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Jin Kazama (風間 仁 Kazama Jin?) is one of the main characters of the Tekken series. He is featured on the cover art for the console version of almost every sequel following his introduction in Tekken 3. He has been the main protagonist for the majority of the following entries ever since his debut, and his main motivation has been trying to end the Mishima Bloodline to save the world from their evil.

The exception to this was when he took on a role as the main antagonist in Tekken 6 (with Lars Alexandersson taking his role as the protagonist), and also when he took on the role of supporting character in Tekken 7 (where Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima became the main characters of the game). He returns as the main protagonist in Tekken 8. Jin is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, the grandson of Heihachi Mishima and Kazumi Mishima, the nephew of Lee Chaolan, Lars Alexandersson, and Reina, a relative of Asuka Kazama, and the great-grandson of Jinpachi Mishima.


Jin Kazama is the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. Jin was born on Yakushima. Jun raised Jin in a remote location in Yakushima's mountains, and trained him in the Kazama family's self-defense fighting style.

When Jin was fifteen years old, Jun sensed the approach of a great evil. Preparing for the worst, she informed Jin of his origins and told him that, if anything should happen to her, he was to seek out his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Jun's premonitions soon proved to be correct, and she and Jin were attacked by Ogre. Jin was knocked unconscious, and woke up to find his surroundings burned to the ground and his mother gone.[5] Jin followed his mother's wishes and found Heihachi Mishima, who went on to train him in Mishima-style Karate. During this time, Jin attended the Mishima Polytechnical School and met Ling Xiaoyu there.[12] He also met Hwoarang during a street fight in which they fought to a draw, leading to a persistent rivalry.[13]

Four years after Jin's training began, Heihachi called the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. By this time, Jin had developed into an impressive fighter, and entered the tournament with the intention of avenging the loss of his mother. He fought Ogre's true form in the final round and succeeded in killing it; however, he was gunned down shortly after his victory by a squad of his grandfather's private military group, Tekken Force. Heihachi himself fired a final gunshot into Jin's head. Despite the measures used, the attempt at killing Jin failed, as the Devil Gene Jin inherited from his father activated and revived him. In a transformed state, Jin attacked the Tekken Force soldiers and then slammed Heihachi through a wall before taking flight on black wings.[14]

Following his grandfather's betrayal, Jin traveled to Australia and lived under the radar in Brisbane. He trained in traditional karate at a small dojo, determined to unlearn the Mishima style to distance himself from his lineage. Jin heard that the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 was to take place and came out of hiding to attend it, motivated by the desire to destroy the Mishima bloodline.[15]

In the seventh round of the tournament, Jin was scheduled to fight his father, Kazuya Mishima - however, on his way to the match, he was overwhelmed by Tekken Force soldiers and captured. Jin was rendered unconscious and chained up in Hon-Maru. He awoke at the prompting of his father, Kazuya, who had accompanied Heihachi to Hon-Maru and attempted to absorb Jin's devil powers whilst Jin was unconscious. Jin freed himself from the chains and was overcome with feelings of hatred. He fought and defeated Kazuya. Heihachi emerged afterwards, and Jin defeated him as well. With his wings emerging, Jin prepared to deliver the final blow to Heihachi; however, a vision of his mother halted him before he could go through with it. Choked with emotion, Jin dropped Heihachi and told him, "Thank my mother, Jun Kazama." Jin fled Hon-Maru, taking flight through the roof.[16]

Shortly after Jin left Hon-Maru, it was destroyed in an explosion (in which Heihachi Mishima was incorrectly presumed to have died).[17] The explosion awakened Jinpachi Mishima, who had been sustained for years beneath the temple as the result of possession by an evil entity. This awakening caused Jin to lose control of his Devil Gene.[18] He blacked out and woke up in a destroyed forest some time later. He knew at once that he caused the destruction in his altered state. He retreated to Yakushima, only to be plagued by nightmares that triggered his Devil Gene. He began to doubt his ability to stay in control. Intent on finding a solution, Jin set out and entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.[19]

During the tournament, Jin lost a fight against Hwoarang. Moments after the loss, Jin was taken over by Devil, and savagely attacked Hwoarang, almost killing him.[20] Jin continued to the final round, where he fought and defeated Jinpachi Mishima, who took over the Mishima Zaibatsu in Heihachi Mishima's absence and arranged the tournament in the hope that someone would kill him before the evil entity possessing him could assume its full strength. With Jinpachi dead, Jin gained control of the Mishima Zaibatsu.[19]

Shortly after Jin assumed control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Azazel, the Devil Gene's progenitor, began to communicate with him telepathically. Azazel, who had long ago been imprisoned in spirit form in a temple, told Jin that it would achieve physical form once again if he was able to fill the world with negative energy. Jin came to believe that resurrecting Azazel and killing it would save the world and rid him of his curse.[21] Acting on this belief, Jin declared the Mishima Zaibatsu to be an independent superpower and used the organization's resources to destabilize and attack other nations. War broke out on a global scale. Kazuya's G Corporation challenged the Mishima Zaibatsu, becoming one of its primary enemies.[22] During this time, Jin used Alisa Bosconovitch, an android intended to be his bodyguard, to spy on Lars Alexandersson, the leader of a rebel army that broke away from Tekken Force.[23]

Eventually, Jin was confronted by Lars. Jin explained why he had started the war. During his explanation to Lars, the opportunity for a confrontation with Azazel presented itself to Jin. Using the power of his Devil Gene, he dealt it a single blow to the chest, appearing to kill it and himself in the process.[21] However, Jin was found unconscious but alive by a United Nations team not long after.[24]

Immediately after being found, Jin was taken into custody by the UN. It soon became apparent that his attempt to rid himself of his Devil Gene had failed; he escaped when his Devil Gene manifested during transport from the desert to a secure location. Disoriented, he traversed the desert with UN forces in pursuit, shifting between his human and devil form intermittently.[25] He eventually reached a town in his devil form, and was confronted by Hwoarang, who had tracked him down. Hwoarang was able to defeat Devil Jin; however, after their fight ended, UN soldiers stormed the square, causing Hwoarang to lose sight of him.[26] Jin regained his human form but was still disoriented and exhausted. He was cornered by UN soldiers - however, before they could take him back into custody, Lars arrived to intervene and fight them off. Lars escaped with Jin in tow and transported him to a Violet Systems secure medical facility.[25] Jin fell unconscious during transport and remained that way for an extended period of time, the encounter with Azazel having taken its toll. Lee Chaolan and Alisa met Lars at the facility and successfully fended off an attempt by the Mishima Zaibatsu (once again headed by Heihachi Mishima) to acquire Jin. Lee detonated the facility to secure their escape,[27] and the unconscious Jin was airlifted to a second Violet Systems building, also lent by Lee to Lars's rebel cause. Here, Lars told Lee of his plan to use Jin's power to end the war.[28]

Jin regained consciousness several months later. Under Lars’s command, Jin began preparing for Operation Lightning, a strike intended to eliminate Kazuya.[29]

Operation Lightning commenced in New York City. Jin confronted Kazuya, and the two fought using the power of their Devil Genes. However, Jin failed to maintain control over his devil form; he transformed completely and ultimately lost to Kazuya. Unconscious under rubble in the city, Jin had a vision of his devil form extending a hand to him, but he rejected its offer of assistance as he thought that doing so would make him no better than his father (who had merged his mind with that of his own devil form). Alisa rescued Jin from the rubble.[30]

One week later, Jin was recuperating at an Yggdrasil base. He and Lars sparred, only for Lee to interrupt and share the troubling news that Jin’s strength and abilities had diminished. At Lars’s request, Jin attempted to call upon his devil powers, but found himself unable to access them. Three days later, Jin almost collapsed whilst training. Alisa went to his aid. Jin thanked her for saving him and she told Jin that he was the hope of mankind. Based on past experiences, Jin came to believe that he would regain his ability to use his devil powers if he was put at risk of death, and told Lars and Lee of his intention to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 8. Lars was concerned that the tournament was a trap set by G Corporation, but Jin resolved to enter regardless. Jin believed that he needed to defeat Kazuya even at the cost of his own life.[31]

Three days later, Jin was present at the arena for the tournament’s Asia Preliminaries. There, he encountered a young woman called Reina, who told him she attended Mishima Polytechnic just as he once had. Jin ignored her in this instance, but was matched against her in the semifinals. As they fought, Jin realized she was using Mishima Style Fighting Karate like his late grandfather, Heihachi. After Reina landed a blow on him, Jin’s devil powers briefly reawakened, seemingly in response to the risk of death he associated with Heihachi’s style. After this, Reina suddenly forfeited the match. Hwoarang then entered the ring despite not being scheduled to fight Jin next. The two fought, and Jin felt a heat within his body that he had previously forgotten. His devil powers awoke in response to it, and he was able to defeat Hwoarang. Jin was unsure why he didn’t lose himself to his devil powers in this instance. Hwoarang remarked on Jin’s ‘weird power’, but then noted that it was ‘just another part’ of Jin.[32]

When Niklas and Leo Kliesen arrived at Yggdrasil’s base to discuss findings about the Devil Gene with Yggdrasil’s leadership, Leo recognized Jin as the one who waged war as head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Leo asked to spar, and Jin obliged. Later, Niklas explained that devils were humans that possessed a fraction of Azazel’s power. These devils were able to access their superhuman powers by drawing upon their desire. Lars hypothesized that Kazuya’s power came from his avarice, but Leo told Jin that they did not sense any selfish emotions in him whilst they were sparring, only warmth.[33]

Jin attended the next stage of the King of Iron Fist Tournament, which was held in a coliseum in Italy. There, he faced Leroy Smith, who impressed upon him the importance of fighting from the heart rather than relying on physical strength alone. Jin defeated Leroy, and then Kazuya emerged.[34] Yggdrasil and the United Nations' forces stormed the arena, having combined their strength in order to take out Kazuya. Xiaoyu, Claudio Serafino, and Zafina, who now had Azazel’s spirit sealed within her, also entered the arena. In the chaos, Kazuya assumed his devil form and captured Zafina, using his power to expel Azazel from her. Jin caught Zafina as she fell. Wounded, Zafina told Jin that he needed to return to the ‘point of origin’ to purge himself of evil. Jin realized he must go to his birthplace, Yakushima. Meanwhile, Kazuya absorbed Azazel’s power and took on a more powerful monstrous form.[35] Claudio told Jin that any attempt to combat Kazuya in this form would fail at this time, and told him to do as Zafina said. One of the fighters present at the tournament, Emilie De Rochefort, offered to take Jin to Yakushima on her private jet. Jin left for Yakushima with Xiaoyu accompanying him.[36]

Once they arrived on Yakushima, Jin and Xiaoyu traveled to the shrine where Jin and his mother once trained together. Xiaoyu asked Jin what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he told her he never desired anything beyond protecting his mother and their home. They reached a clearing and Xiaoyu suggested that they spar to see if it would help Jin discover what he needed to do. After they fought, Jin heard a lullaby from his childhood. He followed the sound of it into the opening of a sanctum. His body faltered, and he promised Xiaoyu he would return before falling unconscious.[37] Xiaoyu watched over him and fought off waves of Jack-7 robots to protect him while he was vulnerable.[38] Lars also traveled to the sanctum to assist, and fought Kazuya when he reached the area.[39]

