Jaycee is the luchadora alter-ego of Julia Chang. Jaycee has brown eyes and long bottom-length brown hair, which she allows to hang loose, unlike in her regular appearance, in which it is always tied up. Jaycee's name can be reverted to Julia by removing her mask during customization.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Player 1 outfit:

She wears a pink and white strapless wrestling suit decorated with feather designs, two black straps around her crotch, a small round hole in the lower chest area and black straps on her shoulders (those resemble bikini bottoms). She also wears matching white thigh high wrestling boots with black laces, and also dons her pink and white luchadora mask, which has several white and brown feathers shaped into each side and a white eagle design in the center. She also wears matching black and pink elbow pads along with long white wrestling gloves and her black necklace with the round blue pendant seen as part her primary outfit in Tekken 5.

Player 2 outfit:

Jaycee now wears a palette swap of her Player 1 outfit; the pink sections of her outfit are now turquoise, while the white sections are recolored black and purple edging adds some colored highlights. Her elbow pads no longer match the outfit, instead being a deep red color.

  • In Jaycee's ending, Julia is seen wearing her primary outfit from Tekken 5, but without the arm guards, brown finger-less gloves and headdress, while gaining the light pink glasses of her Tekken 6 Player 2 outfit.
  • Jaycee's customization include many additions alongside her previous customization items from Tekken 6, as well as enabling her to remove her luchadora mask and return her name to Julia. Her customization consist of assorted dresses, motorcycle jackets, tube tops, corsets, a sentai costume, denim skirts, jeans, short pants, cowgirl chaps, loafers, sneakers, boots and high heels.
  • Her swimsuit DLC has her wearing a western style bikini with ribbons hanging loose from her bikini top, as well as brown heeled sandals. The bikini is available in three color schemes; brown, pink and white or white with red floral designs. She still wears her luchadora mask while wearing this outfit, and wears a two-feathered traditional necklace around her neck. Customization can still be used to remove her pink and white luchadora mask while wearing her swimsuit DLC.
  • The color scheme of Jaycee's said Player 1 outfit echoes that of the bodysuit worn by She-Hulk from Marvel Comics (but its colored violet and white instead), unless if mods of Julia in SFxT or T7 could be possible for her to look like She-Hulk. 
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