picture

Jane is also featured in Tekken: The Motion Picture, credited as "Jack-2's Little Girl" (she is mostly shown with Jack-2). In the motion picture, Jane is sick with an unspecified life-threatening illness. Jack-2 believes that the one person who can help her is Doctor Bosconovitch, and demands to be allowed to board the boat heading for the island on which Dr. Bosconovitch's lab is situated to seek treatment. With the aid of Lei Wulong and Jun Kazama, Jack-2 gains the attention of Lee Chaolan, who promises Jack-2 that he can enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament if he can defeat Bruce Irvin in a fight. After easily beating Bruce, Jack-2, along with Jane, is permitted to board the boat. Once he reaches the island, Jack-2 teams up with Lei and is successful in reaching the laboratory and finding Dr. Bosconovitch who, upon examining Jane, believes that he can help. It is then that Lee activates the islands self-destruct system. Lei and Dr. Bosconovitch are able to escape with Jane, but Jack-2 is destroyed while aiding them in their escape attempt.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Jane makes a cameo in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, appearing in one of Jack-6's customization panels.

Character Relationships

Jack robots

  • Jack-2 - Rescued by him when she was a young girl.
  • Gun Jack - Protected by him when the Tekken Force soldiers and Doctor Abel attacked her.
  • Jack-4 - Developed him while working for G Corporation.
  • Jack-5 - Developed him while working for G Corporation.
  • Jack-6 - Developed him while working for G Corporation, now led by Kazuya Mishima
  • Jack-7 - Developed him while working for G Corporation.



  • Jane has the most appearances for a non-playable character. She appears from Tekken 2 to Tekken 6, and Tekken: The Motion Picture.
  • In Tekken: The Motion Picture, Jane's outfit bears a resemblance to Sherry Birkin's outfit in Resident Evil 2. The only difference is that Jane's outfit is a summer style, as she wears a skirt, while Sherry's outfit is a winter style, with her wearing shorts. They also wear slightly different accessories in their hair, with Jane wearing a red ribbon while Sherry wears a red headband.



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