Meanwhile, Jin faced his devil form on a plane of his subconscious. His devil form taunted him, telling him that power derived from anger and hatred was essential, and that Jin could atone for his past actions only through solitude. Jin rejected these ideas, stating that awareness of his past mistakes was what would allow him to move forward. Jin then encountered his devil form as a mirror image of himself. Jin resolved that he was done rejecting his devil form as an innate part of himself, acknowledging that he could only move on if he accepted all he was and all he had done. Devil Jin asked him what it was he truly desired, and Jin stated that he was determined to protect those precious to him. His devil form granted him all of its power, and Jin realized that it had made efforts to protect him in the past. He thanked it, and apologized for misunderstanding its intentions previously.[40]

Jin awoke in time to save Lars from the path of one of Kazuya’s lasers. In his newly regained devil form, Jin fought Kazuya. Jin was able to hold his own against Kazuya, but eventually found himself struggling to hold back a massive attack that Kazuya intended to destroy Yakushima with. As he attempted to hold the attack off, Jin had a vision of his mother, Jun. She told him that a noble death would cause pain to those around him. She reminded him that the Kazama way was to protect the well-being of those around him and himself. Jin asked his mother if he had the right to desire life after all he had done. She reminded him that a Kazama’s power was to foster life and cleanse evil. Jin assumed a new form, Angel Jin. Jun told him he could use his power to save himself and his father.[41]

In his new form, Jin was able to redirect Kazuya’s attack to the ocean, saving Yakushima. Angel Jin and Devil Kazuya fought, and through this fight, both Jin and Kazuya were purified of their Devil Genes.[42] With their devil powers gone, they continued their fight. Jin was able to use all his teachings from his mother’s Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts to the Mishima Style Fighting Karate he once rejected to defeat Kazuya due to determination to protect those he cared about, and his fresh resolve to live.[43] After besting Kazuya in their battle, Jin left Kazuya unconscious and went to regroup with his loved ones. He believed the world to finally have been freed from the influence of devils and their powers. Jin then went on to go traveling with Xiaoyu.[44]


Jin's actions and the events that occurred to him fit the mold of a quintessential "tragic hero". As with many tragic heroes, all of the major traumatic events that occur within the hero's life are beyond his control.

First and foremost, there's the fact that his father and grandfather are cruel and ruthless individuals only interested in furthering their own cause at the expense of everyone else. Secondly, his mother was cruelly and abruptly taken from him while he was still a teenager. Thirdly, he was betrayed by his grandfather, whom he trusted deeply. Fourthly, he finds he has inherited an evil devil that he cannot control or get rid of and embodies the evil in the Mishimas that he has been fighting against. Fifthly, the return of his great-grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima, contributed to Jin continuing to lose his internal struggle with the Devil within. Sixthly, the appearance of Azazel prompts him to corrupt the Mishima Zaibatsu further just for the chance to face the beast and sacrifice himself to destroy it. Each of these occurs to a helpless and unassuming Jin, who believes he is simply doing what he can to set things right at every turn (although his choices in Tekken 6 are pointed out by other characters to be too great a cost, and evil in nature).

Like many Japanese action heroes, once Jin's mind is focused in any particular direction, it is immensely difficult to get him to change or even notice the events and people around him. People close to him, including Hwoarang and Xiaoyu, are always going to extremes to gain Jin's attention, and yet, he maintains an indifferent demeanor towards them. Jin's disinterest in close relations is perhaps the result of mistrust, since he was betrayed by the grandfather he trusted, and is also an attempt to protect those he cares for from the Devil Gene. As a result of his family's bloodline curse, Jin thinks that the people he loves will likely suffer if he ever completely succumbs to the Devil Gene or becomes one with it like his father. In short, during Tekken 4, Jin planned to destroy his father, grandfather, and then himself, dying without children to put an end to the Mishima curse once and for all. However, Jin could not go through with it after defeating his two predecessors, since he saw a vision of his mother, Jun, and decided against killing them. It is thus unknown if he has given up on this plan completely, though he does persist in wishing to destroy the Devil Gene itself, and includes himself in that number.

Jin's personality ranges from stoic and calm to rude and arrogant at times, and his words and actions hint at bitterness within him. Although he is portrayed as a monster in his devil form, in general, he is never portrayed as self-serving and cruel (unlike Kazuya and Heihachi), and everything that he does, he believes he does for a good reason. It is known that Jin used to be "sweet and nice" (as described by Xiaoyu and mentioned by other characters), before all of the above-mentioned events happened. Some of Jin's more playful side can be seen in Hwoarang's Tekken 4 ending, as he comes to Hwoarang's aid and smiles when they get in trouble as a consequence. In Tekken 5, whilst he is single-minded in his attention to his family's drama, Jin does still express concern and compassion towards Xiaoyu and Hwoarang. However, after everything he has gone through, Jin seemed to have lost much of his human compassion. In Tekken 6, he goes out of his way to taunt Lars Alexandersson for showing care towards Alisa Bosconovitch, and mocks both Lars and Alisa.

In the events of Tekken 6 in general, Jin becomes much more erratic in his behavior and his good intentions become warped, corrupted by his losing battle with his devil,[45] the corrupting power of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and the whispering influence of Azazel.[46] Jin uses his new position as the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu to throw the world into chaos in the hopes of destroying his and the Devil Gene. Throughout this, he still believes his intentions are benevolent and justifies his actions as 'bringing balance to the world'. He seeks to use global warfare to awaken and then destroy a much greater threat, Azazel. Believing that defeating this monster could help get rid of his curse, Jin has been the cause of countless deaths and wars throughout the world, and gained many enemies through the course of his actions. At this time, Jin also expressed a belief that by causing so much chaos and destruction, he would topple corrupt governments and corporations throughout the world, giving people a chance to retake their countries from evil governing organizations. Jin shows little interest in ruling such a world, unlike Heihachi and Kazuya, and seems primarily interested in destroying those parts of it that he believes are 'out of balance', a position that echoes both the destructiveness of his devil, and a warped version of his mother's precepts and Kazama teachings of harmony. This suggests that Jin has not completely lost himself to his devil, and still struggles against it, despite his once good intentions being distorted.

As of Tekken 7, Jin seems to be content to follow the desires of his uncles, who hid him from Heihachi. On awakening in their care, he has accepted that it is his task to stop Kazuya and his devil.


Jin Kazama is a muscular young man of Japanese ethnicity. He has black hair that spikes at the back of his head, similar to that of his father, Kazuya Mishima. He also sports a fringe like his mother, Jun Kazama. Jin's face also strongly resembles his mother's. One of Jin's most prominent aspects is the black tattoo-like mark on his left shoulder, a mark that Devil branded onto him.


Main article: Jin Kazama/Outfits

Jin has worn a great deal of outfits during the course of the Tekken series. Most of his outfits feature a flame motif, and, with the exception of a single outfit in Tekken 6, gloves or gauntlets. In Tekken 6, Jin discards his gloves from Tekken 5 that contain the Kazama family crest in lieu of ones that model his former Mishima style ones. This could be a subtle hint at his personality change.[47]


Tekken 3[]

Manual, NTSC & PlayStation Classic
Jin is Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama's son. He received intense training under his grandfather Heihachi Mishima - all in an effort to avenge the loss of his mother by fighting and defeating Ogre. This Tournament is his chance to test his strength and face his destiny.[4]

Official Strategy Guide
Meeting with destiny... At the age of 15, Jin found out that he was Kazuya Mishima's son. At the same time his mother, Jun Kazama, died. Jin trained himself under the supervision of Heihachi every day with the intention of defeating Ogre, who is supposed to have killed his mother. Heihachi was not only his grandfather but also a reliable teacher. Four years have passed. Having mastered the Kazama-style of judo and the Mishima-style fighting karate, Jin starts to take action as a martial artist.[48]


Tekken 3 Jin Ending

Ending Description, "Dirty Blood"
Jin defeated True Ogre and had avenged his mother at last. Suddenly, due to the extreme battle, True Ogre violently exploded. Mere seconds after his victory, Jin is attacked by Heihachi's Tekken Force soldiers; he received multiple gunshot wounds. Slowly succumbing to death, Heihachi shoots Jin in the head, killing his own grandson. However, when Heihachi turned his back and walked away, he saw the bodies of his soldiers before him and turned around to see Jin morphed into his devil form, Devil Jin. Jin then slammed Heihachi through a wall of the temple and violently hurled Heihachi down into the ground. Finally, Jin spread his wings and flew off. Heihachi, weakly, sat up and watched as his grandson, Devil Jin, disappeared into the night.

Tekken 4[]

Official Strategy Guide
Brisbane, Australia: the city was crowded with buildings, new and old. Nestled amongst them was a small dojo where Jin trained quietly, his face covered by the hood of his jacket.

Day after day, Jin trained in the traditional art of karate. Ever since Heihachi's betrayal, Jin loathed everything about himself-his Mishima bloodline, his fighting style, the Devil Gene in his blood, everything. He unlearned the Mishima-ryu fighting style, thanks to the dojo master's training, and mastered traditional karate.

Jin's thoughts burned with the desire to destroy the evil Mishima bloodline, the bloodline of his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, and his father, Kazuya.

One day, Jin heard rumors that the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 had been announced. Without hesitation, Jin hardened his resolve to enter the tournament.[49]

Brisbane, Australia. A city crowded with buildings, new and old. Nestled amongst the towering buildings of this city was a small dojo. A young man trained there in silence, his face hidden by the hood of his jacket.

Day after day, Jin trained in the traditional art of karate. Ever since his betrayal by Heihachi, Jin loathed everything anything related to the Mishimas--his lineage, his fighting style, the Devil Gene in his blood, everything. Thanks to the dojo master's training, Jin unlearned the Mishima-ryu fighting style and mastered the art of traditional karate.

Jin burned with desire to destroy the evil Mishima bloodline: his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, and his father, Kazuya. Upon hearing rumors of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Jin hardened his resolve to enter the tournament.[50]

Summary of In-Game Events
The tournament officials sent Kazuya a message: The winner of Round 7 by default is Kazuya Mishima. Please proceed to the final stage. Though Kazuya sensed Heihachi's hand in Jin Kazama's disappearance, a fearless grin crept upon his face as he headed towards the final stage.

While on his way to fight Kazuya, Jin was ambushed by The Tekken Force. Jin brought down scores of them- but was eventually captured and taken away...

Unconscious, Jin is imprisoned in Hon-Maru. Kazuya was called the winner of their match by default and went on to fight Heihachi. After their match, Heihachi leads Kazuya to Hon-Maru. Kazuya is initially surprised to see Jin chained up, but is soon taken over by Devil. Devil briefly converses with Heihachi, stating its intention to take Jin's half of itself back, and then throws Heihachi out of the room using telekinesis. Devil attempts to draw the Devil Gene out from Jin, taunting him from within his mind as he does so. To Devil's alarm, Jin's devil markings appeared on his chest, but Jin does not transform, nor is the Devil Gene drawn from his body. Devil speculates that Jin's Kazama blood is preventing the assimilation. As Devil tries to comprehend this failure, Kazuya fights internally with it, and manages to seize back control, merging their power in the process. Kazuya then tries to awaken his son.[51]


Tekken 4 - Jin Kazama ending - HQ

Ending Description
While unconscious, Jin struggles with the demon inside of him and the repeating voice of his father, Kazuya. "Give in to the anger!" "Hate me!" and "Curse me!" are all that Jin hears through the echoing laughter of his father. Upon finally awakening, and now bearing markings on his chest and arms, Jin becomes aware that he is suspended in chains inside Hon-Maru, with his father in the temple with him. Breaking free, Jin falls to the ground and is surrounded by a dark aura. He swears to end everything by killing Kazuya.

After Jin defeats Kazuya, Heihachi emerges and scoffs at his son's loss. He states his intention to take the Devil's power for himself by killing Jin.

Jin also defeats Heihachi, and was now in a semi-transformed devil state, with his tattoos and wings visible. He prepares to deliver a killing blow to his grandfather, but suddenly stops as he sees a vision of his mother. He becomes choked with emotion, then gathers himself and drops his grandfather to the floor. Jin tells him, "Thank my mother, Jun Kazama," before flying away through the roof of the temple. In the wake of his departure, several black feathers fall to the ground, a single white feather among them.

Tekken 5[]


Tekken 5 Jin Interludes

Manual, NTSC
Jin Kazama, the son of fate born to Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, is plagued by recurring nightmares. They begin after a grueling battle where Jin left Honmaru behind. The influence of the devil gene is growing stronger. Without, intervention, it's only a matter of time before he'll be completely overcome.'[52]

Manual, PAL
Jin Kazama, the son of fate born to Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, is plagued by recurring nightmares. The bad dreams began after a gruelling battle where Jin left his father and his grandfather behind in Honmaru to await their fate. Since then, the influence of the Devil Gene has grown stronger. Without intervention, it is only a matter of time before Jin will be completely overcome. Perhaps redemption can be achieved through victory at the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5?[53]

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Manual, PAL
After the grueling battle between Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Jin fled Honmaru and was overwhelmed by an evil presence... the devil gene! With little time left before it completely consumes him, Jin begins his journey, guided only by fate.[54]

Official Strategy Guide
After the grueling battle between Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya's son Jin Kazama took flight, leaving Honmaru behind. He was overwhelmed by an evil presence and lost consciousness.

Jin woke to an unknown voice and saw a mountain forest, which appeared to have been ravaged by a giant tornado. However, Jin had no doubt that he was responsible for the destruction. Upon returning to Yakushima, Jin was plagued by recurring nightmares. Jin could feel the influence of the devil gene growing stronger.

"It is only a matter of time before I am completely overcome by the devil gene." Although he had no direction, Jin began his journey, guided only by fate...[55]

Jin Kazama. A child of destiny. After fighting Kazuya and Heihachi, an evil spirit swelled within Jin. Awakened by an unknown voice, Jin looked around at a forest completely destroyed. And he knew he was the one who did it.

Returning to Yakushima, Jin was plagued with nightmares triggering the devil gene.

"If this keeps eating away at me, I don't know how long I can hold on" says Jin.

Jin sets out on a journey to end this evil, with destiny as his only guide.[2]

Summary of In-Game Events
During the tournament, Jin is defeated by his rival, Hwoarang. However, Jin's devil form takes over and brutally attacks Hwoarang. Jin is able to continue progressing through the tournament. He reaches the final round, where he faces Jinpachi Mishima.


Tekken 5 - Jin Kazama ending - HQ

Ending Description
Defeated, Jinpachi dissipates into sand. Some time later, having won control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin walks through the Zaibatsu's throne room, thronged by Zaibatsu staff who salute him. He sits on the throne and smiles ominously.

Tekken 6[]

Official Strategy Guide
Jin Kazama defeated Jinpachi Mishima and took over the Mishima Zaibatsu. He utilized his elite military unit, the Tekken Force, to carry out covert missions in order to engulf the world in chaos. Once he had rendered most countries' military power useless, he took over space colonies, oil fields, and other energy producing resources. He declared the Mishima Zaibatsu's independence and waged war against the rest of the world.

The Mishima Zaibatsu swept across the globe, taking over nation after nation. But as the war continued, new opposing forces slowly began to show their presence. Jin learned that Kazuya Mishima was controlling the first and most powerful opposition, the G Corporation. When the G Corporation put a price on his head, Jin announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, as if he had been waiting the G Corporation to make its move.[56]

Jin Kazama defeated Jinpachi Mishima, granting him control over the Mishima Zaibatsu.

He utilized his elite military unit, The Tekken Force, to carry out covert missions to engulf the world in chaos. By doing so, he rendered most countries' military power useless and seized control of energy resources, such as oil fields and space colonies. With his newfound power, he declared independence and waged war against the rest of the world.

The Mishima Zaibatsu swept through, taking over nation after nation. But as the war continued, new opposing forces slowly began making their presence known.

Jin learned that Kazuya Mishima was controlling the first and most powerful of the opposition, the G Corporation, from behind the scenes. When the G Corporation places a price on his head, Jin announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, as if he had been waiting for the opportunity.[9]


Tekken 6 Jin Kazama (Ending Movie 1 & 2)

Ending Description
Outside Azazel's temple, Jin stands over Kazuya's prone body. A Tekken Force helicopter descends with his bodyguard, Nina, standing in its doorway with his bodyguard. It becomes apparent that she is not conscious, and she is dropped from the aircraft by Heihachi, who had been commandeering the helicopter the entire time. Heihachi leaps out of the helicopter to start a fight, telling Jin that he will return the Zaibatsu back to him. Jin is victorious and escapes the collapsing temple on another of his Tekken Force helicopters to heads back to HQ.

Summary of In-Game Events
See Main Page: Lars Alexandersson/Scenario Campaign Dialogues Jin spies on Lars Alexandersson, a Tekken Force defector and rebel leader who is opposing him over the course of the Scenario Campaign storyline. He does so via Alisa Bosconovitch, an unwitting android bodyguard programmed to serve him. Jin additionally visits Zafina at the site of Azazel's temple, telling her he is aware of what dwells within and that he is the only one able to stop it. Jin and his father, Kazuya, are the "Two Evil Stars" prophesized to destroy the world.

Lars eventually confronts Jin at the Zaibatsu headquarters. Jin disables Alisa's safe mode and orders her to attack Lars, allowing him to get away. They clash again at the site of Azazel's Temple, following Lars' supposed defeat of Azazel. After being defeated by Lars in a fight, Jin explains why he started the war. He reveals that he heard Azazel in his mind, and that the demon was already awake but wanted Jin to help it gain a physical form. Believing that he could destroy the demon for good if he gave it a physical form, Jin decided to complete enough of the prophecy to allow Azazel to appear. He then intended to lure Azazel out and kill it, saving the world from the Devil Gene in the process as it is linked to Azazel. Jin's understanding is that only someone with a Devil Gene can kill Azazel, and believes he can wipe out his own Devil Gene, the demon, and also topple many corrupt governments and corporations around the world in the process. Lars tells Jin that he has already taken Azazel out, but Azazel rises again before them. Jin utilizes the power of the Devil Gene and sacrifices himself to kill Azazel for good.

After Jin defeats Azazel, Raven finds Jin's body lying in the desert. He still bears the Devil tattoo on his arm, showing that Azazel's demise has not freed him from the Devil Gene.

Tekken 7[]


「鉄拳7」追加キャラクター紹介動画(風間 仁)

Jin Kazama - Tekken 7 Reveal Trailer

Official Website Profile (English)
The leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu-and the man who declared war on the world. Fighting the Devil inside him which gets stronger every day, he yearns to be rid of it once and for all. When his battle is over at last, will he find hope... or despair?[57]

Official Website Profile (Japanese)
Jin Kazama was born between Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Since he was betrayed by his grandfather and teacher, Heihachi Mishima, he has hated the bad blood of the Mishima family and the devil blood within himself and burns with desire to destroy it. However, Jin, whose spirit had gradually been invaded and dominated by the blood of the devil, took over as the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and declared independence from and war on the world. After that, the war with G Corporation intensified. Jin fought against Azazel in some ruins in the Middle East, and now, no longer sure where he is, the Mishima Zaibatsu is falling in the absence of his leadership.[58]

Summary of In-Game Events
Jin's sudden disappearance has left the Mishima Zaibatsu in a state of chaos, allowing his grandfather, Heihachi, to reclaim the company in his absence.

After his supposed sacrifice in defeating Azazel put him into a comatose state, his body was found by the UN and taken into their custody. Jin awakens in a UN helicopter, wrapped in a straitjacket, and destroys the helicopter with a devil laser. Waking up in a weakened state, Jin walks aimlessly through a sandstorm in the desert. When UN Peacekeepers track him down, Jin's eyes glow red, and he unleashes a devil beam into the sky, creating a shockwave that blasts the soldiers away. Jin soon arrives in a market while clutching his right arm. He seems disorientated and still weakened. UN soldiers again track him down, but Lars drives an armored car into the market and rescues Jin. Lars carries Jin into his vehicle and drives away from their pursuers.

Jin is later transported to a medical facility owned by Violet Systems to recover from his comatose state. However, Nina, who now works for Heihachi, infiltrates the facility to recover Jin and take him back to the Mishima Zaibatsu. The plan is foiled by Lee Chaolan, who flies Jin to safety and then remotely detonates the facility.

Awakening from his coma after Heihachi has been killed by Kazuya, Jin approaches Lars, Lee, and Alisa on a rooftop and agrees to help them take down Kazuya, who is still continuing the war despite his victory. Jin says that he is now the only one who can stop his father due to the Devil's blood that runs through his veins, and he is prepared to destroy Kazuya and end the cursed Mishima bloodline once and for all.

Tekken 8[]


TEKKEN 8 — Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer

Official Website Profile (EU English)
Despising the cursed blood that ran through his veins, Jin Kazama sought to bring an end to the devil bloodline. He joined forces with Lars Alexandersson, and together they prepared to commence Operation Lightning, a plan to eliminate the other bearer of the devil gene, Kazuya Mishima. Jin had once plunged the world into chaos in order to resurrect Azazel, the devil gene's progenitor.[59]

Official Website Profile (Japanese; US English) & Closed Alpha Test Character Profile
Despising the cursed blood that ran through his veins, Jin Kazama sought to bring an end to the devil bloodline. He joined forces with Lars Alexandersson, and together they prepared to commence Operation Lightning, a plan to eliminate the other bearer of the devil gene, Kazuya Mishima.

Jin had once plunged the world into chaos in order to resurrect Azazel, the devil gene's progenitor. His plan was to permanently extinguish the devil gene by defeating Azazel once and for all, even if it cost him his own life. While Jin managed to defeat Azazel, he lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.

During his absence, G Corporation, led by Kazuya, took over the world by force. Several months later, Jin finally regained consciousness. His deadly struggle with Azazel had taught him how to control his inner devil power. Jin swore to end Kazuya's reign of terror in order to atone for the war and destruction he had caused.[29]


Tekken 8 - Jin Character Episode Ending

Character Episode Prologue
Jin Kazama, driven by the devil’s blood in his veins, plunged the world into chaos and conflict as head of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

In order to control the devil within him, Jin headed home to Yakushima, where an unbelievable reunion awaited him.

It was the woman who went missing due to Ogre’s assault several years prior: his mother, Jun Kazama.

Reunited with his mother once more, Jin began a journey of spiritual training to face his inner psyche and prepare for the battles ahead.

"I'll make the devil's blood my own, if it's the last thing I do!"

Ending Description
Jin is found meditating at Yakushima, imagining several scenarios between himself and Kazuya but only coming out with a draw. His meditation is soon interrupted by Jun, who urges her son to eat before resuming. Stuffing himself with his mother's meal, Jin takes another mouthful of peas before declaring that he will certainly come out on top for the next time.

Summary of In-Game Events
Jin Kazama is seen riding on a motorcycle to find and eliminate Kazuya Mishima under Lars' orders during "Operation Lightning". After spotting the helicopter that Kazuya is riding in, Jin throws his motorcycle at it, causing it to crash and forcing Kazuya out. The two begin to do battle, and Jin unleashes his Devil form in an attempt to kill Kazuya. However, Kazuya unleashes his own Devil form to fight back against Jin, and Jin was ultimately defeated. Jin is then seen sinking deeper into his own subconscious. He sees a vision of his devil form reaching out to him, attempting to get Jin to utilize his devil abilities once more, but Jin rejects the hand held out to him. As his consciousness fades, Jin sees a vision of his mother, Jun Kazama.

One week later at a Yggdrasil base, Jin has awakened from bedrest and is watching the news report on Kazuya's announcement for a new tournament. He is approached by Lars Alexandersson, who wishes to spar with him to test his current abilities. Lars notices that something is off about Jin, and Lee Chaolan interrupts the sparring match to read out an analysis of Jin, which shows diminished aptitude in all areas. Lars asks Jin to activate his devil abilities, but Jin is unable. Three days later, Jin is still training while Alisa Bosconovitch is watching over him. Jin almost collapses, and Alisa hurries down to his side to aid him. Once he is sitting, Jin thanks her for assisting him after his battle with Kazuya, as Alisa is the one who rescued him from the rubble left in Kazuya's wake. Alisa tells him that she only did what it was natural to do, and reminds him that many hopes rest in his hands. Jin heads to the control room of the flying ship and tells the two that he has decided to participate in hopes to get his Devil Gene power back and kill Kazuya. Lars asks Jin if he is sure, and when Jin assures that he is, Lars tells him that he has a few days to train.

Jin advances through the preliminaries, meeting a fighter named "Reina". She attempts to introduce herself, but he ignores her and walks past her. Later, Jin fights Reina in the semifinals, and during the match, he is shocked to see that Reina has knowledge of the Mishima Style Fighting Karate and sees an image of his grandfather Heihachi Mishima. Jin is temporarily able to access his Devil abilities during his fight with Reina, and Reina feigns surrender, allowing Jin to proceed. Soon after, Jin is confronted by his long time rival Hwoarang, who defied the tournament brackets. Using his Devil Gene power once again, Jin defeats Hwoarang, officially qualifying himself as a representative of the Asian B Block for the finals ocurring in Italy. After exiting the arena, Jin meets Reina again, and she asks to assist him in taking down Kazuya. He asks if her intentions of helping have anything to do with her Mishima-style technique, and she tells him that she simply copied the style from videos she'd seen on the internet.

Back on the Yggdrasil base, Jin has a sparring match with Leo Kliesen, who remembers him as the one who started the war. After the fight, Leo realizes that Jin is no longer the man he once was, as explained by Lee. After a brief explanation from Niklas Kliesen about Azazel, Jin is told by Leo that he should hold on to his true desires.

At the finals in Italy, Jin is pitted against Leroy Smith in the final bout of the first round. During the match, Leroy sees that Jin has lost the power he once had. Leroy tells Jin that he must believe in his heart, and Jin unleashes his full strength to defeat Leroy. Jin then watches Kazuya on a projector and sees that Kazuya plans to make humanity fight among itself. Soon after, Yggdrasil and the United Nations launch an assault the coliseum in order to stop Kazuya and evacuate the audience. Kazuya is able to take Azazel's power from within Zafina, allowing him to transform into True Devil Kazuya. After Zafina is tossed aside, Jin goes to her. She tells him to return to Yakushima in order to master control of his Devil power and defeat Kazuya. Claudio, who arrived with Zafina, tells Jin that he must heed Zafina's words, and that Kazuya in his current state would defeat Jin, leaving the world with no other force that could protect it. He is encouraged by Lee to leave Kazuya to them, with Lee reassuring that Jin is no longer alone. Lars tells Jin that he has an important task, and Jin agrees with the others. He, Xiaoyu, Lili, Asuka, and Panda then leave the coliseum in order to head to Yakushima.

On the private jet to Yakushima, Lili reveals the research she has done on the Kazama Clan that was wiped out seven years ago. Jin recalls his memories of Ogre taking everything from him, including his mother. After arriving at Yakushima, Jin is accompanied by Xiaoyu and Panda on their way to the shrine in the forest. Once they arrive, Jin spars with Xiaoyu in an attempt to reveal everything to her by exchanging blows. After the match, Jin hears his mother's voice singing a lullaby from within the shrine inside a giant tree. He falls unconscious, promising Xiaoyu that he will return.

Jin finds himself inside his subconscious, where he is confronted by his Devil form who reminds him of all the chaos he once caused to the world. Jin realizes that fact and fights his Devil self twice in order to atone for his sins. However, on his third encounter, Jin overcomes his past and wants his Devil self to break the chains that bind him so that the two may work as one. After Devil Jin does so, Jin now knows what he must do: He wants to protect those important to him, even if he dies trying. Jin's Devil self lends him his strength once more, and then Jin unleashed his Devil form, this time with one black and one white wing.

Jin regains consciousness just in time to Lars and Xiaoyu from Kazuya, and he continues on to fight his father once more. Kazuya launches his devastating attack on Yakushima, and Jin tries to stop the attack, but struggles. However, Jin has a vision of his mother, Jun, who reminds him that a Kazama's power can foster life and cleanse evil. After this encounter, Jin gains a new power, becoming Angel Jin to stop Kazuya's attack and send it into the ocean. The impact from the blast sends both Jin and Kazuya into space, where Jin continues to fight Kazuya. Jin's Angel form is evenly matched with Kazuya's Devil form, and when he collides with Kazuya, it purifies Jin along with Kazuya to get rid of the Devil Gene, turning them back to normal as the rubble displaced by the blast falls down back to Earth.

Even after losing the Devil Gene, Jin continues to fight Kazuya. During the final battle, Jin switches his fighting style from Mishima Style Fighting Karate to his Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts. Jin nearly falls unconscious after Kazuya deals a devastating flurry of attacks on him, but, after thinking about his friends, Jin gets back up and fights back against Kazuya. Soon after, Jin deals a finishing blow against Kazuya.

In the good ending, Jin defeats Kazuya and leaves his unconscious body behind, ending the conflict between father and son. With the Devil's blood gone from the world, Jin thanks his mother and hopes that he will meet her again. Later, Jin reunites with Xiaoyu in the middle of a desert in America.

In the bad ending, Jin is defeated by Kazuya and gets thrown off the cliff, the same way Kazuya had dealt with Heihachi and as Heihachi had done to Kazuya prior to this.

Other Appearances[]

Tekken: The Motion Picture[]

Jin made a cameo appearance as a child in Tekken: The Motion Picture. Asking his mother, Jun Kazama, if she can finish reading "the story from yesterday", Jun answers, "Alright," and they soon walk home.

Tekken Tag Tournament[]

Jin returns from Tekken 3 as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament. He retains his move-set, but if Heihachi is selected as his partner, he will have access to a new Omen stance. Although Tekken Tag Tournament is non-canonical, it is still looked at as a refined version of Tekken 3. In this title, Jin has access to new moves and variants of his Mishima style moves like Corpse Thrust, Parting Wave, Knee Kick, and Demon Steel Pedal.


Tekken Hybrid- Tekken Tag Tournament HD - Jin Kazama ending - HD 1080p

Ending Description
Set at the Jin-A stage, Jin picks up the unconscious body of his father, Kazuya. Jin is about to finish him with a single punch, only to pause and dropped Kazuya's body back to the ground. He is then seen with his hands shaking before he falls down to his knees. This restraint is possibly due to the his Kazama blood or his mother's spirit influencing him.

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Jin appears as a playable character in the crossover game, Street Fighter X Tekken. His official tag partner is Ling Xiaoyu. Jin is referred to as "Pitch Black Wings" in his character description. Jin and Xiaoyu (who have succumbed to the influence of Pandora) appear as sub-boss rivals for Street Fighter characters. This game is not canonical to the Tekken series.

The current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. To exterminate the tainted blood of Mishima, he aims to take the life of both his father Kazuya and his grandfather Heihachi. He was a serious and gentle person in the past, but due to the many encounters he has had, he has become a calculating individual. He is in agony due to the Devil Gene with him, and believing that the power of Pandora may help extinguish the Devil Gene, Jin travels to the South Pole.[60]

Jin Kazama plans to travel to the Antarctic to see whether Pandora will give him further insight into his Devil Gene. Believing the journey to be too dangerous for Jin to pursue alone, Xiaoyu insists on going with him.[61]

Rival Fight
Jin and Xiaoyu encounter Chun-Li and Cammy, who intend to arrest Jin. Xiaoyu defends Jin and accuses the two of trying to seduce him. Jin says he has no intention of making it easy for them to apprehend him, so Chun-Li says they'll settle things the hard way: with a fight.[62]

Ending Description
In the Antarctic, Jin approaches Pandora, only for the object to make him surge with dark energy. Concerned, Xiaoyu runs towards him, only to be blocked from reaching him by the energy. Xiaoyu begs for someone to help him. Her cries cause Pandora to open and grant her wish. The dark energy afflicting Jin dissipates, and he falls to the ground unconscious. He awakens with his head in Xiaoyu's lap. Upon seeing that the devil mark on his left arm is still there, he stands alongside Xiaoyu and resolves not to give up on finding a way to break free from the Devil Gene.[63]

Tekken: Blood Vengeance[]

Jin appears in the Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie as one of the main characters. He's still the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Like G Corporation, the Zaibatsu's rival company led by Kazuya Mishima, Jin is seeking out Shin Kamiya and his involvement with the Mutare Experiment (the M-Cell). He sends Nina Williams, his bodyguard, to Russia, to activate an android named Alisa Bosconovitch and use her as a spy to gather information about Shin, who's now a student at an international school in Kyoto, Japan.

Later, Ling Xiaoyu and Alisa are able to find Shin at Kyoto Castle, where he reveals that the cause of his immortality is because of the Mutare Experiment. Jin then arrives at the castle, where he reunites with Shin, whom he was good friends with back at the Mishima Polytechnical School. After a brief conversation with his old friend, Kazuya arrives. Then, a surprisingly alive Heihachi Mishima, who survived an explosion by G Corporation's Jacks sent to kill him and Kazuya, reveals himself and tells everyone that the experiments were engineered by him. After Shin confronts Heihachi, Jin then realizes that Shin was the sole survivor of the Mutare Experiment.

Shin then uses the cell's power to try and kill Heihachi, but Heihachi attempts to kill Shin by putting him in a deadly shoulder lock, spilling most of the teenager's blood and the M-Cell's power. Xiaoyu, Alisa, and a furious Jin demand Heihachi to stop, but Heihachi heartlessly kills Shin, ridding him of the Mutare Experiment's power. After Shin dies in the arms of Xiaoyu and Alisa, Jin, angered at the process of his friend dying, decides to battle Heihachi, and his father, Kazuya, and end the Mishima Bloodline once and for all. Xiaoyu attempts to stop the fighting, but it's no use. Jin, Kazuya, and Heihachi engage in an epic three-way brawl, all the way down to the bottom of Kyoto Castle. After Heihachi defeats Kazuya, Jin defeats and seemingly kills his grandfather by punching him through a brick wall and sending him falling to his apparent death, avenging Shin.

Afterwards, Kazuya regains consciousness and confronts Jin. He then transforms into his devil form and physically strikes Jin (possibly with telekinesis), sending him through the wall and taking the battle outside. Jin attempts to defeat him without the usage of his Devil powers, but Jin was no match for his demonic father, and Devil Kazuya cruelly urges him to transform into Devil Jin. Alisa then attempts to defeat Devil Kazuya instead, but is shut down by Jin. Annoyed that Jin has been using a "doll" to do his work, Devil Kazuya crushes Alisa in half with one single stomp, throwing Xiaoyu into despair. Afterwards, Jin finally transforms into Devil Jin, in order to put an end to the Mishima Bloodline, though his form is completely unstable and out of control; Devil Kazuya then easily defeats his son. However, as he believes he's victorious, Jin finally takes control of his new form, surprising Devil Kazuya and revealing that he never needed the M-Cell. With his Devil powers, now utilized, Jin successfully defeats his father, sending him plummeting into a nearby waterfall and declaring that the Devil's power is now his.

Afterwards, Jin finds Xiaoyu weeping uncontrollably next to Alisa's destroyed body. After the two friends have a brief conversation about their friendship, Heihachi is revealed to still be alive. Underneath the ruins of the castle, he destroys the coffin harboring the spirits of the Mokujin, which was the material that the castle was made of. This causes Heihachi to then transform into a giant monster, in order for him to annihilate his grandson. Though the Mokujin tries to stop him, he ignores them and attempts to use their power to kill Jin. However, Alisa reactivates herself, and sacrifices herself to strike Heihachi's weak point; because of this, Jin finally defeats his grandfather and sends the monster tumbling to the ground. Heihachi's fate, along with Kazuya's, is unknown.

With the battle finally over, Jin puts Alisa back online, much to Xiaoyu's joy. He then tells Xiaoyu that in time, she will come to defeat him and he'll be waiting. Jin then flies back to the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2[]

Jin is a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu--and the man who declared war on the world. Fighting the Devil inside him which gets stronger every day, he yearns to be rid of it once and for all. When his battle is over at last, will he find hope... or despair?

"Power is everything."[64]


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jin's Arcade Ending

Ending Description
After defeating Unknown, Jin catches her in his arms. As Jin watches her, she transforms back into her human form, Jun. Moments later, Jun disappears, leaving Jin alone in the darkness of Fallen Garden. He appears contemplative for a short while until, with a scream of anguish and fury, he transforms into Devil Jin and takes flight.

Special Alliance Partners:

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition[]

Jin is a playable character in Tekken 3D: Prime Edition. His Quick Battle Stage 8 opponent is Ling Xiaoyu, Stage 9 opponent is Kazuya Mishima, and Stage 10 opponent is Heihachi Mishima.

Tekken Revolution[]

Jin appears as a playable character in Tekken Revolution. His critical arts are Thrusting Uppercut, Demon's Paw, Right Roundhouse Punch and Low Lunging Roundhouse Kick (L.L.R.K). His special art is Corpse Thrust.

Project X Zone[]

Jin is a playable character in the tactical role-playing game Project X Zone, with Ling Xiaoyu as his partner.

In the sequel Project X Zone 2, Jin returns as a playable character, with his partner Xiaoyu from the previous game being replaced by his father, Kazuya Mishima; however, his previous partner, Xiaoyu, has now been partnered with Street Fighter's Chun-Li in the same game.

In the predecessor Namco X Capcom, Jin is featured as a solo unit.

Tekken: the dark history of mishima[]

Jin Kazama appears as the main character in the novel written by Takashi Yano. The central plot revolves around him. Set between Tekken 6 and Tekken 7.

Tekken Card Tournament[]

Jin appears as a playable character in Tekken Card Tournament. His cards focus on an all-around albeit slightly weak assortment. However, some cards allow him to "mutate" into Devil Jin, buffing his effects tremendously. He has average draw, strength, and abilities, making him pretty well-rounded, but most of his cards are either limited, or unique, and he has a small card collection. He also has some card abilities from Heihachi, and Kazuya, which further make him a tough opponent to bring down.

When he mutates to Devil Jin, he stays in that form until the card activation causes another mutation. He has cards that can help make mutation easier to do, but these usually have drawbacks on them in order to prevent rapid mutation on a whim. He can also heal himself, but only if he strikes the opponent. He requires skill to use, so beginners aren't recommended to use him until after a bit of training.

Tekken (Mobile) []


Android - Jin (Reveal Trailer)

Jin was announced to be added to this game in an upcoming update. His trailer was released in December 8, 2017.

Later on, Jin appears as an unlockable character released in Tekken Mobile's Christmas update (Version 0.7) that comes with redesigns of all stages to bring out their Christmas spirit, new customization for characters, and the King of Iron Fist Tournament himself.

The King of Fighters: All Star[]

Jin is featured alongside Armor King II, Heihachi, Kazuya, Paul, and Xiaoyu as Tekken's guest characters for SNK's mobile game as a playable character in either his primary outfit in Tekken 6 or his main outfit in Tekken 7.

Tekken: Bloodline[]

Main article: Tekken: Bloodline#Plot

Jin is the main protagonist in the animated Netflix series Tekken: Bloodline. The story roughly follows the canonical events of Tekken 3. It begins with a young Jin training on Yakushima with his mother, Jun. After a conflict with some bullies, Jun teaches Jin to control his anger and that self-defence and self-control should be at the heart of his martial arts, not rage and hatred. The Kazama household is later attacked by, Ogre, and after losing his mother in the attack, Jin is forced to seek out his grandfather, Heihachi. The tenets of his mother's Kazama Ryu then come into conflict with the brutal training regimen Heihachi puts Jin through. Heihachi insists that Jun's martial arts and attitude were weak and that only by learning the merciless Mishima Ryu will Jin have enough power to get revenge on Ogre. From the outset, Heihachi seeks to use his grandson to lure Ogre out. Some years later, after Jin has proved himself in combat against Heihachi, Heihachi calls an Iron Fist Tournament in order to set his plan in motion.

Throughout the tournament, Jin's compassionate side, along with his friendship with Hwoarang and Ling Xiaoyu, are forced into conflict with his grandfather's merciless tenets. After learning more about the Mishima Clan however, and gradually revealing the depths of Heihachi's machinations and manipulation, Jin chooses to defy his grandfather's insistence on merciless brutality, showing compassion to his friends and fellow tournament participants instead. Seemingly as a result of this, Ogre does not show up to the tournament. Heihachi resorts to challenging Jin himself, and the rage he is able to incite in Jin succeeds in luring Ogre out. Jin, with some help from Paul Phoenix, Hwoarang and Xiaoyu, manages to defeat Ogre in both of its forms, but not without drawing on a latent genetic devil power that causes Jin's eyes to glow red and his voice to have an otherworldly resonance. Heihachi sees confirmation that Jin indeed has the Devil Gene his father had, and shoots Jin. This triggers Jin's transformation into Devil Jin. Jin has a last dreamscape moment with his mother, in which he apologises to her, before he is seemingly consumed. Devil Jin attacks Heihachi ruthlessly, only stopping when called to by Hwoarang and Xiaoyu. Devil Jin then flies off into the night.


In Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, Jin was a Mishima style fighter, like Heihachi, retaining all the iconic moves from Mishima Style Fighting Karate like the Flash Punch Combo, Dragon Uppercut, Twin Pistons, Wind God Fist, and Rising Sun. He also utilized many Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts moves, making his moveset an amalgamation of Kazuya and Jun's. He retained many of Jun's moves, like the Double Lift Kick, Three Ring Circus, and Spinning High Kick, while having improved moves from Kazuya, like Laser Cannon (an improved version of Demon God Fist) and new improved Mishima style moves of his own like Shoot The Works, 893P Knee Kick, Demon Steel Pedal, and Corpse Thrust, as well as the then-new Electric Wind Godfist.

Jin's gameplay differed from Kazuya's, as, while he shared much of the moveset, he was focused both on offense and punishment with good punishing moves and pressure tools, making him a deadly force if used correctly. An updated version of this gameplay style is now used by Devil Jin.

Jin's gameplay changed in Tekken 4 when he rejected his Mishima training. His karate style is now much more well-rounded and versatile, an approach fitting for Jin, with his dedication to balance[65] over the aggression favored by the Mishimas in both fighting and personality, even at the cost of discarding certain techniques from his mother's style.

This new style is still comparable to the Mishimas', as Jin is able to perform a crouch dash, but he no longer has their powerful single moves. What Jin lacks in sheer damage, he makes up for in a better poking game, evasive maneuvers, sneaky stance transitions, and an outstanding counter ability. His pokes are quick and hard to read, and none are very punishable on block, so he can apply constant pressure on the opponent. Also, his Mental Alertness stance gives him a good evasive option; when timed correctly, this stance can evade most moves and give Jin the opportunity to punish the opponent.

His moveset from Tekken 6 has some slight modifications. His Lingering Soul Omen has been removed and replaced with something similar, his Zenshin stance. Essentially, Zenshin is a variation of his Mental Alertness (2) stance, but instead, Jin remains in a stationary position. Intuitively, this would mean that Jin cannot cancel into a dash but is able to cancel into a crouch dash from this stance. However, quite a few of his moves transition into his Zenshin stance by holding forward, allowing a sort of shortcut to his Mental Alertness (2) moves. This increases the fluidity and speed of his moves and allows for quite a variable mix up.

In Tekken 8, Jin retains many of his moves, while also gaining moves from his devil form, as seen in his gameplay trailer. An example is his utilization of Samsara, previously a move exclusive to Devil Jin. When using the moves granted to him by his devil form, Jin will sometimes have glowing eyes and partial black wings which disappear after the move has been completed.

Jin has a unique parry that allows him to circumnavigate some game mechanics. It is very useful, but hard to apply. Jin's parry works by pushing the opponent's attack aside, thus giving them a recovery where they cannot block based on how slow the move recovers, and allowing Jin to counter-attack while the opponent is still recovering , similar to if the move had whiffed entirely. This is the only way to properly punish some moves that are normally safe on block or only slightly punishable. Jin can also parry an entire combo string, but he must perform the command for every hit before he can punish the final attack.

In Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, if paired with a Mishima (including Devil Jin) Jin can enter Omen stance, which allows him to use some Mishima style moves until performing an attack or being hit, such as the Stonehead, the Dragon Uppercut, the Wind God Fist, the Electric Wind Godfist and so forth. When the Electric Wind Godfist is performed, Jin will remain in Omen stance, thus is possible to perform it in succession. When in Omen, Jin's stance is identical to Heihachi's.

In Tekken 7, it is recommended to use his Rage Drive which can catch opponents off guard, resulting in them losing half their health. It is also very easy to perform in short combos for experienced players, which can increase damage greatly.

Jin has low damage potential in games after Tekken 4 and up to Tekken 7. His ability to combo for further damage is very limited due to the large pushback on his moves, thus requiring support from certain environments. As a character who pales in comparison to other combo-heavy fighters, Jin's damage output revolves more around punishes and counter hit pokes to read mistakes. Even then, his pokes, while very safe, are average in regards to range, so player skill must be up on par to make use of his tools as proficiently as possible due to lack of true specialization.

Fighting Style[]

In Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, Jin fought using Mishima Style Fighting Karate, learned from his grandfather, Heihachi, and Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts learned from his mother, Jun. Jin later discarded the Mishima fighting style in favor of more traditional Karate, mostly derived from Kyokushin, while retaining few of the Kazama fighting style techniques.

In the Tekken Tag Tournament series, with the power of Omen, Jin can use some of Heihachi's Mishima Style Fighting Karate moves and his stance, despite his base fighting style changing after Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament. This also appears in Tekken 8 via the Awakened Power Stance, which allows Jin to use Mishima Style moves by transitioning from the stance.

In Tekken 8, Jin's fighting style remains karate, but now with several moves that also draw upon the power of the Devil Gene, something that was originally only reserved for his demonic form. Furthermore, during the story mode - The Dark Awakens - Jin will willingly change styles between Mishima Style Fighting Karate and Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts in addition to his Karate forms.



Character Relationships[]

Jun Kazama[]

Jin's beloved mother, whom he shared a strong bond with. Jun was the person who mattered most to him, and Jin loved her. When Jin was fifteen, Jun sensed Ogre's presence, and told Jin that if something happens to her, he must go find his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. When Ogre later attacked her, Jin tried to defend her despite her cries for him to run away, but was ultimately knocked unconscious. After Jin awoke, Jun was nowhere to be found, leading Jin to presume that she was dead. Following his mother's wishes, an enraged Jin contacted his grandfather and begged him to train him to avenge his mother.

Later, in Tekken 4, a vision of her prevented Jin from killing his grandfather Heihachi, reminding Jin of her teachings. In Tekken 8, Jin once again sees a vision of Jun, which helps him conquer and purify the Devil Gene in his blood, resulting in the appearance of Angel Jin. In his Character Episode ending, Jin is seen reuniting with Jun and eating a meal that she prepared for him.

Kazuya Mishima/Devil Kazuya[]

His father. It is unknown what Jin thought of Kazuya before the events of Tekken 4, but Kazuya's devil tried to extract Jin's Devil Gene forcefully from him at the end of Tekken 4. When Jin awoke, he told Kazuya he wished he would die, and the two fought, with Jin winning. Since then, Jin has desired to destroy the Mishima line, and especially the Devil Gene and his father who revels in its power. Kazuya opposed the war Jin started with the Mishima Zaibatsu by taking over and militarizing G Corporation, with a proxy war taking place between them throughout Tekken 6. In Tekken 7, Kazuya seemed to lose interest in Jin's Devil Gene (mainly due to him being focused on more important matters), but Jin still expresses a desire to stop Kazuya once he awakens from a coma.

In Tekken 8, Jin's fight with Kazuya becomes much more personal, and Jin wishes to stop Kazuya in his totalitarian plans for world domination. He attempts to assassinate Kazuya whilst the latter is in a helicopter, though Kazuya's devil overpowers Jin's in the ensuing fight. The two only become evenly matched later on, when Jin morphs into Angel Jin. On clashing, both Jin and Kazuya became purified of their devils. Their conflict persisted however, with now-human father and son continuing the fight. Jin emerged the victor, and chose to leave Kazuya unconscious and defeated, apparently breaking a Mishima cycle of attempting to kill the loser.

They are also uneasy partners in the non-canon Project X Zone 2.

Heihachi Mishima[]

Jin's grandfather. Heihachi took him in and raised him during the events leading up to Tekken 3 after his mother, Jun, was presumed dead. Jin was trained by Heihachi in the Mishima Style Fighting Karate to prepare him to fight Ogre. After Heihachi's betrayal and attempt to kill him at the end of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, Jin developed a powerful hatred for Heihachi and his family lineage, leading him to reject all aspects of his Mishima heritage.

In Tekken 4, after defeating Heihachi, a vision of his mother, Jun, made Jin decide against killing his grandfather in that moment, sparing his life.

During Jin's fight with Reina, Jin is reminded of Heihachi after seeing the way she fights with Mishima-Ryu karate. This briefly activates Jin's devil gene.

Ling Xiaoyu[]

Jin knew Xiaoyu and became her friend prior to the third tournament while they trained under his grandfather, Heihachi, and attended the Mishima Polytechnical School together. When Jin was in hiding, he sent Xiaoyu an anonymous message warning her that Heihachi may be looking to have her killed; Xiaoyu knew the message was from Jin, and entered the fourth tournament (and subsequent tournaments) in hopes of being reunited with him. Xiaoyu is implied to have a crush on Jin and is occasionally teased about it by other characters, especially Miharu (as seen in Xiaoyu's Tekken 4 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 endings).

Devil Jin appears to experience discomfort when encountering Xiaoyu, as if Jin's connection to her is overpowering or inhibiting it. This can be observed in Devil Jin's Scenario Campaign dialogues[66] and in a non-canon Tekken Pachislot 4 game cutscene.[67]

In Tekken 8, Jin reunites with Xiaoyu at the colliseum, and the two later travel together to Yakushima. While on Yakushima, Jin and Xiaoyu share their goals and ambitions and after sparring, with Xiaoyu telling Jin to "not lose sight of the things he wants to protect". After Jin falls unconscious, Xiaoyu defends Jin from G Corporation's forces. At the end of the story, the two are reunited on a highway in the USA.

Jin and Xiaoyu have appeared as teammates in the non-canon games Street Fighter X Tekken and Project X Zone. They have also appeared alongside one another in non-canon media including Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Tekken: Bloodline, both of which prominently feature their friendship.


Jin's rival, whom he shows varying degrees of respect to. The two fought to a draw prior to Tekken 3. Hwoarang's main goal since then has been to defeat Jin, which he finally achieved in the fifth tournament; however, he was attacked and defeated by Jin's devil form immediately afterwards. Hwoarang defeated Devil Jin during Tekken 7, and saved him from a grenade, temporarily sustaining a serious eye injury in the process.

As with Xiaoyu, Devil Jin appears to experience some degree of pain when encountering Hwoarang due to Jin's connection with him.[68]

Jin fights Hwoarang at the Asia Preliminaries tournament in Tekken 8. The fight reignites Jin's fighting desire and allows him to reconnect with his devil gene, and emerge victorious. Hwoarang encourages Jin to embrace devil as a part of him and his ability, just like any other.

Hwoarang appeared alongside Jin in the series Tekken: Bloodline, where they are depicted as being friends as well as rivals.

Devil Jin[]

The malicious physiological transformation Jin undergoes that manifests itself as a result of the Devil Gene. Jin despises his devil self which results in him isolating himself from others.

Jin's devil gene activated for the first time at the climax of the Third Iron Fist Tournament after Heihachi's betrayal. During the fourth King of Iron Fist Tournament Jin's devil gene forcefully awakened due to Devil Kazuya trying to merge its devil gene with Jin's. Prior to the fifth Iron Fist Tournament, Jin lost more and more control to his devil, destroying a forest in one incident of lapsed control.

Devil Jin is implied to have much greater influence over Jin's psyche in Tekken 6, though Jin himself believes himself to be fully in control. Jin utilizes Devil Jin's power in order to defeat Azazel. After being apprehended by the United Nations, Devil Jin breaks free and destroys the helicopter he was being transported in. Jin stumbled into a desert town, and lost control to his devil, though Devil Jin was defeated by Hwoarang, who had been hunting for Jin.

In Tekken 8, Jin has a more complicated relationship with his Devil. He at first loses the ability to morph into it, as he rejects its aid, and later realises that it is desire that allows him to gain power over the gene. A fight with Hwoarang reignites his ability to connect with Devil, and Hwoarang encourages Jin to accept this part of himself. In a soul-searching journey into his subconscious at a shrine in his birthplace, Jin confronts his devil, and discovers its more neutral desires simply to protect him. Forming a pact of acceptance with his devil, Devil Jin fights Kazuya once more, until a vision of his mother allows Jin to enhance his devil powers into angelic ones. A clash with Kazuya purifies devils within both, which seemingly results in Devil Jin’s demise.

Lars Alexandersson[]

His uncle and former subordinate. In Tekken 6, Lars led a rebellion against Jin after Lars could no longer tolerate the Mishima Zaiabtsu's warmongering. Jin later mocked Lars's attempts to stop him, and his care for the android, Alisa Bosconovitch, whom Jin ordered to attack Lars. In Tekken 7, Lars rescues Jin from United Nations custody in order to use him as a weapon against Kazuya. As of Tekken 8, however, the two have a much more favorable relationship, with Jin looking up to Lars for training and leadership. The two appear to have put their differences aside in order to team up and stop Kazuya, with Jin expressing remorse for his previous actions. Lars defends Jin in Yakushima from Kazuya, even at the risk of his own life.


  • Jinpachi Mishima - His deceased great-grandfather. The two met in Tekken 5, and Jin defeated him to free him from the spirit possessing him and to take control of the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Lee Chaolan - Jin's adoptive uncle, who protected him during his coma in Tekken 7, and rescued him from an attack from Nina Williams and Tekken Force. Despite Lee being the one who provided intel to the rebels against Jin-led Zaibatsu during Tekken 6, both Lee and Jin have nothing personal towards each other, unlike their relations with both Kazuya and Heihachi. The two later join forces in Tekken 8 in order to stop Kazuya.
  • Kazumi Mishima - His deceased grandmother and original source of his Devil Gene. It is unknown whether Jin knows of her or not.
  • Asuka Kazama - His relative, likely his first cousin.[69] Although Asuka has expressed anger towards Jin previously for his warmongering, the two end up working together in Tekken 8, with Asuka accompanying Jin to Yakushima.
  • Mr. Kazama - His relative, likely his uncle.[69]
  • Nina Williams - Nina was brainwashed by Ogre in Tekken 3 to assassinate Jin. She later acted as his hired second-in-command and bodyguard in Tekken 6. She might have been aware of Jin's true intentions for the world and she took her duties and the mission very seriously.[70] Nina sent by Heihachi to capture Jin, but failed in Tekken 7. She took Kazuya's side in Tekken 8, pitting her against Jin once more.
  • Eddy Gordo - His captain of Tekken Force in Tekken 6. Along with Nina Williams, Jin hired Eddy in the wake of his rise to the head of the Zaibatsu, vowing to help save the life of Eddy's master in exchange for Eddy's expertise. They, however, failed to save Eddy's master, however, as the Zaibatsu's tech was also far from capable of curing his disease.
  • Miguel Caballero Rojo - Miguel holds great contempt for Jin, as he caused the death of Miguel's Sister in an air-raid before Tekken 6. Miguel encountered Jin during the non-canon events of Tekken 7, and managed to defeat him. However, he spared his life after noticing Jin's absence of care for his own life, wishing to exact his revenge once Jin's life had filled with hope.
  • Christie Monteiro - Christie became aware that Jin hired to lead Tekken Force. She later realised that this was in exchange for medical expertise in order to save her grandfather's life, an endeavor that ultimately failed. Christie and Jin also have a starring role together in the non-canonical live-action Tekken film.
  • Legendary Capoeira Master - Eddy begged Jin to use the Zaibatsu's medical resources to save his life, but the Zaibatsu's tech ultimately proved to be incapable of curing the Master's disease.
  • Alisa Bosconovitch - Alisa was created to protect Jin. Jin was able to control Alisa's actions through voice control, such as shutting her down, or overriding her free will to attack various targets. With the help of Lee, Alisa was freed from Jin's control in Tekken 7. She later protected Jin of her own volition. The two share a conversation in Tekken 8, that indicates there is no lasting animosity between them. Though a canonical playthrough of Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign mode involves Lars as the Player 1 character, playing through the final stages as Alisa instead unlocks extra journals written by her, with one revealing that Jin had attempted to free her from his control before he intended to die destroying Azazel.
  • Azazel - Azazel communicated to Jin telepathically, instructing him to wreak havoc in the world in order to awaken it. Jin obeyed, but with the intention of destroying the demon and his own devil gene in the process. Despite defeating Azazel, he failed to destroy his Devil Gene at the end of Tekken 6, though, in clashing with Kazuya who had absorbed what was left of Azazel in Tekken 8, Jin seems to have successfully purified both Devils and Azazel.
  • Ancient Ogre - Jin swore revenge on Ogre for 'killing' his mother, an oath he followed through on with extreme dedication. Jin would eventually succeed in killing Ogre in its true form.
  • Kuma II - His grandfather's pet, whom he banished into the Hokkaidō wilderness prior to Tekken 6.
  • Zafina - She warned Jin of Azazel's awakening, although he was already aware of this. In Tekken 8, she urges Jin to return to Yakushima in order to regain control of his Devil powers, knowing he is the only one who can defeat Kazuya.
  • Raven - He monitors and later retrieves Jin at the conclusion of the Scenario Campaign. The helicopter he and his UN soldiers are transporting Jin in is blown up at the start of Tekken 7.
  • Lili De Rochefort - Jin's Zaibatsu forcefully took over the oil fields belonging to her father's company. Lili held great animosity for Jin, as this action caused the company to go into dire financial straits and her father to fall ill with stress. She later helps Jin travel to Yakushima in Tekken 8 in order to assist him in defeating Kazuya.
  • Mr. De Rochefort - Jin took over the oil fields of his company, Rochefort Enterprises, causing him to fall ill with stress.
  • Anna Williams - Because she worked for Kazuya, whilst Nina worked for Jin, Anna is his enemy.
  • Bruce Irvin - Kazuya ordered Bruce to arrest Jin in Tekken 6, making him his enemy. Bruce is the leader of G Corporation's armed forces, the main opponent to the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • NANCY-MI847J - Jin ordered Mishima Industries to create NANCY.
  • King II - Acquaintance and ally in the non-canon Namco X Capcom. They ally together, along with several other characters, to stop the oncoming threat. Jin is aided by King in defeating his father's devil form (non-canon).
  • Marshall Law - His opponent in the 2010 film (non-canon).
  • Reina - Jin’s aunt. Reina refers to Jin as her senpai, but he claims he does not know her. Jin is unaware of her relation to the Mishima clan.
  • Angel Jin - Jin’s angelic form that was obtained after seeing a vision of Jun, which allowed him to purify the devil gene in his blood. With this power he was able to go toe-to-toe with True Devil Kazuya and purify both of them of their devil powers.


  • Jin () is a common name of Japanese origin, meaning "benevolence". The kanji for Jin can also be read as Hitoshi (ひとし), which is also a common Japanese male given name.
    • It is possible that Jin is named after his great-grandfather Jinpachi (仁八) whose name bears the same character as Jin's.
  • Kazama means "wind" () (kaze) and "interval" () (ma). Collectively, these kanji mean "while the wind is blowing". Kazama is a common Japanese surname.
    • As he was raised by his mother, Jin did not take his father Kazuya's surname 'Mishima', but took his mother's family name instead. He later came to hate the Mishima name and all it represented, and had no desire to be connected to the name. [71]



  • While the character Jin was being created, the staff really emphasized that they wanted a "misfortunate character" for future games.[72]
  • Before the release of Tekken 3, Jin was designed to be a character with "determination". At release, he became more of a character with a rather "dark side". [73]
  • During his time at Mishima Polytechnical School, Jin was registered in mechanical engineering. [74]
  • Jin has used the art of Kyokushin style of karate since Tekken 4. During Tekken 4's EMBU, he can be seen practicing Yantsu and Pinan Sono Yon Kata.
  • After Jin adopted traditional (Kyokushin) karate as his fighting style in Tekken 4, his motion actor became Ryu Narushima (成嶋 竜 Narushima Ryū?). [75] Ryu Narushima is a 5th dan master of Kyokushin Karate and was supervised by Shokei Matsui, a student of Mas Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin-style.
  • Isshin Chiba is Jin's voice actor in all of his appearances, even in the Japanese dub of the 2010 film.
  • During the events of Tekken 3, Jin has a schoolboy uniform; this, with his age of 19 years old, should make him a senior at Mishima Polytechnical School (while Ling Xiaoyu, at 16, should be a junior).
    • Since Jin is quite old to still be at school, and likely did not attend school whilst he lived in the mountain wilds of Yakushima with his mother up until the age of fifteen, it is possible he was put back a year or two in school. It is also known that he did not finish school,[citation needed] as he left his studies in order to train more intensely under Heihachi in order to prepare to face Ogre.
  • In the non-canonical Netflix anime, Tekken: Bloodline, Jin is able to perform a Dragon Wheel Kick in his teenage years while being trained with his mother, Jun. Jin never performed this move in his canonical playable debut in Tekken 3, nor in subsequent games.
    • However, Jin's gameplay trailer for Tekken 8 shows Jin performing a somersault resembling the Samsara from his devil form; this move is similar to the Dragon Wheel Kick. In actual gameplay, the somersault that he executes is now known as Black Wing Rondo.
  • In his Tekken 4 bio, it states that Jin traveled to Brisbane, Australia to learn karate. At the time of Tekken's creation, Cameron Quinn – a well-known instructor of Kyokushin Karate, Mas Oyama's interpreter, and the author of The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama – was teaching students such as Garry O'Neill and Walter Schnaubelt at his well-known Kyokushin dojo in the city of Brisbane.[76]
  • In Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Jin's English voice actor, Patrick Seitz (credited as Darren Daniels), is also the voice actor of Bob.
  • In Tekken 6, Jin is the only playable boss character across all modes. Even though NANCY is also playable, it can only be played in Scenario Campaign and is not playable at all in the PSP version.
  • It is commonly established that Asuka is Jin's cousin, as is stated a number of times in Tekken 6/Bloodline Rebellion (and in the non-canon Street Fighter X Tekken). However, according to Katsuhiro Harada, it is not that simple. [77] Harada tries to state that Jin and Asuka, as well as Jun, are part of the same clan, and implied that Asuka and Jin are more distant relatives than first cousins, despite Tekken 6 information saying otherwise.[69]
    • Alisa mentions at Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo that Asuka's father is the brother of Jin's mother in the canonical playthrough of Tekken 6 Scenario Campaign[78] and many similar references are made in other characters' playthroughs. This would make Asuka and Jin first cousins, something that Jin also believes when meeting Asuka in Scenario Campaign.[79]
  • Jin's hood can be knocked off when wearing a hooded outfit in Tekken 4, Tekken 5, and Tekken 7.​​​​​​​
  • The flame on Jin's pants has been four different colors - red (TK3-TTT, TK5: DR-TK7), teal (TTT), white (TK4, TK5), and blue (Tekken: The Motion Picture) - with the color of his gauntlets matching the flame in each of his appearances.
  • In contrast to Kazuya Mishima who uses "kisama" as his second-person pronoun to anyone (save for Jinpachi), Jin's choice for the second-person pronoun differs depending on who he is talking to. He uses either "kisama" or "omae" to Kazuya, but uses "kimi" to Xiaoyu.
  • Harada stated that, unlike Heihachi and Kazuya who have a gourmet taste for food, Jin was never food-educated by his mother, so has no taste.[80] Jin apparently said his mother's cooking was so bad it used to kill the ingredients twice over.[81]
  • Jin is the only character from the classic PlayStation trilogy to have his Japanese voice actor reprise his role in all Tekken-related media.
  • One of Jin's most obscure moves is a just frame mid kick, d/f:3+4. It has exactly the same properties as his regular Left Sidekick, including being able to transition to Mental Alertness on hit, or prior to Tekken 4, Paul's d/f+3 kick, however it uses a different yet identical animation.

Tekken 3:

  • Jin makes his debut in this game and effectively replaces his parents Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, possessing elements of both of their fighting styles.
  • His resemblance to his father is so strong that in early screen showings of Tekken 3, where his character was still unnamed, many fans speculated that he was a young version of Kazuya Mishima, specifically when he was in his early teen years.[citation needed]
  • His Tekken Force bosses are Paul Phoenix, Nina Williams, and Hwoarang.
  • His advertising slogan was "Lightning of Fate" (運命の稲妻 Unmei no Inazuma?).
  • In Heihachi's ending and Jin's own ending, as well as other CGI depictions of him in both Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament, he has a white drawstring at the center of his black trousers; in his in-game appearance, however, the white drawstring is not seen. The white drawstring can also be seen on some of the merchandise produced by Epoch during this era.
  • Jin appears twice in the game's opening cutscene: once as he sits inside of a car watching Hwoarang, who is idling on his motorcycle, and then again at the end of the opening, when Devil marks his left arm.
  • Jin, along with Xiaoyu, has two secret win animations.
    • His third win animation has him perform a right punch and a Dragon Uppercut, followed by him raising his left fist.
    • His fourth win animation is Devil's/Angel's win animation in Tekken 2. He folds his arms, looks away from the screen, and grunts, saying "Hmph!"
  • During an early build of the game, one of Jin's outfits was actually a navy blue shirt and pants similar to Hwoarang's outfit. This was changed in a later version to a similar version of his released Player Two outfit except with light blue track pants.[82]
  • Jin has an unlockable third outfit. After playing as him 50 times, the player can select Jin's school uniform by pressing either the triangle or the start button.
  • In the "Tekken 3 Symphony Orchestra" calendar by Namco, Jin is seen in a black formal suit, wielding a conductor's baton.
  • In the EMBU opening sequence, Jin can be seen wearing all three of his outfits at different points in the sequence.
  • Jin appears in Hwoarang's ending, clinging his injured right arm while being pursued by the Tekken Force. After Hwoarang fights off the Tekken Force, Jin escapes the warehouse by jumping through the window while demonstrating his Devil powers.
  • He also appears in Heihachi's ending. In an unconscious state, Jin starts to go through his Devil transformation before being thrown out of a helicopter by his grandfather.

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  • Jin acts as the default Stage 7 sub-boss if neither of the player's characters have their normal sub-boss present and Heihachi Mishima is also unavailable.
  • Heihachi Mishima is Jin's sub-boss by default. If Heihachi is not available, it is Kazuya. Should neither Heihachi nor Kazuya be available, it will be Jun.
  • In the manual[citation needed], the character biographies accidentally showed a picture of Kazuya instead of Jin.
  • Jin appears in both the console and arcade openings for the game.
  • Jin appears in Heihachi, Jun, Kazuya, Hwoarang, and Ogre's endings. He also appears in Xiaoyu's alternate ending.

Tekken 4:

  • His Story Battle sub-boss is Kazuya, while his final boss is Heihachi.
  • He is a final boss to Hwoarang and Kazuya in Story Battle.
  • He, Kazuya, and Heihachi are the only ones to fight in Hon-Maru in Story Battle.
  • Jin speaks English in Hwoarang's Story Battle ending cutscene, marking the only time in a mainline Tekken game that he does so. Because he was in Australia for two years, it is possible that Jin mastered the English language.
  • According to Harada, Jin chose to learn traditional Karate in Brisbane, Australia as it was not under surveillance by the Mishima Zaibatsu. [83]
  • Jin appears in both the first and second part of the EMBU opening, performing his traditional karate moves in his primary outfit.
  • Jin is mentioned in Heihachi, Hwoarang, and Xiaoyu's Story Battle prologues.
  • He appears in Kazuya, Heihachi, and Hwoarang's endings. He is also mentioned in Xiaoyu's Story Battle ending cutscenes.
  • So far, this is the only Tekken game where Jin has to be unlocked.

Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection:

  • Jin's Story Battle sub-boss is Hwoarang.
  • Jin is a sub-boss to Ling Xiaoyu and Hwoarang in Story Battle.
  • Jin and Mokujin are the only characters who do not appear in Tekken 5's opening intro. He does briefly appear in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection's console opening, sitting in the remains of a forest that was destroyed by his devil form.
  • He and Julia Chang are the only recurring characters who keep their Player Two outfit from Tekken 4 but not their Player One outfit.
  • Jin appears in Heihachi Mishima and Asuka Kazama's Story Battle ending cutscenes.

Tekken 6:

  • Jin's Story Battle opponents are Lars Alexandersson, Azazel, Kazuya Mishima, and Heihachi Mishima.
  • Jin's first item move has him fire a laser upward, similar to Devil Jin's Hellfire Cannon. His second item move has him draw a katana before performing a two-handed slash.
  • Jin appears in the Tekken 6 arcade and console opening cutscenes, and in the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion opening cutscene.
  • In Scenario Campaign, Jin is the second boss in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower and the final boss in at Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor.
  • Jin is the final boss of Scenario Campaign and the penultimate boss of Arcade Mode for all characters and Arena Mode for most characters. As the final boss of Scenario Campaign, he has additional abilities, such as the ability to fire lasers like his devil form, while as the sub-boss of Arcade and Arena mode, he always starts the round in Rage mode.
  • Jin appears in Devil Jin, Heihachi, Kuma, Lee, Miguel, and Xiaoyu's endings.

Street Fighter X Tekken:

  • Jin, Xiaoyu, M. Bison, and Juri are featured in one of the game's trailers.[84]
  • Jin is voiced in English by Brad Swaile, while his Tekken: Blood Vengeance voice actor, Patrick Seitz, voices both Bob and Hugo in the game.
  • He is one of four Tekken characters to have projectiles in this game, the others being Steve, Raven, and Alisa.
  • His Cross Art is similar to his Rage Art in Tekken 7: he stuns his opponent by striking them to their face with a high straight punch and unleashes several punches similar to the Median Line Destruction before striking his opponent with a devastating straight thrust.
  • His Swap Costume is modeled after Crimson Viper, a character from Street Fighter IV. The outfit's download blurb states that after defeating her, Jin took interest in Viper's gadget-laden suit and requisitioned one for himself.[citation needed]

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

  • Jin has a special win pose with Kazuya, Hwoarang, Nina, Jun, Devil Jin, Asuka, Zafina, Lars, Xiaoyu, and Miguel.
    • He also has special tag throws with some of the characters mentioned above.
      • His special win pose with Jun is one of the rare cases in the entire series where Jin can be seen smiling.
    • He has a special continue screen with Miguel where he hits Miguel with High Right Roundhouse only for Miguel to retaliate with Megawatt Uppercut.
  • Jin's item move replaces Shun Ren Dan with a barrage of punches before finishing the opponent with a body blow.
  • In the Wii U version of the game, Jin gains a special outfit based on Link from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series.
  • In his Arcade Battle ending cutscene, the devil mark on his left arm is missing.
  • Jin appears in Devil Jin, Hwoarang, Lars, and Violet's endings and is indirectly referred to in Xiaoyu's ending.
    • Devil Jin's ending is a direct continuation of Jin's ending.

Tekken Revolution:

  • In the E3 2013 debut trailer for Tekken Revolution, Jin is quoted as saying "Power is everything, overwhelming and absolute." (力だけを求めいていた、圧倒的な力を。Chikara dake wo motometeita, attō-teki na chikara wo.) and "Power is everything." (そう…力こそ全てだ sō... chikara koso subete da.). These lines were taken from the Scenario Campaign prologue in Tekken 6.[85]
  • Jin was added to the roster along with Ling Xiaoyu in an update on July 2, 2013 as part of the 1,000,000 download event.[86]

Project X Zone:

  • Jin's team partner is Xiaoyu.
  • His caption is "I see, I decide my own destiny!"(そうだ、俺の行く道は、俺が決める! sō da, ore no yukumichi wa, ore ga kimeru!).
  • His voice sample 1 is "I am Jin Kazama, head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, I have a duty." (風間仁、三島財閥の頭首だ、やるべきがある。 Kazama Jin, Mishima Zaibatsu no Tōshu da, yarubeki ga aru.)
  • His voice sample 2 is "We have considerably assembled quite a lot of allies in this world." ( 随分と集まったな、この世界に、物好きな連中だ zuibun to atsumatta na, kono sekai ni, monozuki na renchū da.)
  • His voice sample 3 is "If a single family's battle will rip the world apart, so be it..."(世界の境界線が乱れ、戦いは家族する、それもいいだろう sekai no kyōkaisen ga midare, tatakai wa kazoku suru, sore mo ii darō...).
  • When Jin and Xiaoyu fight Batsu Ichimonji in his stage, Jin asks Batsu about his school uniform. Batsu retorts that Jin sounds like he's from the school's moral committee. He then calls Jin by his classmate's name, Kyosuke Kagami, a member of the moral committee at Batsu's school.
    • Both Jin and Kyosuke are voiced by the same voice actor, Isshin Chiba, which is the foundation for this interaction.
  • When Jin and Xiaoyu fight Alisa in her stage, she does not recognize Jin as her master, as she was reprogrammed by someone else. However, after she gets reprogrammed back, she instantly recognizes Jin. He then asks her to join the team and help them out.
  • To one of Xiaoyu's win quotes, where she mentions the word "excellent", Jin tells her not to use this word, and Heihachi says that it brings back bad memories. This is a reference to Lee Chaolan's famous catchphrase within the Tekken universe.
  • In the non-canonical games Project X Zone and its sequel, Jin seems to be less arrogant and rude than he is in other games including and following Tekken 6. He appears less vengeful, refraining from killing Heihachi despite having several opportunities to do so. Jin is shown to be fairly helpful to other characters when he joins them to fight off monsters and demons. However, Jin also retains a small portion of usual cold-heartedness, particularly directed towards his father and characters who are impressed by the Devil Gene.

Project X Zone 2:

  • Jin's team partner is his father Kazuya Mishima; his team partner from the previous game, Xiaoyu is teamed up with Chun-Li from Street Fighter.
  • When Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi, and Xiaoyu meet Unknown, Jin's Devil Gene starts to react, but he doesn't understand why.
    • When Jin learns that Unknown is his mother, he defeats her and makes sure she never returns, unlike in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, where he holds Unknown before she reverts back to her human self, Jun.

Tekken 7:

  • Jin is one of the four characters added to Tekken 7 in an update on March 31, 2015, after the game's full arcade release. Prior to becoming playable in the timed release, he was a non-playable sub-boss, replacing Heihachi under some conditions. In Fated Retribution and console ports, Jin is no longer a sub-boss.
  • His rage art is taken from his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 item move. Jin also performed this move on Heihachi in Tekken: Blood Vengeance during his fight with he and Kazuya. Jin's Rage Drive is based on a special combo that he uses as an enemy during Scenario Campaign with the exception of him using Jin's Rage Art originated in a special combo that he uses as an enermy during Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign (though he uses Demon's Paw as the last hit instead of Corpse Thrust). This combo also made an appearance in Tekken: Blood Vengeance, where Jin used it against Heihachi, and was present as Jin's item move in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • In Ultimate Tekken Bowl, Jin's bowling ball is red with his devil mark imprinted on it.
  • Jin is Miguel's opponent in the latter's Character Episode. Jin is mentioned in Miguel's prologue and also appears in his ending cutscene for this mode.
  • Jin is mentioned in the prologue text for Xiaoyu, Nina, Claudio, Panda, Devil Jin, and Hwoarang's Character Episodes.
  • Jin appears in Hwoarang's Character Episode ending cutscene.

Tekken (Mobile):

  • Jin's featured act was "Jin-gle Bells", a play on words of the song Jingle Bells. Jin was also a boss in this act, where the player fought him in every mode. Once he was defeated and the act was cleared, he would gain 1 to 4-Star fragments for each; other fragments had to be obtained in live events in order to unlock Jin as a playable character.
  • Jin was playable as a boss of the "Jinfinity War" (a reference to Avengers: Infinity War) event. This act was also used for the live events to gain more of the token to get the boxes in order to get his 1 to 4-Star fragments.

Tekken 8:

  • His intro dialogue from Tekken 6 - Tekken 7 is now reversed from "Power is everything," to "Power isn't everything," likely indicating a redemptive arc in Jin's story. Ironically, during the main story, Kazuya is the one who calls back to this during his fight against Jin.
  • Jin has a special intro with Hwoarang, Ling Xiaoyu, Lars Alexandersson, Devil Jin, Kazuya Mishima, and Lidia Sobieska. He will also have special dialogue when facing Jun, Eddy, and Reina.
    • Jin tells Hwoarang "to give everything he's got", which causes Hwoarang to scoff before the pair deliver a pair of kicks that collide.
    • Jin and Lars both promise to not hold back for their match before performing a fist bump as the fight begins.
    • Jin and Kazuya will mimic their punch sequence from the Bandai Namco intros in the post-Tekken 6 games.
    • Xiaoyu tells Jin that an exchange of fists is needed for them to understand one another. Jin agrees and both salute each other before fighting.
  • Jin also has special outro dialogue with Hwoarang, Jun, Xiaoyu, Lars, Lee, Alisa, Reina, and Devil Jin.
  • Jin is able to be customized to wear Hwoarang's Player 1 outfit from this game.
  • In Raven's reveal and gameplay trailer aside from his mother Jun who is briefly walking in the sand, Jin was briefly shown sitting at the dead tree trunk at the same stage.
  • In chapters where he cannot use the Devil Gene, Jin's movelist changes with him being unable to perform Devil Gene-related attacks such as Brimstone Bite and Black Wing Rondo. Additionally, his Rage Art animation will change for these segments.



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